2017/2018 Off-Season Thread

Articles from yesterday:

While Kavis Reed believes that Matt Shiltz and Antonio Pipkin have potential to be franchise QB's, I suspect the Als will more than likely trade for a starting starting-caliber QB before Free Agency begins. Hopefully, they do no overpay.

Of Nik Lewis, John Bowman, Luc Brodeur-Jourdain, Kyries Hebert, Stefan Logan, and Chip Cox, only Nik Lewis is definitely retiring. Bowman was expetced to retire, but as of now is undecided. Brodeur-Jourdain, Hebert, and Cox all have stated their intention to play one more year.

Having 2 non-imports at DT did not work, so the Als could be considering altering the ratio again. DB Tevaughn Campbell probably continues as a starter in 2018.

Article from today with Pierre Vercheval's opinion of the team. Only newcomer that stood out to him was Branden Dozier.

Well, Branden Dozier only became an Alouette because somebody like the highlight video he submitted to the team. Personally, I suspect that the Als believe that most efficient way to find players is from behind an office desk.

Good name for the topic okie, as the Als seem to be hanging by a thread these days.

To be fair, the Als do scout some of the US College Bowl games and attend NFL training camps, and like most CFL teams study videos agents and players send them.

No idea though if they scout US college games during the season, and more importantly if they can judge talent altogether. Their 2017 International crop was certainly not good.

What crop?

Dozier gives great effort, but he is not fast enough for DB or SAM, and not big enough for WILL. And he is a luxury at Safety they can`t afford if they are to use an International at DT next season.

So we will have to wait and see where he ends up.

Si l'entre-saisons ne commence pas par les congédiements de Kavis Reed et Joe Mack de leurs postes actuels, il ne servira à rien de s'y intéresser. Reed est un excellent coordonnateur d'unités spéciales. Mack est un excellent Mack.

From Herb Zurkowsky:

Whether he continues to play or moves to the sideline as an assistant, Nik Lewis said the Alouettes’ new head coach must build a trust factor with the players he inherits.

From the releases of Bear Woods, Jovon Johnson, Donald Unamba, Ryan Phillips and, even dating back to 2016, Duron Carter, the players’ trust in management was lost following a series of personnel moves.

“It almost felt like certain people didn’t want us to win,? Lewis told the Montreal Gazette on Monday, as frank and outspoken as ever. “When attitudes and egos change, it changes the culture.

“When you have people in place and coaches not wanting certain players …?

Lewis didn’t name names. Then again, that wasn’t required. It was clear from his comments he was referring to former head coach and offensive coordinator Jacques Chapdelaine along with defensive coordinator Noel Thorpe. Both were fired in mid-September, with the Als at 3-8. They completed the season with a 3-15 record, losing a record 11 consecutive games.

While many have been quick to blame general manager Kavis Reed for the Als’ plight, Lewis said more players would have been released — himself included — had Reed not fought for them.

“I was told in Week 3 that I wasn’t really wanted,? Lewis said. “My job isn’t to throw people under the bus, say things or demean people. What I was told and was known — and I was told by that person, it wasn’t hearsay — there were a handful of guys who weren’t wanted on our team.?

The Als also released middle-linebacker Woods on the second day of training camp before jettisoning Johnson, Unamba twice and Phillips from the secondary. Montreal intercepted a league-low eight passes.

“Johnson’s the leader of the Saskatchewan defence now,? Lewis said. “Unamba had a great camp and played great both times we brought him back. Then he played great at the end of the year for Hamilton. Ryan Phillips was so knowledgeable and could help the young guys. Those are things that make you competitive.

“When veteran players see how (those players) were let go, they’re going to hesitate to want to come here.?

Former legendary quarterback Anthony Calvillo, for the third time in as many seasons, was forced to become the offensive coordinator. He had been the quarterbacks coach under Chapdelaine. Not only does Calvillo remain inexperienced, it’s hard to believe he received much assistance in formulating game plans.

Lewis again said there was mistrust and things going on behind the scenes, without elaborating.

“We came up short and it’s hard to talk about without coming across as though this person or that person is the problem,? he said. “We all have to take the blame. Nobody was good enough or we wouldn’t have been 3-15.?

Along with putting systems and structures in place, Lewis hopes the new head coach is someone to whom the players can relate.

“Someone who brings in a new energy, puts something around people that wants them to show up to practice, makes them want to get better,? Lewis said.

Veteran centre Luc Brodeur-Jourdain echoed those sentiments days earlier.

“You need a head coach and staff that are going to put that chemistry together where you totally forget the business and just play for the love of the game,? he said. “There has to be changes in the way we do everything on the field. The way we practice, the way we prepare for the game. The players have to be responsible for that lack of success this year.?

Several potential new head coaches have been mentioned by the Montreal Gazette, including Paul LaPolice, Corey Chamblin, Rich Stubler, Marcel Bellefeuille, Glen Constantin and former Canadian Football League quarterback Tom Clements. Another name that surfaced on Monday was Calgary defensive coordinator Devone Claybrooks.

Lewis could return for a 15th season, should the new man be so inclined. Lewis also has been campaigning to become the Als’ receivers coach — something the Montreal Gazette first reported after his final game this year, at Saskatchewan.

“There are guys on this team who are good. People don’t just lose it from top to bottom. It’s either a gradual decline or something else,? he said. “I believe in what the future holds. I believe we have some positive guys. Guys that can make big plays.?

Zurkowsky posted that in addition to Nik Lewis, Jacques Chapdelaine also wanted to release Ernest Jackson.

Too easy to blame everything on Jacques Chapdelaine, nobody is going to convince me that Chapdelaine wanted Woods canned. Not buying it.

As for the players on the offense you know what Nick. As an HCJC had the right to keep or cut anyone of you.

This team has such low self-esteem and accomplishments that they keep hammering at people who are gone. Popp, Chapdelaine, Thorpe.
Pierre Vercheval warned them on multiple occasions to stop shiattingon people who were there before, but they just won't listen.

Quand Chapdelaine et Thorpe sont partis, ils ont perdu 7 parties de suite. C'est ce qu'on peut retenir de l'équipe actuelle. Et on doit se rappeler cette éclatante victoire contre les Roughriders au début de la saison, gagnée parce que Crapigna a raté son placement...

Reed is the GM.

He decided to bring Durant here at over $400k salary.
He decided to sign Jackson to his fairly large salary.
He decided to let Green and Woods walk. And let's not forget how he handled the release of Woods (telling him at 5:30 am the second day of TC).
Let go of Johnson.
Traded Adams for Willy.
Let go Chaps and Thorpe.
Then went 0-7 as HC with the majority of the games being blow outs. And not even managing to score 1 pt in the final game.

The Cats made a change after going 0-8 to start and then managed to go 6-4 after that.

Sorry, Reed takes the heat for this dismal season as well as the Wettenhals for putting him in that position and keeping him there.

This organization deserves to be where it is and where it will head next season.

What made me move away from that organization as a fan is not who he brought in. FA is notorious for disappointing.
What angered me

Discarding Cato and Adams.
The way SJ and Bear were treated.
The way he talked about Thorpe
The lying about putting roots down in Montreal
Playing the Race card. Includes chasing traitor Kaepernick
Hiring of Joe Mack and the subsequent picture showing Mack sleeping on the job.


I was never in favour of Reed being handed the GM position, nor Chapdelaine as HC.
If these two were that good, they would not have been unemployed for a couple of seasons prior to being hired by the Wettenhals.

Followed by the way Reed treated Green and Woods and ultimately when he decided he could do a better job as HC and going 0-7, being blown out and not even managing a single point in the last game.

And to have the organization come out and say he will be back as GM with an overwhelming record of 3-15, that is what sealed the deal for me.

Anywhere else and Reed would have had a garbage back on Saturday morning, 5:30 am.

The most disappointing part of the 2017 season is that we had a golden opportunity to reset the culture.

It would have been great if the GM selected a HC in whom he could trust. Then the two of them could take the time to talk about the playbook on offence/defence in order for the GM to recruit players who have attributes that could fit the playbook.

