2015 Eskimos Preview

Well I might as well start things off with some initial thoughts by position of note. I think we can skip any debate on long snappers right?

We look solid on both lines, at QB, and in the receiving corps so that's a great start for sure. We have a ways to go everywhere else.


Between Reilly and Nichols we are in good shape. At the 3rd QB, I'm not terribly confident about Goltz in there as backup should Reilly or NIchols be hurt. Who are those other guys?

Well that's it for John White as we heard today, and we are down to Shakir Bell as the starter now. Who? And who is this 23-year old Aaron Milton, 6-3 215 out of Toronto? What a frame for a back! If he's talented, perhaps we just go with National at RB? But then he could use a National for backup of course, and McCarty is not it. Also see OL should we go that route.

Adarius Bowman - Cory Watson is suspect. I wonder if one of the WR's can play at SB as well.

Shamawd Chambers and Nate Coehoorn are looking great here. Who are all these new guys, and who will step up?

Tony Washington, Selvish Capers, and Thaddeus Coleman as Internationals? Are you kidding me?! Could it be we will keep the three of them and start two of them if we go National at RB?

Then look at Wojt, Rottier, Sorensen, and Jones on the National side.

With a bit of running game with backs with also good hands, it's that much pressure off the QB to complete the long balls so often.


A healthy Willis, Sewell, Howard, and Donny O - That should be our starting front and damn does it look great. We'll sure need it given the looks of the rest of the defence.

JC Sherritt and ? Will Shane Horton emerge in his third season in the CFL? I have never heard of any of the others.

Patrick Watkins, Marcell Young, and a bunch of new guys and others. Lots of work to do here. Can we find a rookie star?

Corbin Sharun or Cauchy Muamba? At least both have much CFL experience.


Kendial Lawrence - can he spell the starter at RB again and perhaps split out to a slot position on some downs?

Grant Shaw, but should we keep also the new guy Medeiros just in case?

It's nice to get the ball rolling here again, I thought you all died along with Bruce Jenners balls... Too soon? Don't care. :lol:

I guess my only critique of your post is about your negativity to our defense past the D-Line. Perhaps you forgot we have a guy named Aaron Grymes? Probably one of the fastest players in the league and a shut down DB? That's along with Watkins and Young. As for Safety, I never liked our Safety last year anyways, he was too soft in run support/tackling. Hines will be the starter if you can remember his Preseason last year. He was a stud, had 2 INTS in one game, he's my pick.

As for RB, I'm pretty damn worried. John White was easily the 2nd best back in the league ALREADY. And we lost him for the year... Makes we want to cry almost. Hopefully this Milton guy you talked about beats out the smaller back and we can start a Non-Import there. And I'm really reaching, but can become the next Cornish or Harris (minus the injuries) :thup:

What happened to Dexter McCoil ? Did you just miss him or was he traded or released.
I was hoping they would have released or traded Nicols, I'd prefer Goltz over him .

I went by the roster on this site when I posted last evening. And it appears the same on the Eskimos' site. Anyway I don't know about many of the new players.

As another example, I see a "Hinds" on the roster at DB but no "Hines" as referenced by Eskimosrock.

And so dig it up and fill us in maybe and pass on some more scoops and takes.

Jones loves his import safeties from NCAA DI schools who have CB cover skills. It fits his interchangable parts on defense. Hinds brings that in a National who played at 1AA power New Hamphire. Same with Rwukuamba who did the same for Duke. Both played a lot last season after a couple years in a pre Austin era in Hamilton.

Signing Chad Simpson that quickly could mean they have had their eye out for him. Remember he played great in Winnipeg. Had some injury issues. IMHO it was most likely the pre Walters/O'Shea era and the disarray likely did not get him too excited. Now in Edmonton now things are all on the up and up and can get players excited to play.

IMHO Jones is the best talent scout and has a rolodex of imports that he can and will continue to bring in at RB.

Shane Horton actually started at DE when with Jones in Toronto. If healthy he is a Jones guy and will fit in somewhere as at least a package guy and depth somewhere on the roster.

Oh yeah Chad Simpson. He's had a year off and likely has been living and training in the football hotbed of his hometown Miami, Florida. According to the video, he had a great workout in April (in Florida?) with the Eskimos so no doubt he is healthy:


I have no doubt he is more than able and HON-GRYYYYY (/Keith Jackson'd for those of you old enough to remember his calls in college football in the US).

Good job by Chris Jones as CFLSteve explained below.

I meant Hinds. He was great. And yeah… Dexter McCoil… Best rookie of last year and one of the best players in the league already. Did he win Rookie of the Year? I think so, if he didn’t, it was a farce.

On the Dline dont forget that Steele came back into form last season with a vangence under Jones. Racking up career high with 32 Defensive Tackles along side of Sewell at DT spots.
Alexandre popped off the PR after Don O went down for the season and was a solid DT rotation player. Should all be healthy gives a great ratio spot on Dline with quality Canadian DTs.
Torry Davis was really the only new DT brought in. As a National will add depth and EDM should be a great place for him to re jump start his career.

An old school style ratio on D for the esks with a DT and S spot but thats all that is needed. With the 3 interior oline spots with solid National talent and at least 4 quality starting National receiver and a couple of young guys on the burner they are deep deep.
Jackson and Watson are two vet types who both need not play every down now but have the blocking skill set that this offense likes. Chambers (injured) and Coehorn are in their prime now. Bailey is will be better and better as he starts his second season. He, Watson, and Jackson certainly can fill the Chambers void till he is ready. On the Burner the sleeper from For Lewis college in the States whose name escapes me.

