2016 Grey Cup Stamps - RedBlacks

I think it will be a good game.
Calgary has to make 2 changes in O-line inserting an Import which affects the ratio initiating a 3rd change. Probably in the receiver corps.

Cleo Laing in Ottawa d line could help.

Calgary virtually swept awards which historically breeds a touch of over confidence.
I think Ottawa keeps it very close at least.

I hope Ottawa can keep it close--always a compelling story line when a big underdog can do so.

With late November outdoor weather and a crowd that should (I think?) favour the Redblacks, who knows?

Why not share some of those facts? We need some focus back on the game, teams, and players. :thup:

Sure hope so. What we forget maybe was how extraordinary Ottawa was at the start of the year.

Yes, when they're on they're really on. It's a shame that Chris Williams is injured. Anything can happen when he touches the ball.

It will be fun to see if LaFrance can recapture any of his magic from last weekend though. :thup:

Yeah Dave that's true.

Hi replacement, Paden worries me in that he is a decent receiver but is a fumble machine.

Personally I think Lafance's performance was a snow fluke. Slow field etc.

Van may surprise

Yes, Van is a good one, too. It will be good for the Redblacks to have both options in the backfield for the GC (assuming no injuries like last week).

I'll also be cheering for local Peterborough boy Brad Sinopoli to have a strong game....though I also have a lot of ties to Calgary, so I guess I'm good either way, just hope it's a good match.

Ya..me too.

Enjoy the game.

True, very true , the RB's did start out of the gate at 3-0-1 at the start of the season BUT let's not forget that they went a very pedestrian 5-9 the rest of the season. I'm thinking that this game is a blowout from the get go for the Stamps.

Prediction: The RB's jump out to a surprising 10-0 early lead before the Stamps take total control of things and cruise to a Grey Cup winning final score of 40-16. Henry will look very much like he did in the 2013 game , playing like a deer in the headlights and will get pulled for Harris sometime in the 2nd half but by then the damage will be done and the game will be out of reach for Ottawa.

Book It........this games a blowout for the Stamps who will capture their 2nd Cup in three years.

Well it looks like weather will not be a factor.

2C light winds and only a 10% chance of precipitation the current forecast for kickoff.

I think good weather favours the better team - Calgary.

I agree. Good weather favors good execution but I think the diff between Calgary and Ottawa is smaller than most think.

Frank will show up as we all know Burris is one of the worst playoff Qbs in the history of the CFL. 2 ints and a fumble.

Mitchell and the Stamps will dominate on both sides of the ball protecting a comfortable 25 point lead going into the 4th quarter. Ottawa will get a few meaningless tds in garbage time to make it a two possession game by the end.

Calgary 41
Ottawa 27

I think Hank will be strong on Sunday..

I can't see it, playing against that strong Calgary defence. No matter how many ways I look at this game , I just can't see it being anything but a Calgary blowout victory by double digits. The thing about Hank is that he's very good at getting to the big game(3rd time in 4 years) BUT the problem is once he's there he's not very good at winning the big game. Hank may have his moments in the Grey Cup BUT as we all know much like Jekyll and Hyde he eventually morphs into his alter ego "Frank" and the rest as the saying goes is history.

Ah...thats why we will watch.

Isn't that more interesting than Argo attendance or pizza stuff.?

Did you know that there is only enough room for 2 more team engravings spaces left on the Grey Cup.

[b][i]"There are 3,641 names inscribed on the Grey Cup trophy honouring the Canadian Football League’s best.

Another 48 — 44 for active-roster players and four for administrators or coaches — will be added to a plaque on behalf of the winning side in Sunday’s title game between the Ottawa Redblacks and Calgary Stampeders at BMO Field.

A couple of months after the 2017 Grey Cup game in Ottawa, the Canadian Football Hall of Fame will add another plaque with another 48 names, and that will use up all the room there is to be used.

Then what?"[/i][/b]

[url=http://ottawacitizen.com/sports/football/cfl/grey-cup-trophy-about-to-be-out-of-room-for-more-names]http://ottawacitizen.com/sports/footbal ... more-names[/url]

Here are the depth charts for tomorrow

Of note kicker Chris Milo and kick returner Tristan Jackson will NOT PLAY due to injury

Interesting that Ottawa lines up 11 Canadian starters. Kind of unusual. Gives them lots of ratio leverage I guess as the game moves along.

I say provide a new base that is smaller.

The reason it has broke 3 times, is that the base is to big and the bolts will not support the lifting.

To make a base even bigger would just be stupid.

Make the new base smaller with just the team names on it. Not the players.

For the players than win, give them all a wall plaque with their team mates names on it.

Thanks everyone for participating in my thread.

However, I think on Sunday someone should start an official GDT.

Start fresh.

I like the way www.lionbackers.com handle games.

1 Thread for the pre-game match up. ( like this one )
2 Official GDT
3 Post game thread.

The discussion is more organized with sub threads.

Myself, for the game , I will turn down the TV while watching and listen to Black and Forde call the game on TSN Radio.

I have had enough of Cuthbert and Suitor.
In fact I think TSN should alternate between the 2 crews every other year.