Instead, we all had to watch the mess of the 2nd half of the season.

The guy in charge of creating the dialogue was Kavis Reed, the guy in charged of bringing in the new talent was Kavis Reed, The man in charge of shaping his front office, scouting and all that was Kavis Reed. Even when the owners told him not to fire Chapdelaine he went full steam ahead... He owns most of this franchise's destruction with the Wetenhall.

Considering that Jacques Chapdelaine wanted to release both Nik Lewis and Ernest Jackson & the fact that Kavis Reed mentioned wanting a Receivers Coach who can better relate to the players, I will assume that son Justinwas less than a success at getting through to the veterans.

If Jackson and Nik Lewis were indeed let go, the Als would have been left with using Tiquan Underwood and Geno Lewis in more prominent roles on offense. Question is: would the Alshave been better off in 2017 using Underwood and Geno Lewis? Offense was bad anyway, so maybe it would not have even mattered.

For what it is worth, Lyle B. Style posted in the main forum that: "In Wpg. the radio boasters were boasting that the Als were down to Paul LaPolice & Marcel Bellfeiulle as head coaching choices".

All it says to me is how sick this organization is. Season is over and old underperforming players trying to milk a paycheck are attacking a HC who can't defend himself...

Is it possible that Jacques brought in Ernest who had dropped HALF the passes thrown at him and Nick who could not get open to save his life to tell them if they did not improve he would cut them.Possibly, but so what? So the "crew" went to Kavis and stabbed their HC in the back? At least that's what it looks like and the GM instead of sending them on their way, used it to settle a score for Jacques exposing him when he cut Bear Woods in the middle of the night.

Sick, sick organization going nowhere but likelyinto receivership.

Johnny would like to hear Chapdelaine's side of the story. Chap could most likely also tell some "good" stories about Reed and the organisation. Since he is still being paid by the Als, and he wants to avoid looking like a troublemaker to potential future employers, he most likely will keep his mouth closed.

If only he would talk...

Chapdelaine was not the greatest coach, but he got a raw deal from Reed. A bad roster, and a star defensive player cut on the second day of training camp for no good reason. Chap got fired by Reed, because Reed wanted people to think Chap was the problem, and not himself. His plan backfired on him! :slight_smile:

Everyone knows Reed is the problem, except Andrew W.

Johnny I agree with you. Chaplendale ends up as a scapegoat.

I remember a story this summer that Reed had attempted to contact JC to "discuss the modalities of his separation to the Alouettes' You can read in that Wetenhall wanted to buy out his contract and JC ignoring Reed.

Looks like JC plans to get paid in full for the next two seasons :). He's not going to put himself in legal jeopardy with a group that loves litigation. Remember this is an owner who sued his GM for 21 years because he didn't like how and when his contract was conceived with his subsequent employer and a contractor for not being able to shoehorn a few extra hundred seats in a 100-year-old stadium.

Chapdelaine at 61 years old will be happy to take Andrew's money for 3 years, can't blame him one bit.

JC is 56 not 61.
he is not on payroll after this year. The final year was a club option. He signed a two year amendment to his last contract.
He has never been unemployed in CFL as someone mentioned. But never a HC.
He clearly was not on the same page as Reed as witnessed by comments on Woods cut.

Reed definitely won this power play. But it is clear that the team quit on Reed.

Thorpe was dead man walking.

There are NO pictures of Mack that prove him asleep. You have enough facts without making stuff up.

Cato is not on this regime's resume.

jury is waaay out on a limb with Adams. He's still a 3rd string QB if that.

The house cleaning to change culture should have started right after Trestman left.

They should have cut Nik Lewis and benched E. Jackson. Lewis always comes across as a straight shooter but everything he has ALWAYS said paints himself as above blame. Much like Reed and Durant. And his game limited the offense.

Turning point: late july...that collapse in final moments to lose in Winnipeg 40-41. They were 2-4 before the game and could easily have been 4-2. They seemingly never recovered from that loss. If the ownership can fire a guy after winning in Vancouver then this loss must've made them berserk.