2016 Season Ticket Sales

Great to hear . The Redblacks will continue to thrive and it's always good to sell out the home opener .

According to the virtual venue there looks to be around 350 seats left for the Home Opener on July 8th. Mainly on the North Side and a few singles on the South Side.

Now announcing fewer than 1000 seats left for the home opener. :thup:

Looks to be far fewer on the virtual venue but I'm not sure how accurate that is.

Ottawa REDBLACKS ?@REDBLACKS 21m21 minutes ago Edmonton, Alberta
Only 500 tickets remain for the July 8 home opener!

and still 2 weeks to go

After that big win they should sell out this week .

and it would be even better if they win Thurs night in Montreal.

Received a phone call from rep yesterday regarding any questions or concerns I have for upcoming season .

This was a fine gesture by OSEG to do a proactive approach to customer service . :thup:

and to the surprise of no one...sold out for Friday! :thup:

Fewer than 1000 tickets left for Thursday. :thup:

Now < 500. :rockin:

Dr Xia has today revealed that we have sold, 18,000 season tickets so far and he fully expects us to sell another 5,000. This would mean around 22-23,000 season ticket holders - more than we have had for a while now. Why do you think season ticket sales are up?