2016 CFL Schedule

it looks like the schedule is being released around 1pm or so today.

Bruce Arthur ?@bruce_arthur 21m21 minutes ago If you needed something to spice up the NBA trade deadline, sounds like the CFL schedule is being released in an hour or so, so GET READY

here it is!!!

finally and LOL at the Argos schedule.

I shouldn't of laughed ours aint much better..am I reading this right Labour day game Monday 7PM!!!

what the H E double hockey sticks!!!

We play Ottawa twice again? I thought we rotated in a 3-3-2 in the east every year. Last season we played the Rouge/Noire the final 2 games of the season. We should be playing the Als or Argos twice. I don't get it! :roll:

Pat Lynch(the old confused guy who hopes this isn't the beginning of the end of my mental acuity) :oops:

Chad Owens can score the first TD at BMO Field and give the ball to Barker. :rockin:

bye weeks are in a great spot imo

Cats go 14-4. Should be 4-1 going into first bye.

Not thrilled about that myself. And again, both at the end of the year when the weather has turned cold. The good news there is that I get to wear my Ticats t-shirt, my Ticats long-sleeve t-shirt, my Ticats hoodie, and my Ticats toque again like last year. Not that anyone could tell under my coat....

That change, from what's long been the norm, is what stood out first to me as well. Not only do we play OTT, again, just twice, but also, again, those games are late in the season and, again, they're back-to-back. Otherwise, looking at it, as the coaches and players would, it's quite a good schedule. The worst stretch is 3 games in 12 days, starting Labour Day, but 2 of them are at home and the only travel is down the QEW. There 's one other quick turnaround, as well,. That's between our 2nd and 3rd games, but they're both at home, which helps.

Don't understand why we go almost a month and a half with no home games. (July 7 - Aug 20)

Stadium construction lmfao yeah dislike schedule

oh and Labour Day is gonna be on espn and they want the game in prime time

4 road games in a row. What a joke

What an awful schedule. It's unbelievable that a team can go 6 weeks without a home game in a 9 team league. There's no scheduling conflicts at THF.

Also, a back to back with Ottawa in October again? Dumb. It's a 9 team league, everyone should have faced off at least once by mid-September.

Horrible, horrible schedule. :thdn:
5 Friday night games? Does the league/TSN network ever think about people who work outside of a city where the game is being played? That just blows for any real tailgating options too. This is where the NFL continues to have a step up vs CFL IMO, they keep the fans to a primary Thursday night / Sunday schedule......consistency is key.


Could it be the Cats' management prefers to not have home games in the peak of the summer?
On the positive side .... 5 of our last 7 games, including 4 of the final 5, are all at home. There are no long trips in short weeks and no games in late season, often ugly conditions, out west.

This schedule is ridiculous. What do they do pull names out of a hat? In this hi-tech world surely there is a programme that can do scheduling; at least a computer wouldn't be as biased as the CFL appears to be. :thdn: :thdn:

So, we have 6 home games after August 31st, starting with labour day. Well, remember after September the wind will start blowing and the wind tunnel that is THF will be in serious play. :rockin:

Any reason there aren't more afternoon games in the fall? Being out in the sun can make a big difference.

I'm otherwise okay with it personally. None of these will conflict with my rugby schedule so I shouldn't miss any all summer (of the three that are in summer).