2016 Schedule

Okay where is it? In the past it was rumoured that it was held up due to Rogers Centre availability. It was already out by this time last season so, so much for that rumour.

Agreed, need to make our summer plans soon. Hopefully it includes a trip to Mosaic to see it before the move!
(in full Cats colours of course!!)

Based on how long it's taken Jeff Porridge to do everything else, the 2016 schedule should be released sometime in October.

Heard that it might be out today.

Rogers may be still fighting the Argos at BMO for all we know...with demands of how many days between Argo and TFC games, how many days for the conversion from soccer to football, etc. Rogers basically has a veto over anything which happens at BMO.

Initially, MLSE said they wanted to schedule Argo games 1 or 2 days after a TFC game to give the field the maximum time to heal before the next soccer game...despite it being proven that soccer is harder on natural grass than football. There didn't seem to be much concern about the field conditions for the Argos?

Money talks. I'll bet by October the Argos will be at least on equal stature with TFC at BMO. Then next year the Argos should rise to preeminence at the little stadium which could.


BMO Field is owned by the City of Toronto and managed by MLSE.

2/3 of MLSE owns the Argonauts so they could simply out vote Rogers.

WOW, I just came here to post the same thing.

It is a head shaker. In the past few seasons it has been Feb 14 or 15.

No excuses for not having it out now.

The 2013 schedule was released March 5th.

I'm seeing so much hand-wringing and anger over the fact that the schedule isn't out yet. It's never promised by a certain date. The league isn't in the wrong here.

It would be far worse to release it then have to make a change to it later. So let them make sure that it's 100% solid and quit complaining, people. Holy jumpin'.

MLB releases a tentative schedule for next season before current season ends. Gives people some idea of what will happen.
Why can they organize 30 ( more? ) teams that far in advance, yet, the CFL can't get 9 teams scheduled 4 months in advance?

SnowRogue posted this on ArgoFans, hopefully he doesn't mind me sharing it here:

2015 - Feb. 13
2014 - Feb. 12
2013 - Mar. 5
2012 - Feb. 18
2011 - Feb. 18
2010 - Jan. 29
2009 - Feb. 3
2008 - Feb. 21
2007 - Feb. 14

(Those are the dates that the schedule was released each year.)

Not only 32 teams but also 162 games for each team!

MLS released their schedule in early January - 2 months before the season starts so As long as it's out in the next couple weeks, I think all will be good.

Hey at least we're not the MLFB...they're supposed to start playing in a month and a half and the teams are still TBA :smiley:

MLB is the sole or primary tenant in every facility they play in, which means they don't have a lot of scheduling conflicts. The CFL's situation has improved in that regard now that the Argos are out of the dome, but they don't have the same kind of relationship. That pushes things back some.

TSN is also involved, to avoid scheduling conflicts and try to get games when they want them.

Plus, it's probably less of an issue than it is for MLB given the smaller scale of the CFL. MLB has so much to plan that it needs to be done a long way in advance.

I'm going to hold off on the pitchforks on this one until mid March. This isn't especially abnormal for the CFL.

OK, I forgot about 2013. No one is really angry, just anxious. There are no stadium conflicts this season as in the past, so it is kind of expected to be done by now.

2013? What about 2010?

It seems like a waste not to get it out now between the super bowl and the NHL trade deadline.

In all fairness to MLFB, I think they were waiting for the finance investing deal.

They also have a 2 year deal with the American Sports Network

Cart before the horse if you will.

Projected :


North West Empire ( Eugene Or )
Texas Independence ( San Antonio or Austin )
Oklahoma Nation ( Okl City )
Utah Stand ( SLC )


Alabama Airborne ( Birm )
Arkansas Attack ( Little Rock )
Florida Fusion ( Orlando )
Ohio Union ( Akron or Columbus )

Apparently they're 'really close' to releasing the schedule -- whatever that means.

[url=https://ca.sports.yahoo.com/blogs/cfl-55-yard-line/cfl-is--really-close--to-2016-schedule-release--as-pressure-on-league-grows-004020077.html]https://ca.sports.yahoo.com/blogs/cfl-5 ... 20077.html[/url]
The release of the CFL's schedule each season has always been an unusual event with a wide variety of dates (for example, Feb. 18 in 2011, Feb. 16 in 2012, March 5 in 2013, Feb. 12 in 2014, Feb. 13 in 2015) and usually not much advance notice. The 2016 schedule still hasn't come out yet, and some fans are starting to get understandably edgy, hoping to make summer travel plans and so on. They may soon get what they're looking for, though, as league communications director Paulo Senra told 55-Yard Line Wednesday.

"We’re really close," Senra said. "We’re working out some final tweaks, and hoping to get something out this week."

The official @CFL Twitter account has also been teasing a possible schedule release, responding to all inquiries Wednesday with various cute animal memes, most of them stating "Soon".

While those likely weren't the answers fans were looking for, those are still pretty clever ways to respond when you're not allowed to give out an actual date. Humour's not going to replace actual answers, but it's not a bad response. It also doesn't seem right to suggest that "Under the Mark Cohon regime, the league was transparent. The fans and the league were one when it came to marketing products or releasing the schedule." The CFL hasn't had a fixed date for its schedule release in at least the past five years, and there really wasn't greater transparency about it; this is about par for the course, not some dastardly new regime.

The CFL is pushing this quite late, though. While they're still within the normal range, they're drawing close to the end of it; Thursday is February 18, would be equal to the second-latest the schedule's come out in the last five years. Nothing will top the 2013 March release, but that was thanks to issues including the season-long relocation of the Tiger-Cats. There aren't many stadium concerns this season, especially now that the Argonauts have a better situation at BMO Field and that there's no Women's World Cup to worry about, so the league should be able to get something done soon. The fans will certainly be happy if the "really close" comments turn out to be accurate.

CFL is waiting for the Leafs to make a huge trade announcement,
so they can release the 2016 schedule at the same time. 8)

Schedule is out: http://www.cfl.ca/schedule/

Wow. In the last six weeks of the season, Edmonton has four road games and a bye. Thanks, CFL schedule makers. :roll: