2016 Draft

unless there have been changes to the latest draft order the Rider draft order is,
1st - 24 - 26 - 35 - 36 - and 52.
after the first overall pick we don't draft again until the end of the 3rd round where we have the 2 of the last 3 picks.
according to an article in todays Leader-Post , Jones has almost 2 months to finish evaluating and weighing his options.
is the #1 overall pick going to be an immediate impact player ?
do we hang on to our draft order or consider movement draft picks and or players to better our position in the upcoming draft ?
as I don't follow the CIS to closely I am unsure of what is available in the draft, and with the amount of new signings, I'm not sure of where we have immediate and future needs ?
O-linemen are always handy to have around,

I think there is a high probability of moving the 1st pick. I think I said it before...it is a year there are a lot of good players, but not a pile that scream an obvious 1st overall. Problem there...unless someone REALLY likes a player they are going to view it that way as well, so are you going to get much in return?

The Bombers don't have a 1st pick but have the 1st 2 picks of the second...could there be a move there? Potentially.

The top standout IMO is Onyemata....but he is getting all sorts of NFL attention...can't see him being around....if he is around in the 4th...sure, but it is likely tossing a pick away.

Vaillancourt looks promising, but I don't think he should be a #1 pick...but he is unlikely to push to the 2nd round.

Jones seemed to really like Rupert Butcher at DT...like a lot. They talked to him about potentially crossing over to the OL. His strong preference is DL, but he would do it. With that kind of diversity he could be a good pickup, and would make moving to the 2nd round a good move...because he is not likely a 1st rounder...maybe not even 2nd, though he had a fricken amazing combine, so who knows.

The other guy we have talked about on here a bit is the BC punter...who might go in the 2nd. He is also getting a lot of NFL attention.

I have heard that out of the top couple dozen prospects that the NFL is looking to workout about half the players...that is a lot to deal with for the CFL, so they need to see how a lot plays out.

This is a bad year not to have a second rounder because the picks are deep. Sure, not the couple absolute standouts, but the average of the first dozen or so guys...they all look pretty promising. Now...I don't think the Bombers would move their 2 picks, but perhaps the Riders could swing the #1 and a 4th or something for those. The Bombers have drastically improved their NI talent the past couple seasons, so will be more looking to pick up top end talent than try to fill an immediate need...that may make that pick appealing. IF that could somehow be pulled off, then 2 of these players should be available:
OL Gagnon - likely. IMO could be in the top 2 OLmen in the draft, but is ranked further back
WR Doug Corby - raw, speedy WR who started playing late...he is a bit of a sleeper in the draft, but drew a lot of attention by gaining the top 40 in the combine...granted guys like Smith and Loffler were not there as they opted out, but still.
Butcher, as I mentioned. It would likely mean moving out one of the guys from last year, which is a bit of a shame.
DB Taylor Loffler, depending on what happens with others and the NFL...he could be available and is a NI DB who could potentially start in the secondary and do more than Safety...
The BC leg...but I wouldn't go more than say 14th pick on him.

Josiah St. John - one of Laval's OL prospects, Skookum I say.