2017 cfl free agents?

Anybody know where i can find a list of the players that are gonna be free agents at the end of the year ?


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K Justin Medlock & OL Stanley Bryant no longer pending free agents as they both finalize contract restructuring with #Bombers. #CFL

Nik Lewis reported to have re-signed with the Als

Farhan Lalji ?@FarhanLaljiTSN 1h1 hour ago
My understanding is that the new contract #Riders have offered Durant is LESS than last offer. 50k less guaranteed & 75k less signing bonus

Farhan Lalji ?@FarhanLaljiTSN 1h1 hour ago
Signing bonus decrease is significant because it's taxed at a lower rate. And the 2nd year added is irrelevant, as previously suggested

[url=http://www.tsn.ca/riders-make-offer-to-durant-for-less-money-1.645253]http://www.tsn.ca/riders-make-offer-to- ... y-1.645253[/url]

NFL Watch
Richie Leone (BC) - signed with Arizona
Deon Lacey (Edm) - signed with Miami
Derel Walker (Edm) - signed with Tampa Bay
Mitchell White (Ott) - signed with Philadephia
Jeff Richards (Ott) - signed with Carolina
Adam Bighill (BC) - signed with New Orleans
Forrest Hightower (Ott) - signed with New Orleans
Frank Beltre (Cal) - signed with NY Jets
Anthony Gaitor (BC) - signed with New Orleans

Greg Ellingson (Ott) - tried out with Tampa Bay
Otha Foster (Sk) - tried out with Kansas City
Kenny Shaw (Tor) - tried out with Oakland
Tony Burnett (Win) - tried out with San Diego, NY Jets
Bryan Burham (BC) - tried out with Cincinnati
Mic'Hael Brooks (BC) - tried out with Seattle, Jacksonville
Alex Bazzie (BC) - tried out with Tampa Bay, Cincinnati, Oakland
Nevis Drake (Ham) - tried out with Carolina
Quincy McDuffie (Win) - tried out with Denver
Diontae Spencer (Tor) - tried out with Los Angeles
Greg Van Roten (Tor) - tried out with Seattle
Troy Stoudemire (Edm) - tried out with Los Angeles
Derek Dennis (Cal) - tried out with Carolina, Washington, Chigago
Bo Lokombo (BC) - tried out with Cleveland
Cleyon Laing (Ott) - tried out with Miami, Cincinati
Darvin Adams (Win) - tried out with Cincinnati
Gabriel Knapton (Mtl) - tried out with Jacksonville

TOR releases Josh Bourke

[url=http://3downnation.com/2017/01/09/boatmen-cut-bait-giving-bourke-boatload-free-agency/]http://3downnation.com/2017/01/09/boatm ... ee-agency/[/url]

Boatmen cut bait after giving Bourke a boatload in free agency

[i]The Toronto Argonauts have released Canadian offensive lineman Josh Bourke.

The Argos inked Bourke a two-year deal worth over $200,000 per season – including a $75,000 signing bonus – on the opening day of free agency last February.

But Bourke, a two-time all-star and CFL’s Most Outstanding Offensive Lineman in 2011, playing in just 10 games last season before being added to the six-game injured list with an undisclosed injury (a move that many saw as a cap saving measure.) Consensus around the league was that Bourke’s play had declined considerably.

Bourke – a noted Hamilton enthusiast – was just one of several free agent signings that went awry for general manager Jim Barker. Canadian defensive tackle Brian Bulcke retired after playing in just one game while linebacker Keon Raymond was released in August, one game before the remainder of his contract would have become guaranteed for the remainder of 2016.[/i]

Matthew Scianitti ? @TSNScianitti
There were rumbling of discontent between Bourke and Argos coaching/personnel staff. Never a strong fit between player and team. #CFL https://twitter.com/torontoargos/status ... 0796597248
10:48 AM - 9 Jan 2017

Bourke’s best years came as an Alouette, where he played nine seasons and was widely considered one of the best Canadian offensive lineman in the game. But it remains to be seen whether another team will take a chance on a 34-year-old coming off the worst year of his professional career.

Here we see one of the problems with cutting and pasting text. In the original story on Scratching Post/3DownNation, "a noted Hamilton enthusiast" was a live link to a story where Bourke says he hates the Ticats. Without the link, Drew E's sarcasm is completely lost.

