2015 Training Camp June 5

There was fairly limited kicking action from what I saw today...looked like all the guys were hitting pretty much everything attempted...not 100% sure. Kolodzinski is getting limited reps, and I want to see more. He seems to be a respectable punter but I am not sure I have noticed him on place kicking. I hope he gets some more action, because I would ideally like to see

I was watching the DL and the Backs do some drills...really got to watch Agbaje for the first time...the kid seems to like to lower the boom...may be a STer in the making?

Wellman, Connop, Webster and Carroll are the Nationals continue to beat expectations continuously...the coaches are going to need to find ways to give these guys roles.

Both Clark and Watman are very intense and it is one of the better friendly competitions to make...I think they know one of them will be center and one will get heavy rotations as a utility OLman...I think Clark will be C more because Watman seems more versatile at other positions than Clark does. Not sure what that means for guys like Vonk and Hinse...I would say Vonk to the PR??

Connop took less reps on the line at DT. He has been impressive and I think they are simply at the point they need to start doing heavier evaluation on a couple other guys and let him back off a bit for a day.

Early do enough to win out just from punting alone...but with these stupid converts (sorry...I hate it) the team definitely needs a strong kicker. It Early pans out then I would like to see Kolodzinski on the PR or even game day as a Ratio insurance. The little I have seen him punt he looks pretty respectable. While getting...or at least me seeing him...on a lesser scale in camp I did watch some highlight videos and he does seem to have a good placekicking leg...cap wise this would be a huge win.

Hardin has definitely stepped up his game. Looking lackluster early in camp, he is now looking more competitive for sure...but for me it is all Roosevelt! The guy has breakaway speed that is painful to the secondary, runs great routes, is apparently not afraid to go over the middle with his size...but still has the agility to spin a short pass up field. He is just so well rounded...I am continually impressed with him and can't imagine him not making the team at this point. The thing with speed guys is that they often don't know how to use that deceiving change-up gear where they blast out then slow up to suck in the defender then BOOM and gone...HE DOES...CLEARLY! From video I have watched on him...I have simply had to because he is continually impressive...he also has that stutter step soft touch to gravitate to the open spot...so he does not have to be balls out in a pattern to get open. Could be the find of the camp if everything seen holds its course...really hoping it is not another Dunn situation...we shall see.

I think Macho is in tough to make the team...I like Macho so I hope he does...always been a fan. I would definately say that if he does it will be as a LB, not DB...Brown has rolled back there basically all of camp.

OH...and Allen dressed though I never really paid much attention to him.

Oh I think Macho will end up making it. He seems to have trying to take on the role of vocal leader (Foleys old role) on that D and that will factor into the decision I'm sure. He sure likes to get his boys riled up and every team needs that spark plug.

One thing I am left wondering is if we are going to hang onto Tristan (only to probably recall him up again). He always seems to get the raw end of the deal at the start of a season and then proves his worth upon being called back.

yeah...I am at a coin flip with Harris. I think Emry will be a strong vocal leader on D...and IMO the MLB should be. I tend to think Harris will make the roster...not sure about starting...but what an awesome depth player...bottom line is the fact that it is in question speaks volume for the talent there. I think a big factor in it might be how many other changes happen out there...lots of new faces so they might want something familiar...though with a new DC it is a smaller factor. As far as Jackson...IMO he stepped up HUGE since coming back and is a staple in the secondary...one of the best coverage guys around..can hit...can play both sides of teams. I sure hope he sticks...he is solid

I hope they keep Jackson as well. Like you said, he's been huge for us since coming back. Consistent and unrelenting in his play. Every year you can see him building on his skills and keeps getting better and better. Just hope CC can get over his size bias.

I have always liked T Jackson, he has played very well for us, CC better keep him around!!

CC has been talking him up rather well over camp. Don't think he is going anywhere...I believe it was Chamblin who gave T-Jack a "A+" for camp.