2015 Training Camp June 6 (GAWG)

It was a very scripted inter-squad scrimmage...now don't get me wrong, they always are. Coaches are looking at very specific things...certain positions focusing on blocks, substitutions, etc...they want to see a 2nd and 3 more than they want to see a full drive. the surprising part was usually coaches will step in and want to see something done over...not here...bang or bust...very interesting approach

Key things:

  • Tbrack apparently is going to be Safety again...I know that was in question
  • MacDougall still hasn't really moved up...so it seams like he will be the ratio Safety only
  • Looking like the secondary...beyond Safety...is leaning toward Marrio Norman, T-Jack, Turenne, Brown
  • LBs are looking like Emry, Clark, and a dogfight for the final spot...Harris has the advantage of having played at DB so he can likely rotate/drop into overage a little better
  • Milo is looking like the best place kicker option...I think the idea of 1 guy doing all is fading. He missed one from around 50 by hitting a post...nailed another from around the same. Oneil was mehh kicking but punting was looking pretty darned good actually other than shanking one...Early missed a long one but hit shorter ones...his punting was of course great. This spot is definitely shifting to 2 players...who is yet to be seen...may come down to ratio....will be interesting
  • Miller and Smith were really the predominant targets in action. Is that play calling in general...which is JCs MO...or was it the situations scrimmage put them in? The long pass is not looking like it will be huge if today was an indication...Bagg made the only long play on a really nice diving catch...that I recall anyways. Definitely looking like this scat back O with heavy doses of R smith, Miller, Demski, perhaps Williams will be heavy...Taj's experience at blocking may save his arse. They are not using Taj much though...not sure if that is because they know what he can do or that they are focusing on someone else...he definitely isn't getting much his way.
  • Roosevelt was a hot target...his stock is rising even more
  • DD looked fine...great to see. Kevin Glenn seemed to read the D the best and adjusted to it very well. Brett Smith took snaps ahead of Sunseri...HMMMM. Sunseri showed the least out of all the QBs
  • OL is a concern. All of the internationals looked good, but you know damned well CC does not want a third OT ritting the ratio. The OG and C are fine IMO...one of Watman/Picard will be C and one will be a strong rotation guy...OT is a concern as in an injury...these guys don't generally last an entire season so it might be something we see a move on still. I am just having a hard time reading if Vonk has a roster spot...and they don't seem to be biting on Hinse...don't be shocked if there is still a move on Chris Greaves...i see draft picks moving in combination with a young DE or something.
  • Punt coverage looked good...i know there are going to be a lot of eyes on this with the big rule change. it seems that they are adopting the approach of an extra backpedal step then releasing up field...something a strong long snapper will allow. I think it is a good strategy.

That's the best place for him, especially with the new rules shifting the emphasis away from aggressive man coverage and more towards playmaking and turnovers.

Was Turnenne not cut last month? You mean Maze?

I hope that they ignore the ratio on this one and just take the better punter.

You mean Dan Clark not Picard.

Thanks again for the update. :thup:

HAHA...yeah...Maze and Clark...lol...good catches...thanks

I agree with you on the punting situation...but Oneil looked fairly good. It is all going to come down to how much of a drop off is it and do they really really want an extra International somewhere else.

Also...for those who have not seen any action...Milo is in way better shape coming into camp. I chatted with him for a while and he had little off-season regiment last year but put a lot of effort in this off-season and it showed. I think he likely had a talking to going into the off season. I know staff was pretty disappointed after upping his contract at the end of 13 and him sowing up out of shape and practice in 14. Kudos for him stepping up mentally.

Obviously I do not have the benefit of being able to witness camp so i will defer to your expertise there.

But I have seen O’Neill perform in game action for 2 or 3 years now and I know that he is not that reliable on FGs. Also, his punting is decent but I would consider him a step down even from Bartel. So if this kid Early’s hang time is everything that everyone is raving about, import or not, he’d be my punter hands down.

Ummm that was from the 35 on the right hand hash with him teeing off on the 44. The longest attempts from any of the kickers were teeing up at the 48. Maybe they should consider nailing the post a 5 point attempt. Milo would blow by the rest of the kickers in the league. The other kickers had a lot more leg on their kicks as well.

Duck Dynasty will more than likely be cut. Way to inconsistent.

Sunseri showed the least out of all the QBs
I had a stop watch with me today. Sunseri is s-l-o-w. On average 4-5 steamboats to release the ball. Would have been sacked on the vast majority of his snaps. The one, and only quick release he had was knocked down at the line.

Ryan Smith got a good workout today as well. Bagg's snag from DD bomb was nice, definitely the highlight of the day. Dressler looked bored not seeing any action.

sure...could be the 35 he hit the post on...he was I believe the only one to hit the 48 yarder though and has been the best in practice at FGs by a fair margin thus far. I tend to agree with you on Oneil though...I know it is something they are pondering though based on a particular conversation with someone in the know. I won't say how much they are leaning one way or the other...only that it is all in the mix. What I heard was not the way I personally would go.

yeah...Sunseri was bad. He had had a bad first couple days but then seemed to be picking it up...he is not looking like he is going to be there then. It is no longer his to lose...that final spot is open and it is winner takes all. It blows my mind that there is not an extra QB competing...granted the Riders had bad luck holding onto a couple of guys so their hands were a bit tied. Meanwhile...Glenn looks better each day

Brack looked frustrated not rotating as well lol

surprisingly little to say on the RB situation though...thought we would see more from there for actual run playe.

Ya I was surprised to see only one extra QB competing for a job this year. Tiny is not only slow but way to static. Did you notice how many times the refs were throwing the flags when Tino was on the field for holding?

I'm not sure Taj will have a job at the start of the season either. Bagg is just plain inspiring. Each year he looks prepared and since last year has brought his game to the next level.

lol...yeah...I stopped counting flags in general. Lots of flags...totally to be expected in this situation...too many men...off sides...holding...the one shocker was not noticing any for releasing down field early or no yards...well done. Speaking of kicking...nice return by Ryan Smith I think it was. There were a couple QBs the Riders had on the roster that left on their own though...Price and then one other...Price was someone they had on their Neg list for a few years so that stung.

Well McCallum was released, what are the chances of the Riders calling him. :lol:

he will be around when someone is in a pinch. There is a radio interview via TSN with him...pretty good.

God I hope they aren't that desperate for a kicker. No offense but Paul doesn't have the leg anymore. Sure indoors he may try from 40 and 45 absolute max but here that would be like a 30 yarder into some of the breezes. Sorry but Paul is done and I imagine he would want big bucks too. That ship has sailed long ago best let it go into the sunset.

From the sounds of it Tino is having the same kind of camp as he did playing last year some time he shows promise and then the next game he looks like crap. If that is the case then obviously he is too inconsistent to see him as a starter for us and the knock has and sounds like it still is that he takes forever to release the ball. Too many holding penalties because of it and too many sacks. I say stick a fork in this turkey because he is done.

Tino's camp is this..
okay to good in drill
BAD in any form of scrimmage 75% of the time or more.

Well drills are just that drills. No bone crunching D linemen bearing down on you. If he is that bad in a scrimmage then probably 85 % bad in any game because again most scrimmages your not out to nail the qb just get heat on him to see if he can handle it. Obviously at 75% bad he can not. Games are played at full tilt boogie not at half speed so that even makes it worse if you can't make quick reads. Tino I think has shown he can not and has his feet in concrete and that is a very bad combination. I'm actually surprised he hasn't had his block knocked off as of yet. Given time it will happen though.

He probaby stil has a better kicking leg than most of the other kickers in the league.