2016 Upper Deck CFL Cards

Not sure if anyone else collects the CFL cards, but if you haven't already seen this years cards, prepare to be VERY disappointed.

I just bought my first box to start collecting the whole set and here are just some of the problems I am seeing;

  • Maurice Price has a card for the Riders AND he's wearing his ORB Uniform - Just a reminder, Mo Price retired rather than play for CJ, before the season even started. :oops:
  • Anthony Allen is in his Riders 3rd jersey from last year on his BC card :roll:
  • Bakari Grant is in his Ti-Cats uniform from last year on his Calgary Card :roll:

There are a LOT more problems like this, I just am so disappointed right now, that I haven't even looked at them all yet.

The biggest issue I have is that they waited until Sept/Oct to release the cards and then they have all these issues! could we not have taken a few photos of the players at the start of the season and used them. Why the delay in getting these cards released, if they are just going to use last year photos? I take my grandchildren to get autographs on the "extra" cards I get and with the late release, there are only two more local games, to try do this.

I doubt anyone from the CFL will see this, but I just had to vent somewhere.

This is truly disappointing!


I was collecting cards, And I got last years set of Upper Deck. I just find that they come out too late in the year for anyone to care, you can't find them anywhere with the exception of a couple places online. You should be able to buy them at the games, so the kids can get them, and much earlier in the season.

I know they are for sale here at "The Stamps Store" which is open during games (I have purchased some in the past at the games). Locally, Walmart also carried them for a bit last year, but they seem to only have them around November/December.


good marketing tool if done right, as you guys have said needs to be earlier.

Also teams should give out a team set at one of the games to the under 12 age group if they come out to a game.

League could also do a "Golden Ticket" idea inside 1 of the packs of cards. Tickets would be good to redeem for 4 tickets to the grey cup plus flight and hotel for 3 nights. League should be able to swing this.

$4000 Flights, $1200 rooms, $2000 tickets and $750 spending money = $8000.

Actually, they released this year's cards in late July hence the problem of several players wearing last year's uniforms on their new team's cards. Later this year they will issue a rookie card set and a veteran update set. As a longtime CFL card collector Upper Deck has really ruined it for me. Way too many chase cards, short print cards, parallel cards etc.. The base set is 100 cards and they are offence players only. Once you get into defence players cards and all-star cards then they are short printed so it's harder to complete a set. Most collectors aren't even interested in the "regular" cards but instead are looking for the rarer autograph cards, jersey cards, patch cards, team logo cards etc. I sure do miss the old days, a 10-cent pack of cards with a stick of pink gum and you just kept buying or trading them (got 'em, got 'em, need 'em) until you slowly completed a set.

I am on the Email list for the CFL cards with Upper Deck and they indicated they were released in Sept and their website says the same thing. Maybe I just missed a notification.

Either way, I can overlook the guys in the wrong uniforms (we probably could have gotten a picture during pre-season though or used the stock photos like they did for Andrew Harris and Ryan Smith), but a retired guy? What's the excuse for that? :roll:

Not impressed with Upper Deck ... More like Bottom Drawer! :thdn:


I bought Upper Deck cards in 2014, and I thought they did a good job. My complaint is that I cannot by a "complete set" minus all the special/bonus cards. I would gladly shell out a couple of hundred for a complete collector's set.