2016 Draft

1 - Josiah St. John - Was hoping on Charles Vaillancourt. We shall see I guess.

24 - Elie Bouka - If he doesn't stick in the NFL this could be a really nice pickup, and someone who can actually potentially take real rotations in the secondary. General feel out there is he is not sticking.

26 - Quinn Van Gylsyk - I know the BC leg was talked about on here...I think a few were really hoping to land this guy, but assumed it wouldn't happen with the picks the Riders had. Hamilton's kicking situation and the drafts they had in the late second and early 3rd kinda made it seem he might land there. I know he has received a fair bit of NFL attention...no idea how serious...but twitterverse had him immediately giving a shout out to Ridernation. This could put the club with a combo of kickers for years to come.

35 - David Onyemata - Obviously a really highly touted DLman. If he doesn't stick in the NFL, which he might, what a massive pickup. I would think he would be down south for at least a couple seasons if not more...but solid midround rolling the dice on futures I guess.

36 - Alex Ogbongbemiga - He is actually a solid athlete. He was good enough to advance out of regional combine. Idunno if he is a guy that will see a lot of scrimmage or not...not idea...but he is some nice depth to develop at LB, and even for a late pick I can see him potentially sticking and fighting for a ST spot.

52 - Alex McKay on OL - a fairly highly touted OLman who flew under the radar a fair bit. He is a big man and can actually play any spot on the line. See what he brings into camp. It would be nice to see a later round OLman stick...perhaps he fights Vonk for a spot? I THINK he was the top rated OLman results wise from Edmonton regional combine...perhaps someone else knows

62 - Joshua Stanford - I recall him transferring schools and that he is a pretty solid receiver...not much else. Heard his combine and interviews were shaky.

Seems like a respectable draft. Not 100% sold on the first pick. Nice to see they were willing to gamble on some guys that might not be there right away or perhaps at all. The BC leg was a very pleasant surprise. McKay interests me for some reason....looking forward to seeing what he can do.

funny, dad and i agree, we would've prefered Vallaincourt, but like we all said, time shall tell. He's a big body, hopefully he gets more drive, and 'gitty up and go' mentality

indeed. A lot of people seemed to feel the same...but time will tell. The one thing that was said is that they feel St John can compete for the RT at some point this season. If that holds true that is a pretty massive deal.

Onyemata signed for 4 years with the Saints...not shocking

It’s nice to draft players with great skills, but when drafted by NFL, not sure that would be a smart, move, it’s like throwing away, draft picks, but with that said, say Onyemata signed for 4 years with the Saints, and after 4 years he is released, and come back to CFL, do we still own his rights? if we do then my first statement is incorrect!

Yes the Riders do own David Onyemata’s rights - Drafted by the Riders - round 4, 35th overall. Signed a 4 year deal with the Saints, hope he does great in the NFL.

Still kind of a waste if he sticks for 4 years and comes here after that ,probably will be so banged up by then he will be of little use.

Well, all rookie contracts are 4 years, so it means nothing, though I do think he has a good chance of sticking.

I would be willing to take the best player in the draft with a 4th rounder every year and roll the dice. And yes, the Riders would get to sign him if he wants to play in the CFL

All drafted players except Josiah St. John have been signed. Apparently talks have stalled out...not a great sign.

maybe his agent wants NFL type compensation for the #1 overall pick, or their still hoping for an NFL contract ?
can anyone provide a list of how many of the first and second round picks have and have not signed with their respective teams ?
probably a reason to resign Fulton.

All first round and second round draft picks have signed with their respective team, EXCEPT:

Round 1- OL Josh St. John drafted by Saskatchewan.
Round 1- WR Tevaun Smith drafted by Edmonton. Signed as a free agent by the Ind. Colts of the NFL.

Round 2- DB Anthony Thompson drafted by BC.
Round 2- DB/CB Arjen Colquhoun drafted by Edmonton. Signed as a free agent by Dallas of the NFL.


His agent is well known for doing this type of thing. Pumps a kids tires and asks for to much. He hurts a lot of relationships by doing this, which is unfortunate, but he has a fairly good track record of getting players NFL looks (likely the best in the CFL), so people stick with him. He does turn out some of the premium contracts....which is both good and bad.

Also....since the cap spike the first time contracts for higher drafted players have gone up. Some of this is because high drafts are more often expected to be regular contributors from the start, so it makes sense. Some is agents and players wanting a piece of that hike...and that both makes sense and hopefully contributes to the base getting more overall in time. Demski is an example....received larger than base and a nominal signing bonus.

basically...I think it is part his agent's norm, part a shift in rookie contracts now. Still confident a deal will get done barring sudden NFL interest....which is highly unlikely at this point

wow, now the #1 pick wants a trade , something smells in riderville .

Yup....it is called an agent playing really stupid games with his player.

  • He wants 400 over 3 years...which is not going to happen...not even close...that is just a stupid request
  • The 3 players that were getting considered as the top pick were all approached prior to the draft and the club let them know that they were interested in a 3 years deal and would not exceed last year's draft pay for #1, which is about 8 and one of the top couple ever paid.
  • They tabled 400, the Riders were so offended...and rightfully so because there had been an understanding already...that they offered the league minimum
  • JSJ has said he wants a multi year deal. So have the Riders
  • They have offered a single year deal to get it done and the kid into camp
  • They have stated that they will not budge on the price and will not exceed said price...and they shouldn't
  • This is far from the first time his agent has played games with a play
  • Murphy has indicated that if there is much more of a hold out that it would be regrettable....in other words the offer goes down because the roster is set.

I feel for the kid...his value drops bigtime if he is not in camp by Sunday or Monday...he has let his agent fill his head with dreams and he is hurting his future. A rookie missing camp is very bad and set them back much of the season. That means nominal play, and that is like a year of development gone, hurting potential NFL chances.

Even if they wanted to pay what he wants they can't or it goes against their entire philosophy they brought in and hurts future negotiations and is a locker room cancer.

If you have not heard the interview with Murphy I highly recommend it.

This is a painful one to stand ground on but it is an important one IMO. This agent has being doing cloak and dagger antics far too long, and if it means this guy sits a year to make future players question using the guy, great. Teams already take into consideration their drafts if he reps a player...this isn't going to help. Hardaway has played about the last play he has, and I feel horrible that this kid is being caught up in it all and potentially ruining his career.

The player needs to fire his "so called" Agent.

Apologize to the team - and move on.

I feel sorry for him. He may not play a down this year.

Yes and no…he is doing what a young player should do…listening to to the agent’s advice…the guy he is paying for that and should be trusting…I can’t really fault JSJ unless he is the one saying “hell no” but based on his agent’s history I feel comfortable assuming it is the agent not him. His agent has had some of the recent bigger names as clients and gotten many NFL looks…the appeal of using him is obvious. Unfortunately he also puts players at risk…just this time he may have met his match and a potential stalemate with a group that is willing to lose the player entirely to stand ground.

You might recall the Matt O’Donnell mess…same agent. They caved and traded him for a less than ideal trade and Hardaway owned negotiations with the Riders from that day on. They can’t cave and pay, and they can’t trade unless it is an obvious gain…like a starting NI DT and a reasonable pick.

This has had both Murphy and Jones (mostly Murphy) literally SCREAMING at the kid’s agent because of the redonkulous demands. This is not a situation where everybody was like “oh yeah…that is the clear cut #1 pick” like when Heenan was drafted and paid 60 or 65k…so no…he should not be the highest paid draft of all time…the Riders have supposedly made an offer that would make him one of th e top couple though…which is still high in this situation IMO…but leaves room to negotiate a new contract in year 2 or 3 if things are going well.

Mateas and Chung were the draft picks that set the new standard last year at around 80k…I believe they started all games or very close…is JSJ going to do that…little to no chance…so the fact they have tabled anything similar is probably a pretty darned good deal for JSJ

It would be nice to see the CFL try to develop something like the NFL for first contracts…avoid this entirely.

[url=http://www.cfl.ca/2016/06/29/report-riders-come-to-terms-with-first-overall-draft-pick-josiah-st-john/]http://www.cfl.ca/2016/06/29/report-rid ... h-st-john/[/url]

Glad the coming to terms with Josiah. St. John in the link is over with.

yeah...and the fact he signed for 3 years is a good sign that there is good vibes coming in. He is getting a lot of love on twitter from teammates...unlike Lemon who the staff appears pissed at...we will know how much so in 24 hours.

So why is Lemon in the doghouse? Too much gum flapping? IF they could have made a deal straight up JSJ for Franklin then the Riders may have been better off. Don't get me wrong I'm glad they settled this one way or the other with JSJ but just not convinced he wants to be here. That usually means first opportunity and he bolts. He probably realized that he was going to rot on the shelve if he didn't come to terms with the Riders and his stock value would plummet.

Good on Jones though for not letting this stunt work out by his agent or JSJ or whoever. With Best being on the 6 though I wonder if the Riders may have caved in a bit.

Ahh I see at that other Rider site they have a topic on Lemon. So the Riders are looking to trade him and if they do then they are on the hook for the 85,000 signing bonus against the cap. Lol oh yeah that would be not one but two yes two signing bonus cap hits in one year. Hmm no wonder they couldn't afford to keep Chick or Dressler they were too busy squandering it away on players that either never planned to play or ones that are not happy. What is the figure now against the cap? Must be close to 140- 150 k on two players that may never play a single down for us YEAH BABY!!!