2016 first cuts

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Sounds like they are not going to wait until Tuesday and do cuts today. I like the decisiveness and that yes, it does indeed give players a hope of landing elsewhere.

A couple have hit Twitterverse with their thanks for their time and shot with the club already.

If the team is absolutely certain they aren't going to stick then get it done and over with. Kind of like pulling a band aid off, one quick yank and its all over with. Certainly can not be a fun task for anyone to tell someone pack your bags. Part of the game though and no point delaying the inevitable.

I WR Marquez Clark
I WR Devrin Young
I RB Johnta Hebert,
I DL Caesar Rayford
I DL Ino Vitale
I OL Will Corbin
I LB Rollins Stallworth

NI WR S.J. Haidara
NI DO Dan West

Haidara is a bit surprising

Vitale I though might be around another week.

Hebert is disappointing as I said he had a couple of good runs and seems very quick. Worse case use him for returner. Lol Waters did jack and yet he sticks? Hmmm.

I agree with Haidara, thought he played ok... surprised by this, Langford should be gone also IMO

Yeah...I figured Langford would be gone...Collins as well...certainly a few that seemed to need to go more than Vitale at this point, but we are not in the same loop for other dynamics and plans. I just think it is a mistake not removing more WRs to help the QBs out. Clearly the struggled for a number of reasons and it seems to only make sense that if you reduce the number of guys they are working with it would help on some level.

Hebert had an alright game, but was not as good at blocking as either Walter or Cobb....but by no means bad. What did it in for him was 2 passes bouncing off him though....Those misses were all on him and unfortunately you have few opportunities to shine in preseason action. One of those was on a screen, which he was wide open on and it was in his hands....that is going to be a big part of this O. As for him being a returner....why? That would seemingly be Lawrence's job if he is around, and also Demski's I would think...there are a few good candidates for returning, but if you are looking at NI backs...Steele is #1 at this point...Lawrence offers offers a utility back position and Cobb had a better showing by a lot...they are not going to keep a 4th around and chances are Cobb is on the PR if he sticks as it is. I am hoping he or someone else is around because Steele still needs to prove he can stay healthy.

Walter only had a few carries and it was all against the 1s I believe, so tough to compare. He also has great hands, experience and most of all....the right passport...of course he is not going anywhere. They didn't use him much because he is already over the bubble....it was a race between Herbert and Cobb...Cobb won

Yeah I think Walters gets a free ride more because of a piece of paper then his play making. I get that the CFL has to have a certain amount of Canadians or else we would be the NFL part 2. That said it kind of bugs me that some player and I'm not referring to Hebert but just in general, gets the boot even if they are slightly better then a Canadian simply because of the wrong passport. Oh well who said life was fair right?

So I see McPherson was released from the Argo's any thought on if he is worth a look? It never looks good to get released but man as much as I'm pulling for Smith to get it together the outing on Saturday didn't exactly instill confidence he can. Not saying McPherson is the answer but what the heck I can't see it doing much harm having him at least try out. I suppose Coleman and Smith would not be thrilled with it but if they had performed better then this probably wouldn't be even be up for discussion. Any thoughts?

If there is more of the same in this game, yes, it is probably worth looking at. There needs to be some level of assurance behind DD. There are a few QBs out there with some level of experience to look at....he would be one of them....but at the same time what is his experience really like? He hasn't exactly screamed success when he started games, so is it really worth bringing him in? I don't see it happening

If Boyd or Cato come open or available via a minor trade, jump on it, but I think the Als will keep em all...see what happens when Crompton is healthy. I am anticipating the Als will roll with 4 QBs though....but hell, I would take Bridge as a prospect over McPherson, who is a "meh" insurance policy and older than Durant

I see the Argos released Kackert...not sure if he's worth a gamble for RB/FB with his injury history lately

Not IMO. Lawrence will cover his utility back aspect and IMO is better. Moore and others will cover his traditional FB roles.