After the Game last night I would rate our QB's as

1 - Reilly

2 Franklin

3- Nichols Goltz Whichever the coach wishes to keep wpould be fine although Goltz seems more mobile and I like his 6' 5" inch frame



With White out I would say

1- Simpson


We need help grab Tim Brown if he is healthy or for a further reach. http://www.spotrac.com/nfl/free-agen...ack/available/

A few interesting names on the list Jonathan Dwyer leaps out if his legal issues are finished as does Alfonso Smith and Joe McKnight. If either would come north they are great options.


I like or depth here.

1-Walker -Coehoorn

2-Dawson -Miles- Bailey Appling


1-AB 4



A work in Progress I like Krausnick, Sorenson, Groulx, Wojt, and when Rottier comes back from injury Our depth of Ramsay, Beard and Jones could allow us to run a all National O-Line for the first time in forever.


Heart and soul of this team

Willis who originally I was against signing btw Howard and Jefferson are all beasts. Inside Donny O, Steele, Alexandre and of course Mondo are all allstars in my opinion.


I thought we would be fine with JC Dexter Lacy and Kanya but Dang we need to make room for Konar now. Another great position of strength.


Watkin, Grymes, Foster, Belue, Sears and Ojo all have size hitpower and are putting the coaches in a few tough decisions.


Hinds, Muamba and Dubuisson are a solid rotation

Kick Returner

I really like what I saw from Appling speed acceleration and football smarts.

Allen, Dawson, Page were all Meh in my opinion.

Kicker punter Grant Shaw is a beast and should be here all season.

Quite of the young Qbs, either in there first year out of college or second year but first in the CFL, looked pretty good.
I think Nichols looked much better and very much in place at QB. Coming off that horrible injury he did not look comfortable at all.
The one thing Goltz did great in Winnipeg in his final season there was run that wildcat around the goal line. Like you said big 6'5" but also very athletic. A couple of those big strides and he is in the end zone. Could be a key on two point conversions. Kind of unique to how the original wildcat guys were the smaller quicker guys.
Your right though Franklin looked darned good. he did find out just how fast the CFL DBs are when he tried to get around the edge. Lynch as well runs like a FB. He was also on punt cover teams and took that big hit that sprung Demski. I dont think that EDM will gamble on having a true rookie and Goltz as the two back ups. All of the 4 back ups brings something to the table.

Chad Simpson looked back in that form he had while with a bad Bombers team. He missed 5 days of camp and still looked really good.
As for RB back ups Jock Sanders got released. He is not a starting RB but a true hybrid. He is a good change of pace guy, can catch, and is a top return specialist as well.

Oh ya Konar really played great. Jones may have to go against his trend and actually may see Konar as a starter at WILLLB in the future depending on what happens with McCoil in the future.

Fellow fans of the Eskimos I want to be wrong, but we have our work cut out for us at Toronto. They are a bit of a sleeper with so many new but very talented guys. But can they execute on offense with Adrian McPherson? I am predicting a low scoring and relatively close game, say 6 points or less difference, based on the nature of both defences and getting used to new rules. And in the VGCC I am going against the grain to choose Toronto.

Don't shoot me I want to be wrong, but I am not feeling it for our Eskimos.

On our roster the cuts have worked out rather well. I will post separately above about those.


The line is looking great as anticipated, and then add LB's Sherritt and McCoil and CB Watkins. So that's 7 of 12 looking great.

Then there is experience with DBs Grymes and Hinds.

So can the other five on defence work as one with Watkins and sometimes those two LBs especially on pass coverage?

No defensive player on the 1-game injured, 6-game injured, or practice roster stands out for me.


Injured and Practice Roster Players
Well consider the top names amongst the injured players - Wojt and Miles at 1 game and John White, Chambers, Rottier, and Milton at 6 games. That's some serious injury depth before we even get into the roster.

Then International OL Thaddeus Coleman at 6-8 320 is tucked away on the practice roster behind some serious "hosses" on the roster.

International WR Wallace Miles mind you caught 50 balls in Ottawa's first season after return to the league.


At QB and on the offensive line we are looking great. I still can't figure out how many Nationals and Internationals we are going to start on the offensive line. 4 and 1 or 3 and 2? Note experienced pro football "hosses" and Internationals Washington, Capers, and Batiste. Woh!

At SB we are looking good with Bowman and Watson.

At WR we are good with Coehoorn. Then Stafford and Bailey have some CFL experience at least and I see upside for both.

At RB, it is Chad Simpson's time to shine both in rushing and receiving. It's not like he won't have a great line in front of him right? If he performs poorly, we are in trouble though Lawrence and others can fill some of the void though then our return game might be compromised. The more Lawrence stays fresh for returns, the better.

With the kicking game I'm feeling good with Grant Shaw too. Also I should make a cautionary note especially coming up against Toronto. Other than if playing from behind in the second half, we should not attempt any field goal of more than 50 yards (or somewhat less if there happens to be a solid wind in Toronto all of a sudden with the roof open or if the kick is from the less favoured side of the field). Shaw's long since 2011 is 50 yards.

I fail to see your worry. I think the Eskimos will win and perhaps win handedly. It might take a while for both offenses to get rolling as it always seems like the CFL takes 3-4 weeks to get in gear as opposed to 1 or 2 regalar season games in the NFL (although they have a longer preseason). I could see Edmonton winning 27-17.

Our defense is great, probably the best in the league still from last year. Edmonton beat out BC in the season opener last year and looked pretty great doing it. We have continuity on our side now with McAdo here in his second season. Edmonton, in my mind, has an 80% of winning.

Certainly I would like you to be right and because the game is in Fort McMurray, I have changed my pick to the Eskimos too.