2016 Toronto Argonauts Season Ticket Deposits and First Sele

Hello Argo Fans!

I wanted to reach out to you with some exciting news about the Argos. Next year will see the Argos return to Exhibition Stadium, when they kick-off next season at the newly renovated BMO Field.

In addition to this, The Argos have been awarded the 104th Grey Cup Championship game and Festival to be played at BMO Field on November 27th, 2016.

AND ONLY 2016 Argos season-ticket holders are guaranteed the right to purchase tickets to the 104th Grey Cup.

All it takes is a $50 deposit per seat, to reserve your spot in line to purchase tickets to the inaugural season of football at BMO Field and to guarantee yourself the right to purchase a ticket to the 104th Grey Cup. Let me know if there is any interest at all to return to our team to experience football the way it was meant to be enjoyed; watched live, played on grass and in the open air.

Let me know when is best to reconnect with you to chat about options.

Tim Knight
Account Executive at The Toronto Argonauts Football Club

tknight@argonauts.ca / (416) 341-2720

Glad to hear it's still going to be a grass field as rumors fly about a synthetic field. I like the idea of deposits however I am not sure why it's being marketed this way when this is not a brand new team or fresh built stadium . Why not use the traditional approach with a 3D seating plan as TFC has one already ? Wouldn't it be the same or close to the same seats with different pricing .

If this is going to be an on going war between Rogers and Bell then you need to leverage yourselves to buy out Rogers and be done with this conflict . Huge competitors shouldn't own anything together it's just not democratic or fair to any consumers . I hope you win the war with the Argos and I will support the Argos and your effort to regain your share in the marketplace . Let's hope you stand your ground and show CFL fans in the area that the Argos are equal tenants at BMO and take second place to no one.