2015 Receivers - Trade Time?

We are so stacked at receiver that I almost wonder if a hard decision will have to be made to trade one of the Internationals away.

Note all the performance even without Chambers all season.

Here is the link to the stats, which as of this writing has not been updated for Derel Walker's 14 catches for 183 yards Cory Watson's contribution in the awful loss to Hamilton:

[url=http://www.cfl.ca/statistics/league/stat/Receiving/year/2015/type/reg/team/edmonton]http://www.cfl.ca/statistics/league/sta ... m/edmonton[/url]

Not even counting Chambers, is eight receivers who are all solid contributors just fine to have, or is that too many?

This is a good "problem" for any team to have for sure.

I'm thinking that this is one situation in which considerations for business and lineup strategy could weigh in heavily, but I've never seen this before in the CFL so I don't know what is normally done when a team has this sort of "problem" that is good to have for any given position.

Why don't you guys trade Derel Walker to Montreal, they could use a bonafide WR?


I thought that something might be in the works given all that talent but for sure not him, but it looks like the Eskimos are staying the course with the loaded roster of receiving talent.

Even after tonights crushing of the Stampeders (only reason they scored was cause of stupid refing courtesy of the CFL). I'm still mad at Devon Bailey for costing us a potential win last week when he dropped Reillys TD pass and then was laughing about it right after. What a loser, trade him to Montreal if anyone. Or Anthony Barrett, he's useless.