2016 Offseason Discussion

Well, that didn't take long. Riders signed Thomas Mayo, who played a couple of games and had some promise, and our developmental 4th string QB Bryan Bennett. Both finished the season on the PR and became FAs at seasons end. Wonder if they see Mayo as a guy who could take the spot of one of their other guys they could use as trade bait.

Mayo appeared to have promise before a couple nicks sidelined him and he never really played much afterwards. Bennett is certainly more promising than any of the duds who backed up Durant. . . . . . . if Corky throws him to the wolves too early he'll fail. :cowboy:

.....Riders combing all of the other clubs' practice rosters as we speak, hoping to find a jewel...Letting other clubs do his work for him, Cork the Dork is living up to the riders expectations of him for 17'... :lol:

.....Still no contract for Mike O as the year draws to a close....hmmmmm is another team back east (ahem) bending his ear........ We should hear something soon..one way or 'tother' :roll:..

Worst fear is Wad, Kyle, Danny McScout & the gang have gone into December hibernation mode.

Other than getting himself fork-lifted over to Rae & Jerrys Wad might be making a fatal decision - ie. letting other teams get a heads up on free agents, coaching negotiations, etc.

Miller acting more like a re-active cosa nostra don all the time! Building a winning organization is a 365/24-7 bidness. Corky Jones knows this, I'll give him credit for that! :cowboy:

Heard Wad on TSN radio say season tickets "are selling like hotcakes, twice as many as last year" - - - - - that's about as specific an answer you get these days from L'Big Kahuna...

However, its tough to believe they're gonna exceed last year's numbers by any significant numbers. Wad can brag that the # is twice as high as last year (which could mean they sold 100 season tickets post Grey Cup instead of last year's 50 - who knows?)

If its hotcakes then why not re-up O'Shea (free agent) and Walters (1 yr left)?

Just askin'!

Personally, I think this year is gonna be a slog. Going into "Stoic" mode with your HC and GM plus the strong possibility of a mope like Richie Hall returning as defensive coordinator does not bode well for season ticket sales.

The bombers were ravaged on the defensive side no matter who's asking the questions.
Their offense was good once they gave Willy the hook and put a competent man behind centre. But they still wilted in their final home game vs. Ottawa (home playoff gate at stake) and their head coach had so much confidence in them he sent out a kicker in an indoor stadium to attempt an unmakeable 62 yd field goal instead of going 3rd and 3 from midfield with 35 sec. left in the match w/ BC.

Lots of good things in bomber land:

ie. Nichols, Medlock, the mountain man at safety, improved o-line, Andrew Harris, decent discipline and hard core spec. teams.

But - zero gravity at canuck WR depth, hobos in the defensive backfield, light and under=powered linebackers, atrocious oomph on the d-line, weak defensive coach, etc. continue to plague the team - and this creates huge doubt in just about everyone other than the lemmings. :cowboy:

My understanding is that the hold-up is that O'Shea has not responded to team proposals for re-signing.

While your post is predominately true, it is also quite negative. Unfortunately, because no team can keep it's players over more than a few years, we have a league where any team, year to year, can win the cup. Hence a different winning team for seven consecutive years. If you looked at Ottawa before the playoffs began, you could come up with a multitude of negatives from players to coaches. Yet they won the cup....If the Bombers were a team that had been together consistently for 5 years and were still in the shape that they are today, yes, your analysis would be warranted. It's only the first year of real recovery, albeit much too late.

I agree with your take but I am also so happy with the progress that I can't really put down on the team. No, I am not complacent. I want more...

I think that's the common perception. The question is why?
Obviously, immo Mike is waiting to see what happens after Xmas in Toronto. Will his friend Scott Milanovich be fired? Will Barker survive? If Milanovich is fired would he accept a position as OC on an O'Shea led Argo squad? Do they have any plans for their quarterback position (other than Sugar Ray injury-prone or Boxcar Willy?)

I tend to agree Miller would like to have both Walters & O'Shea for another couple years anyways - both have been fitted with the requisite blue bomber corporate muzzles and fit into the current bomber culture!

Wonder how long Miller can play the waiting game? He said O'Shea is still in the office every day - doing everything he can to build for 2017, but I suspect his contract doesn't expire until end of '16 or early '17 so he's biding his time! :cowboy:

.....Here's a question that brings into it, continuity....What IF O'Shea doesn't re-sign on the bottom line...do some of our current fa's move a long with him....Could happen as he is well liked by a lot of them and to some playing for Mike is where it's at...If I'm Walters I would get as many guys on the dotted line as quickly as possible....Some might already have been done??...What I'm not waiting for is for the other shoe to possibly drop back east....We have quite a few valuable guys on that list that 'might' be moving on....AND I'm not hearing about too many of them re-upping at this point....Should we be a little nervous. :roll:

There are basically 3 categories of bomber fans:

  1. The Lemmings - probably the majority who re-up for season tix annually despite reservations - they are the lifeblood of the ticket base.

