2015 Signings and Releases

With camp starting yesterday, may as well start a thread specific to this season:

OTTAWA - The Ottawa REDBLACKS of the Canadian Football League made the following roster transactions today:

SIGNED national wide receiver Philip Enchill (6'0", 200 lbs., Montreal)
SIGNED national quarterback Derek Wendel (6'1", 200 lbs., Ottawa)
SIGNED international defensive back Brandon Sermons (5'11". 195 lbs., UCLA)
ADDED TO TERRITORIAL EXEMPT LIST national wide receiver Jordan King (6'4", 225 lbs., Ottawa Sooners Jr.)

King was the guy wearing #18 in white the other day...

Wendel's signing seemed a little odd, but this explains it.

"It's completely different. Some of the plays are similar, you get similar concepts with each offence each coach brings," said Wendel, who, [u]since he was eligible for this year's CFL Draft, had to sign a contract with the RedBlacks as a formality[/u] and will remain in camp through the end of next week.
I'd lost track of his eligibility.

Vacation property can do that to you....

Well then!

The Ottawa REDBLACKS of the Canadian Football League made the following roster transactions today:
•SIGNED international kicker Delbert Alvarado (6'0", 198 lbs., South Florida)
•RELEASED international kicker Trey Barrow
•RELEASED international kicker Zach Ramirez

SIGNED national kicker Anthony Alix (5'11" 189 lbs., St. Francis Xavier)
RELEASED international defensive back Korey Lindsey

Here's a quiet move from a few days ago:

OTT ADD INT Travell DIXON (DB) Washington

[url=http://www.silverandblackpride.com/2015/5/12/8595899/oakland-raiders-udfa-profile-cb-travell-dixon]http://www.silverandblackpride.com/2015 ... vell-dixon[/url]

OL Hugo Desmarais released today.

That's kind of too bad. For those who may not remember, he went to Laval but played little and basically left football because of what was then thought to be concussion-related issues. It was later found to be something like a pinched nerve or some such near his neck that was causing headaches. He tried out for the team, got drafted and they kept him around but having played so little since his cegep days, I guess he never fully got up to speed.

I was really pulling for him as a low risk / high reward type. Ah well.

REDBLACKS release Receiver LJ Castile. #CFL retweeted by Ottawa REDBLACKS
Not too surprised. He was on the LA Kiss roster last year ...


Also not a shocker, with Munoz being with the team from the start of the season and Malik Jackson coming off the retired list...

He tore his ACL and is out for the season. Since he's a rookie, they're not on the hook for his salary but will be on the hook for his medical expenses. Therefore they can release him without having to pay him.

I thought it used to be when you signed, even as a rookie you cannot be released while injured. However I guess time and rules have changed...

Oh, right, I forgot about his injury...

SIGNED international defensive back Lew Toler (5'10", 190 lbs., Rutgers) SIGNED international offensive lineman Jake Silas (6'7", 315 lbs., Buffalo) SIGNED international offensive lineman Cameron Clemmons (6'6", 305 lbs., Western Kentucky) SIGNED international wide receiver Brelan Chancellor (5'9", 186 lbs., North Texas)

RELEASED international offensive lineman Jake Cotton
RELEASED national offensive lineman Tim Mitchell
RELEASED national quarterback Derek Wendel

Maybe they thought Cotton was soft. :wink:

ooh! Cappy did a funny!!!

The hilarity never ends in the RedBlacks folder!

Good to see a couple of linemen brought in. I still don't like the looks of the right side in particular. A little late in the game but I hope one of them works out.

Having a healthy Malik Jackson is huge. It was just taken for granted that he would stay retired after missing last season and most of '13 with Calgary. He played against Montreal 3 tackles, one on D and two on teams.
Munoz is a stud and younger. Ottawa kind of quietly signed him as a free agent after getting to final NFL cuts in '14. Before that he was a true rookie in EDM in '11 and racked and he racked up three 80 plus tack seasons.
Kind of a huge FA signing last year that flew under the radar.

June 14th:

OTT DEL INT Chase BAKER (DL) Boise State OTT DEL NAT Anthony BARRETTE (OL) Concordia OTT DEL NAT Guillaume BOURASSA (RB) Laval OTT DEL NAT John MARK (K) Calgary OTT DEL INT Lanear SAMPSON (WR) Baylor OTT DEL INT Akeem SHAVERS (RB) Purdue OTT DEL INT John STEVENSON (DB) Georgia Southern

OTT TRF TO INJURED NAT Jake HARTY (WR) Calgary - to Aug-14^^ (Jul-25)

Prior to that, FB Louis Mensah was let go, even though he got a shout out from the Iron Sheik! :o

Today, kicker John Mark was let go and a receiver named Breland Chancellor who was released a day or two ago was brought back.

OTTAWA – The Ottawa REDBLACKS announced that they have released DB Fred Gaines, DB Lew Toler, DL Eric Harper, LB Justin Cudworth, WR Jamill Smith, DL Cory Henry and RB Torrance Hunt. All were internationals.

The cuts come a day in advance of the deadline for CFL teams to trim down their rosters. As of 10:00pm ET on Saturday, teams are required to reduce their number of active players to 46 (excluding 6-game injured and those transferred to the one game injured list). Three of the active players must be identified as quarterbacks and a team must carry a minimum of 20 National players.

Smith had four catches for 30 yards in the pre-season while Hunt caught a 15 yard touchdown pass. Gaines recorded three tackles over two games while Cudworth also had three but added a sack. Harper had a sack and forced a fumble and Henry recovered a fumble.

SIGNED national wide receiver Alex Pierzchalski (6'5", 220 lbs., Toronto)
Makes sense in light of Sinopoli's "disability" and with Carter on the 6-game.

June 29th:

OTT ADD INT Justin CUDWORTH (LB) Eastern Michigan
July 1st: