2015 Schedule

does anyone have any idea about when the schedule comes out new season ticket holder here just excited for Next year

I would think late Feb/early March.

Ok thanks so much

And that really sucks for me as I have to pick my vacations for the year by January 15th.

Monday, September 7th, 2015 is the PRIMARY date for which to make yourself available...

The 2014 schedule was released Feb 12th and the 2013 schedule was released March 5th

I'm pretty sure there won't be any home games during the PanAm's.

They run from July 7 to 26 but the soccer schedule is from July 11 to 26. This is when I plan to take my vacation. 8)

The ParaPan games run from August 7 to 15 (but I'm not sure if soccer is involved or not, based on my research). :o

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And there is talk that the CFL is considering starting the season a week or two earlier to lessen the chance of bad weather in the playoffs.

They can't for 2015 as the Grey Cup date is already set in stone. Also, in Vancouver last moth, the comish did a poll during his fans state of the league address. He asked how many people in attendance, which was roughly 500, would like to see the start date of the season moved up by a month, by two weeks or stay the same. An over whelming majority wanted it to stay the same. I'm guessing that was about 400 of the 500.

I understand what you are saying. However I have been to THF for a game. This year I am hoping to get to the new stadiums in Ottawa and Winnipeg for a Ti-Cat game.

Probably means they will take one bye week and one road game during the Pan scAm games

I think it will have to be two road games and a bye week during the Pan Am games. It is hosting soccer games for three consecutive weekends from Saturday July 11th through Sunday July 26th and I'm sure it will likely take a couple of days at least pre and post to deck out the stadium in all the Pan Am games related decor - including covering up al the Tim Hortons Field signs as for the games it is being called the CIBC Hamilton Pan Am Soccer Stadium.

Apparently some of the medal round soccer game tickets have been selling very well and were among the biggest sellers of the over 225,000 tickets already sold for the Pan Am games.

My family has already snapped up about $3000 worth of tickets between a bunch of tickets to the Opening Ceremonies at Rogers Centre, a bunch of the soccer games and some of the other sports.

Should be a fun distraction next summer for a couple of weeks while the Cats are on the road for a couple of games and a bye week.

News1130 Sports @News1130Sports · 22h 22 hours ago
The #CFL trying hard to get the 2015 schedule out this week.

As "this week" reaches Friday, Kirk Penton, Sun Media, reports that they're now hoping for Monday, the day before free agency begins, as the schedule release date.

It is reported that the Lions will have one of their byes in week 1 because of FIFA womens World Cup at BC Place

I wonder how the Pan Am's will affect our schedule? (July 10 - 26)

A bye week and a couple away games will cover it unless they need more time before to do signage for the event and then possibly more after to replace the Ticats signage. That could mean up to 5 weeks.

Ottawa is hosting the FIFA women's too and have to give up a home pre-season game and they will be having week 1 on the road or a bye.
For Hamilton it's probably week 1 on the road, then a bye and then on the road again, no problem at all.

How long does it take to prep for the Pan Am Games? Serious question, because I have no idea.

I would think that the scheduling of weeks 1 and 2 for Hamilton are not affected. At the very least, week 1 should/could be a home game.

Lets Hope not its football and in school LOVED playing in the snow and the cold. Fans can dress for the weather :slight_smile:

You could be right, why not have week 1 at home. To prep a soccer stadium doesn't take very long, in Ottawa the REDBLACKS were playing on a Friday night and the Fury were playing on a Sunday with all of the football lines scrubbed out.