2016 Grey Cup Stamps - RedBlacks

RB's going to miss Tristan Jackson and Milo but I think they have a chance if they can keep it to within 10 points by the start of the 4th quarter. Looking forward to the game, perfect weather for this time of the year.

My prediction for the Cup. :wink:

They will have the same outcome as their old namesake! :stuck_out_tongue:

Also, please remember, this is the field they will be playing on today!

[i]Gonna be a blowout!

Calgary 55

Ottawa 13

Ottawa will get beaten so badly, they will fold again! :smiley: [/i]

Kate Pettersen
Won't be any seagulls cramping your style at #GreyCup today. Samantha has made her rounds to scare them away. #cfl

She looks mean!, Wears both Stamps and Redblack colours

If Johnny's prediction is correct, it will initiate 2 questions.

1 - Are the 2016 Stampeders the best team off all time ?

2 - Are the Stampeders this good, or does the rest of the league just suck ?

After the West Final, those are legit questions.

Looks like a pretty good turnout for the game today!

Now this is a sweet setup for a tailgate

The tailgate at BMO looks great . That set up he has goin on is off the hook .

That is what they said in 2009 , so .......

BTW Johnny, I should also mention :


[i]Laval sucks? NOPE!


Do not suck! :smiley: [/i]

I think this will be a better game than some people do, but gotta give the Stamps the edge.

Still, go Redblacks!

I know Johnny,

I am just pissed off that Calgary dominated the Vanier, then choked . :thdn: :cry:


AJ Jakubec
Henry Burris limped off the field. Word circulating he might not play.

I suspect if he’s injured they’ll give him the start - let him go 2 and out and then sit him down in La Grande Parka . . .

Must admit - I’m the biggest Rod Black detractor out there but give the guy a script and pre-game introduction duties and he’s the best in the biz. The problems occur for Rod when he has to use his mind in play-by-play and his mind can’t support the cheques his mouth writes!

Alessia Cara did a great pre-game song-pak. I really love that mouthy Lainey from The Social - and that slick brunette!

Porky Campbell just tipped off Sara Orlesky that Hank is probably not available with the classic "We'll See" comment!

OUCH!! If you think that was a great song pak then you obviously don't know good music! That noise was anything but music to MY ears!

She's not Amy Winehouse or Valerie June but she's one of the best young pop singers in Canada. Very good set! (and I'm not a fan of modern pop music other than Lady Gaga)

Did I hear right - Black introducing the National anthem by saying "Bo Canada"? :cowboy:

Messed up trick play on the first Ottawa possession with the lateral to Sinopoli? Maybe see that one again later.