  2. The Nervous in the Service - guys like me and you papa who are circumspect and ask the hard questions but never get the hard answers. O'Shea rain-dancing with Miller right now must be hilarious - but it certainly could effect the bottom line of FA re-signings.

  3. The Stoics - new category - most of these were #1s or #2s at some point but have developed PTSD - and are stoic in their fandom. They watch on, grim in denial, the hope sucked out of their faith! :cowboy:

Bombers had 5 (count 'em 5) all-stars this year so that's a step up from last season's poverty.

However, if you look closely its a bit of an anomaly.

Medlock was a purchased commodity - no surprise there. Money probably well spent.

Mountain Man Taylor Loffler was the biggest and most pleasant (unpleasant to opponents) surprise. He really made a difference - a vicious hitting machine who was slightly faster than advertised.

TJ Heath - was a mid-season acquisition who was on his way to becoming an argo all-star until he was dispatched to the bombers in the Drew Willy shenanigans.

On offense - Mr. Bond (LG) didn't even make the starting roster until it dawned on O'Shea, Walters and the gang that their quarterbacks wouldn't survive with a 3 canuck o-line. Hence Bond was inserted and a star was born.

Andrew Harris was another good pickup from the Cannoli scrap heap in BC. Played as advertised, kinda quiet in the playoff game - O'Shea had little faith in him to pick up 3 yds in the dying moments to continue a game-winning (or at least field-goal tying drive)

That's it, that's all. Most other bomber DBs were suspect - although I think the major part of it was how Rich Hall had them play. The linebackers are ferocious gamers - but they're under-sized and obviously under-powered. It hurt the bombers big time. The d-line is a disgrace to professional football. Enough said. Better have at least 2 (perhaps 3) major upgrades for that stench in the trench to be significantly better. Otherwise another year of no-push - and Westerman taking late hit penalties cuz the guz don't know better!

So even if Medlock, Bond, Nichols & Harris return there's too many holes to fill in 2017 - especially at the rate McScout and Walters fill them. Even with a solid NFL hobo brought in to upgrade MLB spot, a decent to above average canuck receiver acquired via draft, trade or FA I don't see the bombers having much more success than the 11-8 over-achievement of 2016. Not losing too many quality FA's - upgrading a couple spots - I still see them as a slightly above average CFL team that could end up anywhere from 7-11 to 10-8 (bottom end w/ no playoff game, 10-8 would get them 3rd in west, or crossover, quick dispatch in the playoffs)

The blind spot bomber mgmt. have for Rich Hall is currently the most disturbing aspect in the organization!

.....Hall did nothing to excite the locals in 16'...IF they decide to keep him that'll be strike one....Having said that I hope we aren't going to be ham strung with Ritchie for lack of a better replacement... A friend of mine in my electoral area said the other day, that we could have put in a fence post with hair, rather than electing the current conservative in our area, for the amount of work he's done so far....Maybe we'll have to look at some fence posts with regard to the dc position... That will be a very interesting situation to watch...

Hallsy Hall is definitely beyond 1-strike, immo!
More like 2 strikes, nobody on base and a 103 fastball on the way!
Only positive about Hallsy is he ain't as repulsive as predecessors like Etcheverry & Timbo Burke!

Walters and O'Shea both resigned for 3 years. Some fans won't be happy with either or both returning, but a number of players have already chimed in on twitter and are pretty happy with this. How long has it been since we've had a coach play out his contract and get an extension? Seems like forever.

.....there's something to be said about continuity, that's a fact.....There's really only one that I hope we DON'T continue with and that is the DC....Ritchie's great days are behind him and we need a more forward thinker running our defence...Hall should hang em up and the quest for his replacement should be under way NOW....Also we need to get some of our fa's signed and in particular Nichols..BUT if he wants the kind of coin rumoured...adios to him as well.

I wouldn't disagree entirely. Our sack numbers were down but our turnover rate went up big time, we lowered our points allowed, and the D played a big role in why we were able to win a number of games this year. And I think our run yardage allowed went down as well but the stats page doesn't seem to track team stats anymore. If it does I can't find it. When I take this into account, I think if a move is to be made they really need to have a coach who is a definite upgrade or a really good up and comer. Noel Thorpe would be someone that would fit IMO. Stubler for instance would be someone I don't see as an upgrade but more of a lateral move.

Perhaps the reason for O'Shea's recalcitrance in re-upping was his insistence that he be able to bring the out-dated man, Richie Hall back with him. Miller could have been internally infuriated by that insistence and made it clear that he'd give Mike O 3 years but under no circumstances should Rich Hall be allowed on the premises.

Guess we'll see in a few short weeks!

Dude ,there is absolutely no evidence, rumor,hint,or suggestions that any of that has even a drop of truth or remote possibility.

No direct evidence - and Lawless hasn't tweeted yet but keep in mind there was a very strong murmur that O'Shea's job was on the line if he didn't bench Willy and bring in Nichols early this season.

I think the same thoughts apply to Hall now. You'd have to be Ray Charles or Stevie Wonder not to see how woeful our defense was last season - despite the great turnover stat! :cowboy:

If you're happy with Hall, so be it. I'm not!