2015 versus 2014

It's never been against the rules for a defender to touch a receiver (and vise versa) while the ball is in the air. And, if they want to touch each other all the way down the field (the "hand fighting" mentioned earlier) that's fine too.....UNTIL someone gains an advantage by doing so...then it's PI. And as much as some of you here hate it, it's a classic "judgement call" which means fans of the team that were assessed the penalty will scream that officials are blind, stupid and poorly trained (and should be "fired") and fans of the team benefiting from the yardage will say nothing.

And the wheel will keep turning...

It will allow a defensive player to contact a receiver that is in front of him within five yards of the line of scrimmage, but it will not allow either player to create or initiate contact that impedes or redirects an opponent beyond five yards

That is cut and paste from the announcement of the rule changes from the website. http://www.cfl.ca/article/major-rule-changes-approved-by-cfl-governors Two interesting parts of that that I had forgotten; "contact that impedes or redirects an opponent", and " either player". As for the former, official have been calling the illegal contact that has NOT impeded or redirected opponents and for the latter, I don't recall an illegal contact penalty against a receiver yet.

83.3% on 1 pt. conversions?????
66.7% on 2 pt. conversions?

First- who the heck is missing?
Second- coaches have gotta' respond to this.

That's 1.61 points off of 2 point converts for every 1 pt. off of 1 point converts. In a 2 touchdown game that's more than a single for a team. Small but very significant.

I know the Als have missed a fair bit on PATs, but that is partly due to a raw rookie placeholder (Bridge) who still doesn't always keep the football laces away from the kicker.

...I am completely p.o.'d the stampeders are last in penalties taken...if you're not cheating you're not trying hard enough...

How does this compare to FG% in the 35-40yd range? I think you'll find the number is not too far off. Also it's still early this number may creep back up into the 90s by mid season.

My point is that the 2 pt. play is looking better all the time.

That was a given. Too many things can go wrong on a place kick. Tough enough to recover when the kick is a 12 yarder, near impossible when it's a 327 yarder. Makes the scrimmage from the 3 really attractive.

Love the 2 pt play. Doesn't matter in this game tonight but really is a game changer in terms of strategy in closer contests.

It will decide a Grey Cup and sooner rather than later. Much more entertaining and competitive way to end than the old PAT.