2015 Schedule

Glad we only host a stupid Thursday night game once.

Not thrilled with the 7pm start on the Aug. 3 holiday, but whatever.

Nice to see we get through our two games against Winnipeg pretty early. On the off chance they get their shit together, hopefully it won't be until later in the season. Weird that both Ottawa games are back-to-back to close out the season.

The home and home with Toronto IMO is not as bad as the Montreal (away) and BC (away) back to back (even though they have an extra day in the second set) because of the travel and distance between the two. They'll likely only be able to get in one good day of practice in between. Playing in TO, especially after being at home to them, is not an overnight trip and involves their shortest travel distance. They can take a day off and still get in two days of practice.

I an all my years of attending games and having season tickets, I have [i][u]never[/u][/i] hated a schedule.

This one, I hate.

4 home games within 24 days in August? A Monday, Saturday, Sunday and Thursday? And that' s just the tip of the iceberg.

Thanks Pan Am games. :thdn:

I'll finish that one for Tiberius..."for the wonderful new stadium - THF". :thup: :thup: :thup:

Yes if not for the bid to host Pan Am soccer, there would likely not be a new stadium at all. It certainly is a pain for season ticket holders (I'm not one) to have so many home games close together. I think they could have maybe spread out some of those games better over the 15 weeks that they had to work with. However there could have been other factors at play. Scheduling in never easy when there are various factors to consider and the Pan An and FIFA Women's Soccer have certainly made it challenging for the league for this season.

uhhh Sept 7th and Sept 11th? eek not a whole lotta time to recover?

is it too late to petition we start playing the Ottawa BUMCRACKS on labour day?

Are the early MORNING playoffs another "good" idea like the tweets to get the schedule released? :roll:

This is copied from the schedule as released on cfl.ca:

Week 20	 

Fri Nov 06 Winnipeg 0 Toronto 0 7:30 pm
Sat Nov 07 Hamilton 0 Ottawa 0 4:00 pm
Sat Nov 07 Calgary 0 BC 0 7:00 pm
Sun Nov 08 Saskatchewan 0 Montreal 0 1:00 pm

CFL Playoffs Semi-Finals

Sun Nov 15 TBD 0 TBD 0 1:00 am
Sun Nov 15 TBD 0 TBD 0 1:00 am

CFL Playoffs Finals

Sun Nov 22 TBD 0 TBD 0 1:00 am
Sun Nov 22 TBD 0 TBD 0 1:00 am

Grey Cup Championship

Sun Nov 29 TBD 0 TBD 0 6:00 pm

lol. they'll have to run Tim Horton IV's for the fans to stay up that late.

1am start? That has Wally Buono's fingerprints all over it. :cowboy:

Yup nothing in July and a busy August , booking all my Holidays this year for July ! Going to miss them at THF in July but hell I'll watch some soccer or in other parts of the world Football !

So our regular season home game schedule breaks down this way:

  • 1 Thursday
  • 2 Friday
  • 2 Saturday
  • 2 Sunday
  • 2 Monday

Start times:

  • 2 @ 1:00PM
  • 1 @ 4:00PM
  • 1 @ 5:00PM
  • 2 @ 7:00PM
  • 3 @ 7:30PM

And if last year was any indication - nine home games with strong winds from the south. :slight_smile:

We play 10 west teams and 8 East teams. Is that Good or Bad?

I don't understand why we're opening up on the road the first two games. Pan-am soccer doesn't start until July 11, so why give us two away games and a bye before the Pan-ams even start and our stadium is booked?

That @Montreal, then a short week before @BC is pretty nasty, but before that starts, we'll have travelled no further than Toronto 9 of the last 10 games!

Have also had a bye week (a couple of weeks previously) and two longer weeks between game. Still will be a grueling week for the team with that much travel.

I don't like or understand why the home opener is at 7pm on the Monday of the August long weekend. The team will be on the road for the first five games and I would like to really enjoy the home opener, meaning I would like to have a couple of drinks during the game and go out for some wings after and not have to get up in the morning for work. I'm sure a 1pm or even 4pm game may have been possible, better yet play it on Sunday.

Evil Incarnate in Fort McMurray??? Ohhhhhhh the Earth’s molten core is too good for them now, ehhhhhh?


I also don't care for the late start at the end of a long weekend. I imagine the rationale is that many people make family plans for the 3-day weekend, which often include trips out of the city. Making the game a 7pm start on the Monday means that families are likely home (or on their way home) already and don't have to plan to "lose a day" of their long weekend in order to make the game.

fixed that for you, good or bad its what we have to do Cats have been playing handicaped since IWS closed

The Pan Am people have control of the Stadium for a few weeks prior to the start of the games,
They have their own sponsors and naming rights I believe, so banners and advertising will all be changed out for 3 weeks
Once the games are over (July 26) it will become full ownership to the City and the TiCats 20 year Lease

You mean games, not teams, of course. It is neither good nor bad -- it is simply what has always been the case for all eastern teams in every 18-game schedule with a nine-team league.