2015 Eastern All Stars

Nine Ottawa RedBlacks have been named to the East Division All-Star squad for 2015, the Canadian Football League announced.

The selections include quarterback Henry Burris, the 40-year-old Temple grad and Oklahoma native, who had one of the finest years of his 16-year CFL career.

The other REDBLACKS players selected:
•Receiver Chris Williams
•Receiver Brad Sinopoli
•Offensive Tackle SirVincent Rogers
•Centre Jon Gott
•Defensive End Justin Capicciotti
•Cornerback Abdul Kanneh
•Cornerback Jovon Johnson
•Defensive Back Jerrell Gavins

Remember at the beginning of the year when they were doing polls for best at certain positions? They didn't even have a nominee from Ottawa. I recall Jovon Johnson being insulted by that. Well, the best revenge is being shared with two teammates.

Yeppers and Ottawa was last in the East according to most who made their pre-season predictions :roll:

Looks GREAT!!!! :thup:

Looks even better when I saw the Team Breakdowns


9 – Ottawa REDBLACKS
8 – BC Lions, Calgary Stampeders and Hamilton Tiger-Cats
7 – Edmonton Eskimos
6 – Montreal Alouettes
4 – Toronto Argonauts
2 – Saskatchewan Roughriders and Winnipeg Blue Bombers

Montreal has more than Toronto. :?

To be honest...Chris Williams has the number but he dropped an awful lot along the way. That should probably be taken into consideration. If I have one second on the clock and need 6 points, I'm throwing to Ellingson double-covered before I throw to a wide open Williams (well, maybe not, but I'm trying to make a point here...)

That said...can you imagine Burris' numbers if Williams had been more consistent?? :o

It's too bad some of our guys only played partial seasons. Whiteside, Lemon, Powell...Zach Evans is great off the bench and I wish he was I there more.

Even the last game he dropped a couple more :x

but I quickly forgave after he scored the touchdown :lol: