2016 Off-Season has been a disaster for the Jonestown Riders

There was plenty of euphoria in the rectangle province with the arrival of Chris Jones following an impressive run with the Edmonton Eskimos that culminated in a 2015 Grey Cup victory. Riderville was ecstatic making bold proclamations of a first place finish, 12+ wins and a trip to the Grey Cup marking what would be the most incredible one-year turnaround in league history.

The reality of the situation appears very different. The arrival of Jones and his ego have cast ominous shadows over what should have been a positive and productive off-season leading towards a season of renewal and hope. Instead, since Jones arrival, the rider organization has been dealing with a series of misfortunate events, miscalculations and missteps by the Jones administration. Of note:

-Riders release Dressler and Chick. Two of the better players on the Riders (not saying much I know) unceremoniously dumped and they have yet to find a quality replacement for either. Chick, while declining, still brings some ferocity and dominance to most D-lines in the league while Dressler is still a top-notch receiver whose stats suffered from poor Qb depth in the Rider organization with a early season - ending injury to Darian Durant.

  • the expenditure of draft picks in a trade for wide receiver Maurice Price, a player who plays a position for which the Riders have paper-thin depth. Shortly thereafter, Price quits. You would think Jones and his management team would have had a better idea of a player’s motivations and desires prior to giving away draft picks for him. Guess not.

  • the retirement of Ben Heenan. Yes, he was on the Indy Colts practice roster, but this would have be classified as a crushing loss for the Riders as I’m sure they were hoping he would be back in green either this season or the following one. The Riders O-Line has seen a shocking drop in quality and depth the past few seasons and getting Heenan signed after the inevitable release from the Colts would have helped immensely.

  • the St. John debacle. Another blow for the immediate future of the Rider’s O-line. Desperate for depth with an aging and shallow O-Line, the Riders proceed to draft St. John with the first overall pick hoping he can see spot duty at the very least. St. John’s agent proceed’s to request a salary over $100,000 per season and rather then compromising with a reasonable offer, the obstinate and arrogant Jones proceeds to offer him the a paltry $52,000 per year. Shortly following this, Hardaway demands a trade. Inevitably, the Riders will have to acquiesce to these demands receiving pennies on the dollar for the first overall and letting him sit and dealing their already poor Canadian depth a severe blow. Way to show them Jones.

  • Canadian depth. A rather problematic area for the Riders the past few years, this area has shown no improvement in the off-season. With no hope for the return of Ben Heenan, a first overall draft pick holdout, and two of their best nationals - Rob Bagg and Chris Best - over the age of 30 and injury-prone, the Riders appear to have the poorest Canadian depth in the CFL. The addition of Capicciotti helps, but does nothing to lessen the growing sense of unease over this group.

  • The decline of Darian Durant. After suffering back-to-back season-ending injuries, it appears Durant’s days as an elite CFL quarterback are over. When you rely on mobility as a key aspect of your on-field success and that ability is taken away from you with a ruptured Achilles tendon, how successful will you be in the future? Not much, one would suspect based on past evidence. Few, if any, players have come back from such devastating injury and returned to dominance. Considering his scrambling ability and evasiveness has played such a key role in Durant’s career up to this point, it is doubtful he can regain his form of the past. The situation at back-up is cloudy at best as Brett Smith did little to impress in his rookie season.

I think this will culminate in a 2-16 season for the Jonestown Riders. Yes, things will get worse before they get better…assuming Jones learns anything of course. Combine his personality and with his unfettered control over all aspects of the Rider organization and that is far from a guarantee. That my friends is…

The Last Word

Ben Heenan? Really? Jones was depending on him? The guy hasn't been in Rider plans for seasons.

Last Word, you bring a smile to my face and make me laugh with that post.

Couldn't have said it better myself - - wait, who are we kidding, of course I could have - - but in all honestly it's good to know I wasn't the only one who was able to foresee the disaster that's unfolding in Regina.

Have to say, you do a pretty good job of bringing the hammer with your comments. Reasonably opinionated and worded somewhat strongly. A refreshing change from the standard wishy washy cornball posts and pom pom waving hyperbole found on most CFL forums.

Well done, my friend - - keep up the good work.

Oh god an alliance between two narcissistic dudes who both probably speak about themselves in the third person.
The interesting part of this story is that when Chris Jones melts down in front of the media after a 0-9 start and says something so assine,the Riders are forced to fire him. Will the Riders bring back Tanman and Chamberlain since they are already on the pay roll, or will the Riders pay out another 750k to replace him. If you are counting at home, that will be close to 2 and a half million on a head coach and a GM. He Riders are already spending over 1.5 million on those two positions alone according to Depopulation.
Drink the kool-aid you watermelon wearing fools.. THIS IS JONESTOWN.

That is assuming that they are, in fact, two different people.

I, for one, am less than convinced that that is the case.

Couldn’t have said it better myself

Thank you Area 51. Rider fans, particularly those on their main forum, seem to think everything will turn around for them in a nanosecond because of what Jones did in Edmonton turning the club from a 4 win team in 2013 to a 12 win team in 2014. The reality is going into the 2014 season the Eskimos had much better National depth; more notable playmakers on defense; a Qb in Reilly who was not coming off of back-to-back season-ending injuries and a GM who operated independently from the coach. In Jonestown, the egomaniacal Jones will have full reign - not necessarily a good thing. Teams would be better off if he was limited to head coach or defensive coordinator.

He really reminds me of Mike Kelly. The results might be similar to the Bombers disastrous 2009 campaign.

The Last Word

...for what its worth, one dude is using Shaw and the other is using Rogers...not saying it's impossible, just more elaborate than necessary for a football forum...

Nice piece. I've been laughing at this bunch since they decided to cut two thirds of the team and their cheerleaders Pedersen and company who are already backtracking from their "predictions". This is going to be a lot of fun.

Is it ever. Exposing your, Area 51 and Last word’s genuine lack of knowledge, on a weekly basis, is going to take it’s toll on you 3’s litte Bromance you have going on. Can’t wait to get started.

Jones may be an a-hole, but he has won everywhere he's gone. I wouldn't be throwing dirt on his grave just yet. He may have bungled this offseason but he's also a helluva talent scout with tons of connections down south. I think SSK will be competitive.

This Rider team is so inexperienced and full of holes that even your bombers have a chance to make the post season.

I'm sure he will find good imports, no question and his team will play tough and dirty but you can't get around your Canadian content and playing 2 possibly even 3 Americans on the offensive line if they take an injury on the oline will magnify this even more.

Chris Jones has been a winner everywhere and he has his current staff with him.

The question is does he have the talent level to work with as in the past.

Also DD has not played in 2 seasons. Also, I am not big on media gossip, however…

Word has it the DD is one who does not like to get yelled at.

When Ed Berry was the OC, he did a lot of yelling. Some at DD.
Ed Berry was soon gone.

Jones is a guy who yells at players. How will these guys get along ?

Is that so Rider fan? I'm sure Riderville showed everyone what for last year when predictions of 10+ wins reigned supreme. How did that work out? Face it - the Riders have the worst Canadian depth in the league and that is not something that can be rebuilt overnight. They also have a gimpy starting QB and a poor backup. These are the more important elements that go into building a successful football club.

Riders' G-M and head coach Chris Jones wasn't happy with what he saw on the artificial turf. "It wasn't very good execution," said a smoldering Jones, just a few minutes after the mock game ended. "Too many penalties, sloppy play, ball on the ground, throwing the ball to the other team, defence really can't stay onside, can't get deeper than the deepest (receiver) in zone. That was a poor display. "We're going to have to look at the film real closely and find out (which) guys want to do things the right way. We will pick the right players so it's just a matter of getting the film evaluated. Unfortunately, there's going to be some guys who won't be with us." Jones did say he didn't expect to make any roster deletions Sunday. The Riders return to practice at Noon Sunday at Griffiths Stadium.
Caramba ! Tennessee Porky is not happy.

Almost 70% of the team are new players; of the 46 players who played the last game last November, 31 ARE GONE. Could take half the season to jell.


If that's the case, why waste a draft pick & cap space on a scrub like Mo Price?

Why sign a proven failure like Ceasar Rayford off the scrap heap?

Why waste another draft pick on a guy who had no interest in playing football like Brucie Campbell?

Why sign a horrifically bad kicker like Joke Bartel, especially when kickers are a dime a dozen?

If Durant and Ego Jones can’t coexist, I will guarantee you that Durant will be the one to go.

Ego Jones has always played favourites. If you’re one of his pets - - ie a guy that he brought into the league and can take credit for - - then you’ll be given reps and can basically do no wrong. But if you’re not one of his favourites - - ie a guy who’s been successful but wasn’t brought into the league by Ego Jones - - then he’ll do everything possible to screw you over.

Just as his former defensive captain Brandon Issac how “approachable” Ego Jones is.

This thread is pure comedy. :lol: