2016 Western Champs?

...given what is happening around the western teams I'm thinking the Stamps are well-positioned to be Western Champs in 2016...I don't know how much better their position could be when:

a) the defending champs lose their entire coaching staff and basically have to start from scratch.
b)that coaching staff ends up in Sask, then guts the entire team, leaving them a couple of months to reassemble a squad.
c) the Lions lose their HC and any continuity they had and bring back WB, how will the players respond?
d) the Bombers continue to think they have solved the problem by trying the same solution.

...sure DD is technically in a new position, and we lost Stubler, but I don't see the shakeup the other teams are having to deal with....so here's hoping stability leads to a great start and a few W's racked up before the other western teams even have their act together...

certainly the pre season favorites.

Going to be a very interesting season in the West. I see the Bombers going hard for FA on the OL...where their biggest issue has been, so who knows...plus the addition of Lapo is pretty big. If the Esks can keep their roster primarily together they have a solid DC and a smart HC in Maas...we shall see how that translates and if HC/OC is too much in year one...MB as DC will put his mind at ease there anyways. Riders...who knows lol.

Based on a couple of recent player interviews it sounds like the players are looking forward to seeing Wally Buono back at the helm. Unfortunately, the previous HC wasn't getting the job done for whatever reason. Buono is a no nonsense guy and I think the players will appreciate knowing where they stand and just how satisfied he is or isn't with their performance. He'll praise you when you are doing well. He won't hesitate to give a guy a kick in the rear end if the guy isn't carrying his weight.

I'm not sure when you say the Lions have lost " continuity" what you mean R&W. Is that a Alberta term? lol