It's only a problem if the source is not provided, which it was,
I always provide a source if possible, doesn't everyone?? :wink:

Bourke will probably resurface on the scrapheap in Saskatchewan considering that Jones is so desperate for players that he will sign just about anybody these days as long as they got a pulse and can still fog up a mirror :slight_smile: . All kidding aside though, Bourke's best days are well behind him but he might be a good fit as a veteran presence and stop gap style type of player for a young team like the Riders who can use all the help they can get. Bourke is 35 yrs old but barring injury and if the price is right they might get a year or two out of him which can only help them out in the long run until their younger linemen get a few more years of experience under their belt .

Jeff Knox Jr (SK) - signs 3 year contract with Tampa Bay
I don't know the exact numbers but this looks like the most CFL players in 1 off season 10 that have signed NFL contracts

You did provide the source, which is always appreciated. But when copy is pasted in, some posters will just read it rather than jump to the original. And so links that provide context can get lost. No biggie.

Only 16 days before CFL free agency begins; at this time, taking into consideration players that have been released and the ones who signed in the NFL, there are still 165 potential free agents,i.e. 106 Int. and 59 Nat. Saskatchewan has the least at 12 and Hamilton the most at 26. Before free agency begins, I expect that many players-45 to 60- will re-sign with their respective team.

To me, presently the best/highest ranked potential free agents are with Ottawa; their 22 potential free agents include: Nat. OL J'Michael Deane, Int. WR Greg Ellington, Int. LB/DB Jerrel Gavins,Int. WR Ernest Jackson,Int. DB Abdul Kenneh, Nat. RB Kienan Lafrance, Nat. OL Nolan MacMillan and Int. WR Chris Williams. I expect that GM Marcel Desjardins will do the outmost to re-sign his Nat. players listed above and at least 1 of Ellingston-NFL tryout-and Jackson along with Kenneh.


.....Agree Ottawa has some tough decisions...Can't see them having the sms room to re-up a few of their guys....Other clubs will come calling and drive up the asking price....especially in their receiving dept....This could get really interesting in a couple of weeks... :wink:

We'll see, they elected to extend Harris this week so they may not be as tight as some assume. Possible a lot of these guys have deals agreed to already.

The fact that Marcel Desjardins wants to extend Trevor Harris beyond 2017, does not mean that Ottawa is in tight cap situation for 2017; the extension has no impact on 2017, unless Marcel wants to give Trevor a signing bonus in 2017 or increase his base salary. To me, Marcel wants to extend, since Trevor could become a free agent in February 2018; Marcel wants to make sure that Trevor will be with the team in 2018 and possibly beyond,thus the offer to extend.


A good move as they will not have his contract as a distraction and they are fully endorsing Harris as there QB of today and tomorrow . Not sure when Michael O'Connor enters the draft but I sure hope they pick him up as he would be a major national player worth developing and replacing the legend of Jackson as the last great Canadian QB .
Harris is a good QB and his work ethic alone will give Ottawa a chance at a repeat and I am sure his leadership would be of value to an O"Connor who would be taking the next step up . Harris QB'd for Edinboro University and was not much different than CIS football in caliber might even be lower so he is the right choice for right now .

Are you serious? Edinboro is a NCAA Div II football school. Miles ahead of the CIS, if the CIS was the same caliber or better like you say then we would be signing CIS QBs… :oops:
Mike Reilly was a graduate of Central Washington a NCAA Div II school too.
Do we judge them both because they went to a Div II school or by their play in the CFL?

Yes I am serious you don't know University Football Slim . You should go see Queens play or are they beneath you .

Connor was at Penn State I am sure Penn State could kick Edinboro's ass . I am sure Laval could handle them easily as well . Yes CIS QB's should be given the same opportunity as bloody Div 2 but they are not . If you think CIS is not as good as Div 2 why the H are you a CFL fan ? You do know who supplys most of our Canadian content right or are you oblivious from the sun down south blinding you from reality .

.....Bo Lokombo headed south to sign with the ravens....And the exodus continues...B.C. getting hit hard....OH but have a great career down south Bo....The farm label becoming more prominent everyday....Technically Bo is NOT AN FA but does that matter anymore :roll: