2015 season game 1: Ottawa @ Montreal

I can think of three reasons regarding Higgins.

Kicking the ball to Banks not once, not twice but three times in the ESF with the same result.
And this was after Banks did the exact same thing (return a kick for a TD ) in the regular season against the Als.

There is an expression that goes : Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me !
Seems fitting if you ask me.

Also, for the amnesiacs in the audience, Higgins's handling of the QB situation last year was awful. Constantly pulling one guy and putting in another -- Smith, Brink, Marsh. With Crompton, it's hugely important for him to get all the game time against Ottawa so we can see exactly what we have. It's hard enough for him to get in rhythm as it is; we start futzing about with LeFevour-specific packages and we are asking for the offense to flatline. To me, Crompton should be taking every non-short-yardage snap on offense UNLESS he's playing badly enough that you want to go to LeFevour for the rest of the game...

If Sean Whyte plays, 2 of the following Nat. players won't: RB Jean-Christophe Beaulieu, FB Jean-Samuel Blanc,WR Alex Charette, Wr Mikhail Davidson and RB Carl Volny. If Whyte is out, only 1 of these players won't play.


I get the feeling that the Als would rather not do this two-kicker thing, especially since Bede is an import. The way I see it, Higgins’ implied message is that the job is Bede’s to lose. They want him to take on both duties, but he they are just not 100% convinced right now. Whyte is just hanging around until there is conclusive proof whether Bede can do both jobs or not.

I would rather have a capable punter and experienced kicker play as opposed to two rookie receivers and a useless ball carrier.

Yeah, I'd be fine with one of the national RBs sitting. What's more important, our kicking game or the effing backup national fullback?

But aren't those backups part of the special teams somewhere? Otherwise, bench players on the roster are of no use.

This whole discussion might be moot anyway because Whyte is saying that he has already been told by Higgins that he is not dressing for game 1. Higgins however, is telling the media that this matter will be decided on just before game time.

If you go by the not always accurate depth chart, White is replacing Tisdale at boundary corner with Hefney at field corner where White played last season.

I found that last season White played too far off receivers. He hopefully has improved because he certainly will be tested.

I liked White at field corner last year, thought he really responded to the challenge despite being new to the league. Thorpe must think he's ready for the responsibility of boundary corner.

really looking forward to it. RB have had a good long time to prepare for this one. They seem to have had an under the radar camp and two poor early ex games, but drama free. I think this will be a close game. Should be fun.

Sure, they're part of ST, but if we can't replace one backup Canadian fullback on ST with someone else, we haven't done a good job of building our roster at all.

The saddest moments of last season for me, was seeing Whyte attempt to get out of the way of a kicker returner while trying to make it look like he was trying to tackle him. Whyte can't tackle, he's probably the worst tackler I have ever seen in the CFL. There is nothing a Volny can do on special teams that will improve this team more than replacing Whyte on punts and kickoffs.

Pour ma part, je pencherais pour Blanc et Knowles, sinon blanc seul, mais je ne suis pas grand devin dans ce genre d'exercice.

Sad moment for sure, but there were so many sad moments in 2014 that it's hard to rank 'em. For me, the two saddest stretches were the QB situation before Garcia and Schonert came in and our ST performance in the EDF.

The EDF is exactly what I'm talking about. Had we had a 6,2" Bede punting and kicking off as well as last body between Banks and the goal line. Als win that game. What could an extra Volny had done to change that ? Nothing.

Bede only kicker on the field for warmup. Pleassssse have a good perfect game. Borissssss plzzzzz

He will screw up once in a while. He's a rookie. But the upside !

Als take the ball rather than letting D try to pin Rouge et Noir.

That strikes me as different from last year.

Hope it works.

Who doesn't. I agree, the upside is worth some growing pains.

Stamps cut the wrong way on the first pass. There were yards to the inside. Stupid rookie. :lol: