2015. Grey cup??????

Does anyone here know why the cfl has not yet announced where the grey cup is going to be played in 2015? Has anyone heard any rumors to where it might be played as well?

I don't think they make an announcement until January or February at the earliest.

I think if I remember correctly we knew where the 2014 and 15 grey cup were going to be played at last years grey cup in toronto!

The GC in Regina was announced early because the media broke the story and the 2012 GC was announced sooner because it was the 100th. The 2014 GC in Vancouver was announced in March, 2013.

Chris Rudge knows....

No I don't even think Chris rudge knows what the grey cup is! But in all seriousness I hope the grey cup comes back east to Montreal or hamilton. Not sure if Montreal Olympic stadium is safe enough for it.

Dunno, but I would wager Winnipeg

I second that. New stadium they want to showcase it ASAP. Hopefully the season is moved up too

Winnipeg will probably be where the CFL would want it to be after the year of stadium delay in opening and the press box needing to be fixed 2015 will not be a for sure thing.
Secondly coming back east to an indoor venue for two years in a row in Montreal with a chance to break the 70K mark a record for a Grey cup could also be on the mind of the CFL but the Als bailing on thier playoff possible plans for 2013 for a home game having a new roof in place would be highly unlikely.

One year only after the Opening of Landsdowne and tim Horton's would also be Highly unlikley. Calagary is most likley not up to the new modern CFL standards and won't be by 2015. Leaving only a few options.

  1. Back in BC place, again somehting the modern CFL would not want to happen.
    Two, Commonwealth Stadium in Edmonton is now ready in every way to go forward with the GC all of the surrounding training facilities are complete and the new seating in place and looking great.
    third, Toronto and RC. TSN and the CFL will for sure bend to make arrangements for the city id needed and Toronto can easily accommodate the mass of CFL fans with hotels, resturants and other new things open and in place from the 2015 pan am. Plus coming down to the final years of the Artificial turf and normal change from a baseball to a football set up still in place.

Winnipeg, EDM, TOR. 2015, 2016, 2017. The order will depend on whether Winnipeg can be ready by 2015.
If Not I say Commonwealth 2015, Winnipeg 2016, Toronto or Ottawa sliding in do to the 150th. If so I Think that RC would be in the last season of the Argos deal if needed and grass would not be placed in until after the 2018 season so this could be the last Rogers Centre GC which will not take any special changes do to the grass surface.

After 2019 and 2020 hamilton and Olympic Stade new roof and other renos.

Calgary will take some time to get up to standards or build new.

Rider Nation with a new enclosed venue by 2021 or 2022

It has been posted here numerous times that the press box will be fixed before the start of the 2014 season. :roll: The ONLY thing affecting the timing of the Winnipeg bid is whether the Winnipeg Convention Centre's renovations will be finished in time.

For Winnipeg:
-Convention center is supposed to be finished for early 2015... now when it's suppose to and will are two completely different things.
-As was already stated(multiple times), work is already underway to enclose the press boxes, so a non-issue.
-2015 is the 85th anniversary of the WBB football club, the Blue Bombers are almost guaranteed to hold the grey cup, it's simply a matter of when the CFL decides to announce it, but given right now the CFL is flush with announcements with Ottawa and the coaching carosel, it makes ZERO sense to announce it now.
-Date of GC announcements often come in the new year, Both BC for the 99th and 102nd grey cups were in Feb and March. There is no real concern/need to announce the 103rd GC anytime soon, as long as it's announced before the 102nd's playoff races start heating up no worries, but I'd expect it'll be announced in Feb-April, March especially as it's can be a quiet time for CFL announcements and would be far enough after the Olympics end.

For Montreal -
I'm not so sure the CFL wants to go anywhere near Olympic stadium anytime soon here is an article referencing the 2017 GC:

[url=http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/montreal/rips-in-olympic-stadium-roof-scare-away-event-organizers-1.1362392]http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/montreal/ ... -1.1362392[/url]

Unless the Big O has finally been fixed, since that article there is a huge risk of Olympic stadium, heck it might fall apart by the 2015 GC and I'd expect the CFL doesn't want the '15 GC to be remembered for the one where fans died because the stadium fell on them.

The GC line-up is going to be IMO
'14 BC - already announced
'15 WPG - likely announced in the next 4-5 months, 85th anniversary for the team + new stadium to show off
'16 Hammy - Reward Young for saving the team/all his work and show off the new Timmy's field after it gets 2 years to work out bugs, also first GC in Hamilton in over a decade
'17 Ott - 150th anniversary of Canada, plus Frank Claire 2.0 will be in it's 4th year

After that all bets are off, but I'd expect '18/'19 will be Alberta(EDM for sure, Calgary may depend on stadium situation if a new one is on way or major reno's then GC in CGY may be pushed a couple years), maybe '20 with MTL mixed in if the Big O has been fixed up, before a year in TO and returning to Sask in their new stadium by the early '20's(like '21 or '22)

Would be nice if the grey cup came out east 4 of the last 5 grey cups were played out west. Don't know if the cfl would give hamilton the grey cup in 2015 with them getting the pan am games for that year.

8) 8) :thup: :thup: :thup: :thup: :wink: :cowboy: It's official- GULL LAKE, SASKATCHEWAN WILL BE HOSTING THE 2015 GREY CUP! 8)

Yes so If possible Winnipeg in 2015 if not then 2016.
That would leave Commonwealth, who also had some renos that needed completing in the past are now complete, as the perfect site for 2015 with all of there renos and new seats in place.

Perhaps even getting some $$$ for corporate naming rights. If not for the season yet at least possibily for at least the Grey Cup Game and thinking about selling the naming rights somewhere in the very near future.

Sun Life had the playoff shirt sponsor rights for all teams in 2013 as well as naming sponsor rights to other things as well. Perhaps the 2015 Grey Cup at SUN LIFE GREY CUP STADIUM at Commonwealth Field would bring some $$$ directly to the Eskimos orginiztion.

With all the new stadium news the renos to Commonwealth have gotten overlooked a bit.

Yes Edmonton deserves the grey cup as well for putting in the renos to that stadium. Cfl should defeinately keep giving the grey cups to the cities that have supported the cfl with new stadiums and renovations to current stadiums. Calgary should be left out tell they start doing something new with there stadium situation.

I really do think Calagray will b way off the map when it comes to Grey Cup Bids at this point. I mean if the CFL is at the point where Winnipeg needed an indoor press box before being considered. This is a good thing in my eyes that the Grey Cup teams and cities need to present a good bid for hosting.

Calgary would have to make renos similar to what was done at Mosaic to solve some of the fan experience upgrades needed. Mosaic used the end zone areas for modern seating and suites. At McMahon the end zone areas could be used for expanded concession and washroom areas. With some good planning and imaginations a food court type area that could be open aired or tented in for bad weather with a view of the game would solve the overly crowded concsession and washroom areas on the tiny concourses.

For one it has placed the Grey Cup in a category of major events in which cities will bring in a ton of $$$ into their local economy putting the govt into a situation where they can justify the need for having investing in a stadium will be good for all in the city.

A lesson that may change the position of people and govt in HRM and Nova Scotia that having a stadium benefits a city in a positive way and is a good modern investment.
Halifax and Nova Scotia could not justify having a stadium built for recent events but with the Grey Cup now being a huge econmical boost as well as seeing the WWC being in New Brunswick instead of Nova Scotia and Halifax will hit close to home when the $$$ figures come out for how much was pumped into the local economy.
If the local private businesses will not get involved National and international Companies like Sun Life are already seeing this as a chance to expand their presence into a whole new untapped Region of Canada.

Just look at how much mileage they have gotten out of the Halifax Metro Centre. The Mooseheads alone are among the top clubs in attendance each year at almost 9K a game for Junior Hockey. So saying that there will not be enough fans to fill the seats for a CFL team certainly can come to a conclusion that it will be able to be done.

HMC now has all of the modern ammenities of corporate suites/club boxes/VIP lounge so there are people in them and a CFL team playing about 1/3 of the home games as the Mooseheads.
Also the fact that every home game will have a National audience of 750K will draw corporate sponsors. Not to Mention all the other events that the stadium can host soccer concerts, a Mooseheads outdoor classic.
As for Saint Mary's and CIS football a chance to get a bid to have the CIS National Semis back into Halifax fulltime with Huskie stadium falling to pieces and no signs that any major improvements will be coming any time soon.

Stadiums like Tim Horton's and Landsdowne Park are being built to accommodate smaller capacity events having a thought out set up.


If Winnipeg can finish the stadium press boxes that the CFL said are not suitable for a Grey Cup ( 2 million )and have enough to put down to secure a Grey Cup ( 4 million ) they will get it in 2015 ??

Hamilton should get it 2016 !!

First I've heard of this, every report out there states at the earliest late 2015, the RBC Convention Centre website itself states 2016.

The press box will be completed before the 2014 season kicks off, so not sure why people continually bring it up.
If the Convention Centre can't be completed in time, I'd say 2015 goes to Hamilton, 2016 Winnipeg, 2017 Ottawa.
Not sure why Calgary can't handle another Grey Cup, seems to me they were awarded one not too long ago and the stadium issues were the same as they are today.

Lastly, why is there yet another thread about this ?
Didn't we go through this a little more then a month ago ?


If I was to guess.....

2015 winnipeg
2016 hamilton
2017 Ottawa
2018 Edmonton
2019 toronto
2020 Saskatchewan