2016 Grey Cup Stamps - RedBlacks

WOW, Wed is here and we do not have a game thread yet.

Well, somebody has to start it , so I will.

Here is my prediction:


If the Reds do win, I will not be to devastated.

The Ottawa fan base has had a 40 year drought.
Plus, I would like to see Hank get another ring before he retires.

However, this day will just belong to the Stamps.
Solid in all areas.

15 - 2 - 1 in a very good West.

Ott was 8 - 9 - 1 inside a poor East.

Further, the Stamps took the second best team ( Lions ) and destroyed them twice.

Having said this, I would be interested to hear from anyone who thinks Ott could win and why.

I am hoping for Redblacks 27 Stampeders 26 last minute win to end the drought .

The home game in Ottawa they should have won they outplayed Calgary and deserved better than a tie .

Yes, Ott should have won that game. They did outplay the Stamps. A dropped int in OT cost the Reds the game.

However, as the season progressed the Reds have underachieved given their good talent and level of poor East competition.
While the Stamps just got stronger as the season went on.

Yet it is just 1 game and anything can happen.
Like Chris Schultz says : " it is not the best team that will win a game - it is the team that plays the best that will win" .

If the REDBLACKS win, it will probably be because Calgary once again lost one-too-many o-linemen at the end of the season. Two more went down in the WF. If Bo doesn’t have the time to execute some of the more exotic and time-heavy plays in the playbook, the Stampeders lose their edge.

Good point,

I do not know how much of an impact this will have, but the crowd will be for the Reds.
It will be like a home game for them.

They need every bit of edge they can.

I thought it would be fun and interesting to post the full game video of the last time that Calgary and Ottawa met in a Grey Cup. It's hard to believe that it was 48 yrs ago way back in 1968 when this match-up occurred. In a lot of ways things haven't changed much since then when you figure that a guy named Trudeau was Prime Minister back in "68" and we still have a guy named Trudeau as PM today. The game in "68" was played in Toronto at Exhibition Stadium and the game this year is also in T.O. in the same location as the old stadium but in a new stadium now known as BMO Field.
The then Rough Riders of "68" had a legend at QB nearing the end of his career name of Russ Jackson , well the REDBLACKS now have another legend at QB nearing the end of his career name of Burris........BUT just to put it in perspective just how long ago that these two met , consider that in the NHL the Maple Leafs were only 1 yr removed from their most recent and last Stanley Cup victory of "67"and the other CFL Riders from Saskatchewan were only 2 yrs removed from their 1rst ever Grey Cup in "66".

Anyway enough of the trivia , so here it is in all it's Black and White glory , complete with commercials....Ladies and Gentleman.......The 1968 Grey Cup game from Toronto between the Calgary Stampeders and the Ottawa Rough Riders
ENJOY !!!! :slight_smile: :rockin:


Does anyone know if any of the Stamps O-line has been ruled out?

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Praying for a good game. But think the stamps will take this one.


close first half, but stamps make adjustments for second half and pull away.


one more time !!!! :smiley: :rockin:


I agree with the score but think will happen the opposite. Stamps up big early and then just settle in to ride out the win.

There is also a 40 minute condensed colour version on youtube by NEWTON MINNOW.

1965 1967 1968 GREY CUP HI LITES CFL

The 68 portion starts at around 1:26.

Strange rules back then. Ottawa blocks a Stamps punt and the ball is recovered in the end zone by Calgary and Ottawa gets a single point and then Calgary gets the ball 1st down on their own 35 yard line.
No two points to Ottawa and no kickoff by Calgary.

HAH, we are also talking the era when the East played 14 games, while the West played 16.

The WF was the best 2 / 3 , while the EF was a 2 game total point series.

When the GC came around the West Champ had played 3 extra games.

Talk about strange and stupid .

Here are the Official’s for the Grey Cup

[url=https://press.cfl.ca/cfl-officials-named-for-104th-grey-cup-presented-by-shaw]https://press.cfl.ca/cfl-officials-name ... ed-by-shaw[/url]

2016 Grey Cup Officials:

Referee #28 Andre Proulx

Umpire #31 Ben Major

Head Linesman #57 Marty Carreau

Line Judge #36 Thomas Cesari

Side Judge #47 Jocelyn Paul

Back Judge #44 Blair Brown

Field Judge #73 Brian Chrupalo

Backup Referee #30 Dave Foxcroft

Backup Official #61 Patrick MacArthur

Backup Official #25 Ron Barss

Backup Official #56 Steve Dolyniuk

The crew will be supported by an off-field officiating staff, including:

Director, Officiating Darren Hackwood

Supervisor, Officiating Don Cousens

Replay Official, Jake Ireland

Video Official, Jeff Harbin :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

YES!!! No Bambury or Foxcroft as referee, Ottawa has a chance.

The crew will be supported by an off-field officiating staff, including:

[i]Director, Officiating Darren Hackwood

Supervisor, Officiating Don Cousens

Replay Official, Jake Ireland

Video Official, Jeff Harbin[/i]

How many mistakes will be made between the above four!!!

Not to mention Command Central should load up on the 5 Hr Energy Drinks.

Just to stay awake. :roll:

OK, 2 days before the Silver Mug and no talk here.

Here in Calgary, there is so much interesting FACTS brought up by the local Calgary media in Toronto.

Verified updates from named sources in the Stamp Camp.

However most of the talk is about ACC Media.

He has taken over the attention . :thdn:

I am sure he feels great knowing he is more important than the CFL National Championship.

Hey ACC Media, don't you just love it when a plan comes together ? :roll: