2016 Free Agent Tracker

The CFL has released the lists of players who will become free agents, should they not re-sign with their respective team,before 12:00 pm ET on February 9,2016.

There is presently a total of 204 players on these lists; in some instances,these lists include players already released by their respective team or suspended in 2015 or 2014. The numbers,per team, are as follows:

Hamilton: 37
Saskatchewan: 32
Toronto: 28
Ottawa: 21
Montreal: 19
Calgary: 18
Edmonton: 18
BC: 17
Winnipeg: 14

It will be interesting to see how many will re-sign or be released or retired before February,9 2016.


That's enough free agents to form a whole new franchise. They should just unmerge the team back into the Tigers and Wildcats. :lol:

With all the injuries the Cats had this year, and the relative success Austin had at finding talent to fill in, I knew there was no way were going to be able to resign all of them. The plus side, the talent of this league with other teams is going to rise. Hopefully Austin keeps up his magic with finding the talent...

So how many championships do the Tiger-Cats have again? :wink:

So far QB Ricky Ray - Toronto, SB Cory Watson - Edmonton have deals to avoid free agency.

Cory Watson-Edmonton- did re-sign before the free agent lists were published.


Ricky Foley Re-signs with the Argos.

[url=http://www.tsn.ca/argos-extend-foley-s-contract-through-2018-1.406595]http://www.tsn.ca/argos-extend-foley-s- ... 8-1.406595[/url]

In the fold through 2018.

Edit: Also resign Canadian DB Marcus Grandison. No terms as of yet

While the overall number is much higher if you scan the list of players, the quantity of established players is still roughly the same as it always was for most teams. 8 to 12 guys.

The 2016 CFL free agency period will begin in a little less than 3 weeks from now,i.e. on February 9,2016 at 12:00 noon ET. As of now, there are still 152 potential free agents; per team, the numbers are:

Hamilton 33, i.e. 20 Int. and 13 Nat.
Toronto 24, i.e. 12 Int. and 12 Nat.
Saskatchewan 17, i.e. 7 Int. and 10 Nat.
Montreal 16, i.e. 11 Int. and 5 Nat.
Edmonton 14, 8 Int. and 6 Nat.
BC 13, i.e. 9 Int. and 4 Nat.
Ottawa 13, i.e. 8 Int. and 5 Nat.
Calgary 12, i.e. 6 Int. and 6 Nat.
Winnipeg 10, i.e. 6 Int. and 4 Nat.

Some of these potential free agents will definitely be re-signed before free agency begins while others will sign with the NFL and others will retire or be released. There are definitely very good players,amongst these 152; the best,by position, at least according to me, include:

Int. Trevor Harris. Toronto.

Int. Justin Medlock. Hamilton.
Int. Swayze Waters. Toronto.

Offensive linemen:
Nat. Josh Bourke. Montreal.
Nat. J'Michael Deane. Ottawa.
Int. Marc Dile. Hamilton.
Int. Joel Figueroa. Hamilton.
Int. Xavier Fulton. Saskatchewan.

Running backs/Kick returners:
Nat. Andrew Harris. BC.
Int. Kendial Lawrence. Edmonton.
Int. Stefan Logan. Montreal.
Nat. Jerome Messam. Calgary.
Int. Chris Rainey. BC.
Int. Curtis Steele. Toronto.
Int. Brandon Whitaker.

Wide receivers/Kick returners:
Nat. Rob Bagg. Saskatchewan.
Nat. Shamawd Chambers. Edmonton.
Nat. Andy Fantuz. Hamilton.
Int. Jeff Fuller. Calgary.
Nat. Samuel Giguère. Montreal.
Int. Bakari Grant. Hamilton.
Int. Nick Moore. Winnipeg.
Int. Chad Owens. Toronto.
Int. Eric Rogers. Calgary.
Int. Terrell Sinkfield. Hamilton.
Int. Kenny Stafford. Edmonton.

Defensive linemen:
Nat. Justin Capicciotti. Ottawa.
Int. Euclid Cummings. Toronto.
Int. Bryan Hall. Hamilton.
Int. Justin Hickman. Hamilton.
Nat. Cleyon Laing. Toronto.
Nat. Ted Laurent. Hamilton.
Int. Tristan Okpalaugo. Toronto.
Nat. Keith Shologan. Ottawa.

Nat. Cory Greenwood. Toronto.
Int. Erik Harris. Hamilton.
Int. Greg Jones. Toronto.
Nat. Frederic Plesius. Hamilton.
Int. Taylor Reed. Hamilton.
Int. J.C. Sherritt.. Edmonton.
Int. Winston Venable. Montreal.

Defensive backs:
Int. Emanuel Davis. Hamilton.
Nat. Mike Edem. Hamilton.
Int. Dominique Ellis. Montreal.
Nat. Jermaine Gabriel. Toronto.
Int. Aaron Grymes. Edmonton.
Nat. Ryan Hinds. Edmonton.
Int. Cord Parks. BC.
Int. Demond Washington. Winnipeg.
Int. Mitchell White. Montreal.

There are still many very good players not re-signed; unfortunately, some of these best players will sign with NFL teams. Based on these numbers of potential free agents, I would say that Hamilton and Toronto are the ones that stand to lose/be affected the most, unless they re-sign some of these potential free agents.