2015 Training Camp June 10

Still no Tyrone. I am sure everyone has heard CC's comment that if he is not back practicing by Monday that he may end up being a week 1 scratch.
Dressler sat out but it looks like it is some minor camp soreness...he is on track and looking good...smart to let him rest for a day or 2...let the others battle it out. There is really nobody from the WRs that I would be disappointed with making the roster at this point...that is pretty impressive...but we need some game film and the Esks will provide it. Chamblin was saying that they are foregoing the normal tradition for preseason games...at least the first one...when coaches will chat and have some general agreements on certain action and rotation of players...this is totally normal...but he knows Jones is too old school and is tight lipped going for the W even if it means starters for most of the game. CC plans to start key starters...sounds like it will be for 1-2 series then start seeing other guys if he is happy.


The Riders are there to evaluate depth in this game...They have a MINIMUM of 8 new starters...let the Esks do the Riders a favor and have the squad's potentials play first string...we will truly see who steps up then

Hardin is still improving each practice...great to see. I had almost counted him out, but he is not making the staff's decision making process easy. IMO there is R Smith, Hardin, Miller, Williams all up for the same 2 jobs...ALL have looked good...Demski fits into that rotation as well. I think Smith and Miller are leading the pack here, but game action can change all of that. Smith and Miller also offer versatility as returners, and Miller a huge change of pace at RB...so these 2 make sense here and now.

Everything I hear and see says Richardson is a lock on a spot...which I don't understand. He is still a ways off from being 100% IMO...6 game the gut...PR him...Cut him...whatever...but the club has a lot of good guys in camp that are younger...several are not in their first year with the club...it is a golden opportunity to get younger instead of older. I would totally get this big desire for experience if there wasn't any...but this club has Getz, Dressler, Bagg, Taj Smith (maybe)...the leadership is already there! There is still talk of Taj moving inside...but he has had a pretty low key camp. They seem to be putting Hardin and Williams in Taj's spot for 2nd/3rd...I would say Taj is likely safe and Hardin needs to do something special to get ahead of Williams to make the club.

What is awesome is the untalked about...guys like Wilson...he is having a superb camp...there is simply only so much room...this is going to be a fricken dog fight for PR spots...never mind Roster spots. I can see a few WRs being 6 gamed!

Demski is something...he is a weapon in so many ways...WR, scat back, back, SB........SOOOOO much he can do....and damn...he is a rookie!
Pierzchalski I think is headed for the PR again...but I have a pile of confidence in him if he needs to play...he needs to showcase himself on gameday to make the 44/46
Anthony...still think he will be rotating with Getz. IMO it is his to lose.
Turkington - I believe he has a year of Jr eligibility left...I hope so...he is not ready but he seems like he could be a real keeper in a year. I see him and Pierzchalski going at it next camp.
Carroll is the darkhorse National IMO...he has been very consistent in camp and IMO blown everyone's expectations away. If they keep him around...which I REALLY hope they do...this is a good potential backup to Bagg....Bagg by the way looks like he is in the best shape of his life.

On D Webster continues to impress and opens a lot of options for the ratio...Woldu has also looked sharp so there is depth there...I think that is one of the most pleasant welcomings of camp...2 guys that can be ST leaders, and still come in and do legit rotations on D if called upon...huge. I honestly question if the coaches should be looking at him as a potential rotation at Safety...Webster looks good on almost every snap and every drill.

Connop is not getting as much attention...I think that with Tennant going down it has made them look at this position a little differently, though I still believe Connop is in the immediate rotations plan.

Marrio Norman seems to have found a home...he is moving to different spots but his primary role has been beside T-Jack...and they have looked good in tandem. With Brack out Norman has been moved around a little...which shows the staff think pretty highly of him.

Seems like they have some promising guys for the OLB role...Clark seems to be leading the pack. Macho Harris has been playing VERY well and is being extremely vocal on D...so his stock is definitely going up as well.

Very impressed with camp.

OK....guess Alex Anthony was released...shocker!
I thought he was having a standout camp!!!

What surprises me is why not wait till after there first post game to cut players, just don't get it, CC said some look good in camp, suck in game!!

I sure hope it wasn't just to bring in another guy on the DL. They have more than enough solid bodies there...ot sure why they brought another in.

I think the question is why is Telvian Clarke wearing number 13?

maybe it’s his lucky number!!??