2016 Schedule

LOL...I fricken knew the Riders would get a buy week 1....normally not a great thing...this year with the craziness and new faces...probably a huge benefit

Yes I saw that, After their 2nd. Preseason game in Edmonton (June 18th.), the Riders don’t play there first 2016 season game until June 30th.
I think that’s just fine :cowboy:

Yeah, at least it is a week 15 bye as well. I hate it when they give a team one in 1 or 2 and the 2nd in week 19 or something. That is a long time between em.

I really thought that the Stampeders would be the final regular season game in Mosaic.

Yeh, Mosaic stadium finale.
I remember sitting in the 'rider rookie' section at Taylor Field as a kid back in the stone ages when guys like Reed and Lancaster were mesmerizing the CFL> :cowboy:

The very last game of the entire CFL season also should have been at Mosaic. Seems like opportunity lost.

I remember the days of Hemroid Hill. 2 bucks got you a spot on the grass in the end zone. Good times.

I'm fine with that. To me the July long weekend signifies the start of the Riders season anyways. The rest of the league are just starting a week earlier this year.