2016 Grey Cup Tickets

Hello CFL Fans!

I wanted to reach out to you with some exciting news about the Argos. Next year will see the Argos return to Exhibition Stadium, when they kick-off next season at the newly renovated BMO Field.

In addition to this, The Argos have been awarded the 104th Grey Cup Championship game and Festival to be played at BMO Field on November 27th, 2016.

AND ONLY 2016 Argos season-ticket holders are guaranteed the right to purchase tickets to the 104th Grey Cup.

All it takes is a $50 deposit per seat, to reserve your spot in line to purchase tickets to the inaugural season of football at BMO Field and to guarantee yourself the right to purchase a ticket to the 104th Grey Cup. Let me know if there is any interest at all to return to our team to experience football the way it was meant to be enjoyed; watched live, played on grass and in the open air.

Let me know when is best to reconnect with you to chat about options.

Tim Knight
Account Executive at The Toronto Argonauts Football Club

tknight@argonauts.ca / (416) 341-2720

When can I expect to see the 2016 schedule so I can figure out which games I can attend?

Do not expect the 2016 schedule out before mid Feb.

In 2014 and 2015, it was released the second week of Feb. I expect the same this season.

I do not understand why they can not have it out by mid Jan.

Earlier the better, I say.

Interesting news on Grey Cup tickets. However likely by mistake there are three threads seven minutes apart from each other, so if two of them doesn't get deleted or at least merged then someone is lurching underneath dark waters not doing their job!

In closing - Thanks Tim Knight.

All I know is if I'm healthy enough, and I'm not sure that will be the case as my health isn't the greatest right now, I want tickets to "The Ex" Grey Cup. BMO isn't the "mistake by the lake" as so many like to call "The Ex" stadium once they tried to make it from an excellent football stadium into a multiuse football-baseball facility. Toronto had an excellent football facility that they allowed baseball to ruin. They should have built a baseball specific stadium back then. But the rest is history.

As a result, the Jays now have an outdated bowl facility, albeit fancy with the retractable roof, whether baseball only or whatever, while TFC and Argos are playing in a very true football facility.

The skydome had been cited for the late schedule release in the past, as well as odd scheduling quirks.
But with that stadium out of the equation, the schedule should come out earlier....unless the skydome was being used as an excuse for the league's terrible scheduling. :roll:

Don't worry dg, the Rogers side of MLSE will most likely make sure they tinker with BMO and it's "availability" to make the CFL look bad for Argo scheduling. Mark my words.

Would like to see three game packs available like Hamilton's assortment of three game packs or even Montreal's where you can use them for one game or two games if seats are available . Would also like to see price of tickets soon as it's hard to budget without knowing the final cost .

No pricing. No schedule.
No buy. :wink:

Grey Cup 2016 inked to be played on grass is good news - 2002 in Edmonton was the last Grey Cup played on grass.