2017 Camp

Day 1
My very brief take...
Secondary was pretty consistently beat up on...but it is day 1. Rodgers looked pretty comfortable out there and just has fabulous technique and positioning. Gainey was not as good as I thought he would be day one. Bingham will be a guy to watch as he becomes more comfortable. You could tell a lot of the new guys did no homework on the CFL so we will see how they look on day 3. Campbell got lots of primary reps...not sure if that was so the new guys could get their feet wet or if they are looking at playing him more or if they want to test him early because they feel a decision needs made there...but he got lots of looks.

RBs looked promising. They seemed to be ahead of the curve compared to most groups TBH.

QBs...In fairness there was a pretty good wind for the first day of camp...but it was not great. Glenn looked even better than I hoped but nobody else stood out. Young has a monster arm for the long ball and is nothing but potential but struggled underneath, and that is going to be an issue if it doesn't improve fast in this O. Mauk did not look good...no surprise. Bennett was disappointing from what I saw from him in the past. He came in ahead of Bridge in my books but here and now may be behind him...again..only day 1

Carter looked good...not just catching the ball but seemed to be a leader out there and was committing to plays he was not a target on...good to see...but he did look like he was going through the motions at times...some guys just naturally give that appearance though so I won't read too much into it yet. Stanford I didn't think looked good when I first watched him a bit but when I noticed him later seemed to be doing pretty well...he also set up as a returner a bit (interesting). So much talent out there in that spot it makes moving Edwards make a lot more sense. Bagg is still the best workhorse out there...impressive really...Fulwood...write that one down. He looked really good out there.

He is a keeper. He is going to be good.
They lined him up in a few spots and for his first pro camp he looked cozy everywhere.
They also tried a few different people under center...they don't have a 2nd center returning from last season (ok, Vonk I guess, but I think he is on the outside looking in) so I would expect we will see a bit of that and perhaps even in the exhibition a bit.
JSJ also looked pretty comfortable out there, and the best on the line was of course LaBatte

LBs I had a hard time following...but I wasn't watching them too much. They mixed up the assignments in there a bit...I think I may have even seen Gainey in there for a couple of reps?? Hunter seems like a front runner for strong side...thought it might be Rodgers until Cox had to be released. There was a guy I noticed made a few nice plays and I later learned that it was draft pick Gagne...so that is pretty cool to see.

I won't say much on the DL until it is an all out pads day.

VY looking a lot better today. Bridge looking a lot worse. Here and now Glenn / Young / Bennett look like the guys

Thanks for the updates.

So a little more...
Stanford looked really good again today. I know I was high on him in his rookie camp as well, but he seems to have stepped up his game. Promising to see...coming in I was not sure what his future brings but this is a guy who had the potential to be an early pick and he is now showing it. He and Bagg were the standout Nation WRs again today. If he keeps it up he might challenge Demski for playing time, because right now he looks better...except Demski has looked solid on kick returns....putting a national back there would open some options.

Fullwood was not lighting it up as much today as yesterday and there were a couple others that had better days

There were definitely 4-5 that need to step up or they will have short a camp...including a couple nationals.

This guy looks like he has the potential to be a real staple in the long run.
I have been thinking more highly of Coleman thus far than I did last season.

didn't notice Gaydosh a pile yesterday, but he was moving and pushing pretty well today
Same heavy rotation of Jefferson / Newsome / Leonard on the ends...I am hoping we see Leonard pushed.

Campbell was again playing a lot of corner...still surprised by this. I know he was in there a bit last season, but he seems to be getting a solid legit look there this season and honestly has looked alright.
Roberts upped his game today and was noticeable out there.
Gainey is the top dog and his vet status shows.
Bingham is clearly a contender to be an impact player. He really didn't look "beat" too often, no matter who he was covering.
Edem edged Hecht by a fair margin today...which surprised me. Should be a good positional fight there.

If I had to take a crack at the lineup right now I would say Edem in at Safety and the secondary (not picking spots yet) would be Gainey / Bingham / Rodgers / Dennard / Campbell / Adams

Hunter seemed to have the edge for that SAM spot yesterday but he struggled in coverage drills...I suspect they will rotate someone else in there more tomorrow because of it.

Marshall seems to be the favorite import wise...haven't noticed much of anything via Thomas
There seem to have a few Nationals that might work their way in...LaFrance obviously, and I think Morris was pretty much a given, but there was another who had some zip to him (don't recall name atm)

Probably posted already but Durant got rolled up on in Montreal yesterday and will be out about 3 weeks. Good chance he misses the season opener against the Riders

Day 4:
You could see it yesterday and even more today...players separating themselves. You can see the guys who are getting the playbook, those that are struggling and those that seem to be lacking the post practice study.

I would say that for the most part the receivers and the secondary were having their tightest battles today...which was good to see. it can be hard to get a good feel when sometimes one of them is simply having a better day.

QB wise Bennet seems to get better every day...inching his way up the dept chart IMO...he seems to have good poise and be able to do the dump offs very well. Young clearly has the most raw talent but I think many had fears he would struggle with adapting and I think that is showing...he has looked out of place at times and his short game has not progressed enough. Bridge had been looking better but today again was mixed in results. One play you are like "wow" and the next it is "ughh" but he has looked alright overall. I would say the second best athlete at the spot. When taking off he and Young do similar things...Young simply does better...but Young, again, is really struggling with the short stuff...long ball he looks solid but it was his worst day IMO. I got a chance to talk to the new QB for a while today and he seems like a pretty good guy and intent on competing with all he has got...looking forward to seeing him. He will make it through the first cuts I am sure but I hope he can improve in that aspect. I do believe that it being a whole new game with the extra player and the motion and yard off los is getting in his head a bit and making him overthink things early which is why the longer the play (deep) the better he does. at the moment I would say it is Glen / Bennett / not sure...based on today alone Bridge and then Young for sure...seems all are progressing more than him. He was #2 the first couple days but has slid...Bennett IMO came in at #3, slipped to 4 and is now looking like he could land that #2 spot going into the first action. Now another likely factor is in it all is that all of the other guys have CFL experience so the ever expanding playbook is going to be easier for them the take on...going in I felt he would be #2...right here and now I am not sold he makes the squad, but it is early and time will tell, but I think that if he is not at a place where they feel he is #2 or will be there by week 3 he is gone.

Coaches are pushing hard on technique as opposed to grind grind grind (they are still grinding, don't get me wrong lol) which is something that they were somewhat forced to move away from last season with heavier turnover. I speculate that this will equate to cleaner play out of the gate.

Gaydosh is still looking solid in there...looks like he will be good to go and that he and Steele could make a very nice rotation and entirely change how that line looks. Still looking like they want Leonard as a DE...I am still not sold.

Day 5:
Glenn was #1 QB again today
Young was #2
Bridge #3
Bennett had a poor day and just seemed to be one of those days where things were simply off and not going his way
Williams got some reps. Tough to say much...he was aiming straight but often high. He did look around in the pocket, but has a hesitation often when he throws...needs to work on that. For his first real day of reps when others have been getting their feet wet for days he did ok.
None were special today except for perhaps Glenn standing out more.

The secondary was beaten up on a lot today...concerning. We all knew there were going to be some pains there though. A couple guys aside they are constantly getting hurt deep...and the QBs for the most part are hitting them.

Stanford looked fabulous

Holley was the only one potentially better...until he went down. Initially I though he may have broken something but I really don't know because after a long time of getting attention he left the field on his own with nothing slinged or anything. That would be a big blow because he is having a great camp.

Grant continues to grow on me and made one of the best catches of the day...he had a couple nice ones and really let nothing go....but the single best play was to Carter on a big pass

Anthony Allen was back...yeah...who knew?? He dropped a few but was one of the better blockers.
Morris stood out more today. He has some promise. He seems to love to cut through gaps with some serious zip...so long as a LB doesn't knock his head off he could be a keeper...and national so. He was in the top couple for their group blocking drills as well.
Walden looks alright but man is he small. With Owens as the returner I question if there is a spot for him.

Van G is inconsistent punting. He will hit a beauty and then flop one 30 yards.

place kicking was alright...there were a few misses but it was a solid side wind...not an angle you would see in a stadium.

I need to watch the DL better...don't have much to say but Mrabure good inside. Minter has not yet stood out like I think they were hoping so we might see 2 NI on the DL and some new bodies coming in during the season to compete there.

Un des meilleurs retourneurs de bottés de la LCF mesure 5' 6" et pèse 180 lbs... du moins c'est ce qu'on dit...

Cept that Walden hasn’t been returning kicks in camp and would be up against Owens. There have been I think 4 returners that I have noticed and he has not been one of them…though I could have missed it. All I have seen him line up for is in the backfield. He had a superb run today up the middle…that is going to happen, but yikes. Could make a good utility back I guess, but pray you never need him for a hard yard…he ran an 11.28 in the 100 and supposedly breaks 4.3 in the 40…which is pretty damned fast

How's Carter looking? Working hard?

Carter is looking great. He is one of those guys who seems to have a natural ability to not always be putting it in full out...some guys just come across that way though...he might be one. He seems to be fairly popular and light hearted. Talking to him a bit I think more of him now. One of the nicest guys out there is Holley....hey just seems like a nice guy all around, as does this new LB who looks really promising....Moncrief...I think he has some big potential....hoping they move him to strong side LB but it is starting to look like there might be 2 national LBs...Edem / Francis have been doing it and looking solid but IMO Moncrief should be the guy, but they are seeing how he fair in the secondary a bit...the guy explodes on plays

sidetracked...if someone gives Carter an inch he is catching it...the man's got skills, no question.

The good news...very good new...Rodgers does a solid job holding him in check when he is covering him...I know I spoke that I thought Rodgers could turn out good last season and he is looking like he might back that up this year...gives a lot more confidence in the secondary. Gainey and he should hold down 2 spots well.

The other spots...Campbell has been getting a lot of looks...idunno, guess we will see. Roberts has shown well...he might cause issues at times if he makes the roster and grows but I think he is always looking better so that is good. Collins and Craig were in the secondary today...Collins did remarkably well....didn't watch much of Craig but I think it was a good move by Jones...He is in tough to make the roster at the moment and IMO Jones is giving him another avenue to fight to make the team....gotta respect that. There are a few other DBs fighting it out....but I think there is a fairly open competition between 3 or 4 of them at this point...2-3 spots (including depth) to fill.

In other areas, Tull has been starting to show a lil something something after a largely slow first few days.

Hus is still not repping...not good. I guess he is having wrist issues...not a super good sign for a long snapper. Gagne has shown well in his place though and I think is inching close to winning a spot. He can snap but also when he plays he has a nose for the ball and is right in the play consistently.

Love is back and a lil 'meh' but he is behind at this point.

how is the O-Line looking ?

Thanks Depop...

when is Judge supposed to be in camp ?

doubt he will be...still has over a week of school left

no problem

and Collins is a WR again today...was just helping out with some spot duty for a day apparently

better...how much we will see

Dennis has not looked as good as consistently as I was anticipating...but still pretty good. In fairness he is just catching up right now and should be just coming into stride as he missed the first bit of camp due to the Hicks trial

LaBatte has been dominant but is fighting an ankle issue...sounds like he would be playing if it were a game but giving the vet time to heal because he has been solid...best out there....no worries at this point

Coleman seems to get burned a bit to start out and then get stronger as scrimmages move along. Starting to be a bit more of a vocal leader. seems like someone sweeping on him can get by him but he is a mountain so not many are going to achieve much in a straight line. Not entirely sold on him still but we shall see...I thought they might get someone competing there as a national...not so much

King has rotated at LT...been 'ok'. in fairness...most of the time I have watched him he has lined up with Jefferson in his face

Bladek is going to be good. I could see him getting action this year.

JSJ has looked solid and I am a bit surprised they have not pushed him to the edge to see how he fairs.

Guy has done some snapping as well as RG...he struggled some at C but got better with reps, LaBatte has even taken some reps there...it is clear they want to push Clark to level up

Dyakowski has filled in for LaBatte at LG and looked very good. Not sure if he can stand up for 18, but as a depth guy you can't ask for a lot more than him.

Meredith has played mostly RG beside Coleman I believe. While he has had rookie struggles he is doing much better than one would anticipate. I think he may have been a steel in the draft. I tend to think he will be sticking around on the PR and Vonk may be shown the door, though Vonk has elevated his game as well.

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