2015 Grey Cup?

So Regina's getting it this year, and BC the next but what about 2015? Who do you think is getting it?

I would think that Winipeg will get the 2015 GC. The press Box should be redone for that.
2016 could be back indoors in Toronto. Gives the Argos owner Braley one more big money maker. Also Toronto is one of the three biggest cities with plenty of room to host accomodations. As much as everyone may hate RC because it is a multi purpose stadium it is still indoors. It also still has the top ammenities of any stadium in Canada in regards to suites, press box facilities, locker room facilities and it can seat 50K plus without any additional seats needed to be added.

If Winnipeg is being removed from contention do to its press box it is doubtful that Calgary will get another Grey Cup until some modern upgrades are made for the fan experience. Expanded concession and washroom areas added posibly the the sides of each grand stand for better traffic flow.

Montreal doe not have a venue capable of hosting until Olympic stadium roof replaced.

I vote wpg, screw the press, let them tough it out.

'peg city, hands down. 2016/17 = Hamilton/Ottawa....it'll be all about showcasing the new teams/facilities.

Just 1 question.....How the hell do you build a brand new state of the art stadium.....and the press boxes are outside???
Can someone explain this one to me,please,am I missing something here?? :? cause it really makes no sense....are they going to enclose them at a later date,or was it a design flaw,or were they just trying to save a little cash in the end.I mean this isn't the 1930's and we are talking WinterPeg after all.I mean we wouldn't want all the reporters type-writers to freeze up would we???? :roll: :? :slight_smile:


Since 2013, and 2014 will be in the West, 2015 will be East and Since Winnipeg will be in the West, Sorry Winnipeg ! It will be East, Ottawa or Hamilton :thup: In addition, it's been stated Winnipeg can't host a Grey Cup until they get the stadium finished and their finances in order !

Ottawa and the CFL has its sights set for 2017 so they are out for 2015.
I cant see Winnipeg not getting the press box enclosed by 2015.
As for three years in a row in the west it will be followed by 3 in a row in the east 2016 Toronto, 2017 Ottawa, and 2018 Hamilton. Then back indoors in BC place in 2019 and Olympic in Montreal for 2020 if something is done to get a new roof in plus upgrades.
Edmonton also may fit in there somewhere or just may have to wait until 2021 for another 30 below GC.
Hopefully by 2022 Regina will get a roof for the winter in place.

After all that writing, You never said who gets it in 2015 ?? :roll:

as for Toronto in 2016, Nope to close to 2012. like I said either Ottawa or Hamilton 2015, 2016, they will have the kinks out of the Stadium

B.C. had the Grey Cup in 2011, and now it’s getting it again in 2014. I don’t think they’ll immediately say no to Toronto because they had their last one four years ago. It’s not an impossibility.

I guess you didn’t hear, Winnipeg was suppose to have it 2014, but that fell threw, so BC scooped it up and saved the Day !!

Hence my point; something else could happen that would prevent the intended 2016 location from being chosen, and Toronto could snag it. Given how quite a few stadiums in the league have issues as is, or have had their completion date delayed, it’s not an impossibility for Toronto to be hosting in 2016. :stuck_out_tongue:

When was it -30c for ANY Grey Cup in Edmonton?

Never, the coldest Grey Cup in history was a balmy -17 C in Winnipeg in 1971. The 1975 Grey Cup in Calgary seemed colder but that was because of the wind chill which registered at -31. It was a bitter wind but did not stop the streaker. It was also my first live Grey Cup.

1995 in Regina when the Stallions won was pretty damn cold. The temporary bleachers erected in south EndZone of Taylor Field, were very close to being closed before the game due to the windchill! I believe there were wind gusts recorded at 70 - 80km

I was at that game... Cheering for the Stampeders. Doh!

Going to Hamilton for 2015 makes sense.
The only reason why they didn’t goto Winnipeg in 2014 was the convention centre reno’s.

If Montreal isn’t sorted by 2018, then they won’t host. I’d assume it’ll go like

2015 Hamilton/Winnipeg
2016 Hamilton/Winnipeg
2017 Ottawa
2018 Montreal if Ready, otherwise Edmonton

I seem to remember Hamilton being told that once they get a new stadium, they will host 2 Grey Cups in 7 years.

Winnipeg for 2015. I cannot see any reason why they cant get the press box fixed by then. If not after all that work and money they must not want a Grey cup that bad.
As for it being too close for Toronto that may be true that it is close but getting on more Grey Cup in at Toronto while the Argos are still residents and the field is still artificial and a bit of money needed to be made to go towards a new stadium could all waiver it in the direction of Toronto.

2015 Winnipeg
2016 Hamilton or Ottawa
2017 Hamilton or Ottawa
2018 Montreal

seems to make sense...BUT, let see who actually bids on it. BC stepped up for 2014, but they were really the only ones. That said, Bombers wanted to test run their facility, Toronto was knee deep in the 100th, I don't think Montreal could secure The Big O, Riders have it this year, Hamilton may not be ready until into the season

Makes sense the Peg will host with a new stadium

I think Ottawa will have the 2018 game in part because of Canada’s big birthday there trying to get as many big events as possible that year.

BC has it in 2014, Hamilton is hosting the PanAm Games in 2015 !