2015 Pam Am Games Bid - New Stadium For Hamilton?

I’d Be 1st so No to a Casino …
it Causes more Damage then good.
Plus I know I read somewhere Scott Park was bought last year

Obviously, I have an occupational dilemna with the Casino concept but I just wonder about doing something like what they did in Chicago with the White Sox. If I remember correctly they built on the previous parking lot right across from the old stadium. I think they did something like that with their the old Chicago hockey stadium too but I may have that mixed up.

Building a new Ivor Wynne in its location seems a good idea to me. The Cats could see about playing at Mac's new field for one or two seasons if for example it takes at least two years to build but those are other issues.

I just think it is worth thinking about.

Yep, because we’ve all seen the terrible outcome that happened in Niagara Falls since the casino opened… :roll:

[url=http://graphics.fansonly.com/schools/ucf/graphics/ucf-stadium-build.jpg]http://graphics.fansonly.com/schools/uc ... -build.jpg[/url]

something like this would be nice, it still keeps the whole "theres no bad seat in the house" philosophy, just remove 10, 000 seats and you have got a nice 35, 000 seat stadium

Knock down the south side and replace it with a double decker.
And then the west end zone add a new building with lower section all new dressing room, weight room for players. And upper area private boxes and large conference rooms with a balcony. Then Cats could hold press conferences, meet the players, and old Quarterback club meetings all there. No need to replace the whole stadium at once.
Can you see this city trying to build a new stadium? They cant even get city hall on track. We'd endup having to pay to rent the new stadium at Mac and a ton of lawn chairs for who knows how long till it got done.
And what they should do right now is close off that section of Cannon from Balsam to Melrose during games for fan activities and make it safer to get to and from the game.I live blocks from the stadium and I love the atomosphere in the neighbourhood when its game day and all the fans going to the game.
At Toronto its like u park and then your herded up like cattle to your seats. LOL.
Keep the games at Ivor Wynne in the heart of the "NEW EASTEND". Coming to Hamilton very soon !
Or maybe thats central Hamilton? Do I include Dundas now or not?.LOL.

Just because a stadium is built with a track, does not mean that it can’t be re-configured not to have one after the track event is over. A great example of this is Machester City Stadium which was home to a track for the Commonwealth games. After the games ended, the stadium was re-configured to a more soccer friendly stadium and whose design would be ideal for the CFL. City of Manchester Stadium - Wikipedia

What you don’t see is People with Gambling Problems
Spending there last dollar for fix.
Look Harder my Friend :thdn:

I will not get into a long debate or discussion on the issue of gambling except to paraphrase something a friend of mine said, it is a fundamental philosophical flaw to think that a government should raise money or try to get out of debt on the losses of its own people.

Now getting back to the discussion at hand, I would love to see the Cats consider building on the sight they presently play at.

When Mac was talking about building their new stadium I suggested that the Cats consider a partnership with them a la MCGill but that time has come and gone.

I also suggested a one of a kind stadium capable of both hockey and football but that does not seem feasible without an N.H.L. team (no disrespect to the Bulldogs)

Therefore, I would love to see the Cats do their due diligence concerning the possibility of purchasing significant lands and homes around the current Ivor Wynne stadium. If all this is part of a bid for any type of international event great but if not they should still look at it.

As much as we all love Ivor Wynne any retro fitting would simply be a waste of money. It has served Hamilton very well but it is now time to pursue a new stadium.

And may I add, I think the Cats (Bob Young and investers) should look at owning the stadium. This helps the city who would loan the investing group in the 50 million dollar range and at the same time the investing group makes money off off all the various aspects of games and events. The city also does not have to worry about upkeep.

Could a stadium be built for 150 million dollars, that I do not know. However, if investers could bring in 100 million, a huge if I realize but not necessarily for a billionaire with connections then the city should be interested in a 50 million dollar loan. This keeps the province and the federal goverment out of it and probably gets it done faster and on time.

Simple math - A 20 year loan 2.5 million a year plus 20 years 2 million a year plus interest?

Naming rights - Dofasco,Lulu or whomever worth possibly a million a year or more maybe?

If its part of a winning bid on an international event, that's a different story all together.

Just some thoughts to consider

A 20 year loan - 2.5 million a year plus interest

Same as the people spending their last dollar on alcohol, cigarettes, lotto, sports-betting, bingo.
All at your local corner store…(with the exception of alcohol,you may have to walk a couple of extra blocks to get you fix)The fact is that people will get their “fix” regardless if there is a casino or not. Niagara Falls was a dump before the Casino was built, now it has returned to a popular tourist spot. However, some would rather project their morality on the issue than realise the significant economical benefits that a casino brings.Something Hamilton desperately needs.

Well, I don’t like that casino’s are a big tourist draw but hey, what can you say, I guess they are. If that’s what Hamilton needs for the downtown, then who am I to say it’s not the thing to do.

Sorry, I lived in the Falls for several years pre- Casino.Average number of tourist 14 million between May and October one of the seven wonders of the world hardly a dump I would suggest. I also lived in Orillia and saw the Casino make 30 million dollars a month with a winning percentage for the gambler of less than one percent.

It is hardly the economic engine it is portrayed as. It makes money for the casino and the government and is a provincial winfall not a municipal one, pardon the pun. For the Ticats it makes no sense, for the Casino it would make millions as you suggest.

We can argue the points but moral opinion is valid for the person and both individuals are entitled to theirs. My last word, no further response from me on this.

The thread is about the PanAm bid and I say checkout the cost of the bid verses the money being used to build a stadium. A stadium needs to be built in the near future.

if anyone says they wanna keep I.W. there jus being stupid. the place is about to fall over. how do u think that would look on th league?

the cats should build a stadium right of the lake at the bottom of centenial. there is tons of space for both parking and a stadium plus its a nice location.

Mad, I've heard that IWS is structurally quite sound, at least some on this board who seem to be in the know have said such.

Of course so was Maple Leaf Gardens so this isn't the real issue. I think a main issue should be could a new stadium generate new revenues for the team. And maybe a bit for the city of course if they are putting money into it. If no new revenues, which I doubt since Hamilton would get some GC's and maybe other events, then to heck with a new stadium.

A nice area for sure and now that the red hill express is finished, easy to get to.

My concern would be the cold wind off the lake in November, and seagulls, but we get those at IWS anyway.

i live not even 5 miniutes away right off the lake and there isnt really that big of a difference in the winter but in the summer it is alaways alot cooler by the lake witch would be nice.