2015 Draft thread

15 minutes before the event. Can't even be called a spoiler anymore, really.

[b]Arash Madani[/b] ? BREAKING - Per #CFL sources, Alex Mateas is at the RedBlacks facility as Ottawa's No. 1 pick. Belief is contract negotiations are underway.
[b]AJ Jakubec[/b] ?@AJonSports Alex Mateas has signed a three year contract with the REDBLACKS. #CFLDraft

Final take:

1 1 Mateas, Alex OL Connecticut
2 10 Harty, Jake WR Calgary
4 28 Doll, Tanner LB Calgary
5 37 Court, Jefferson FB Utah State
6 45 Lafrance, Kienan RB Manitoba
7 54 Leganiere, Alexandre OL Montreal

A couple of puzzlers in light of what was still on the board when they were choosing. They're talking on Twitter now about how John Delahunt is retiring due to injury, so the selection of Court makes a bit more sense.

Checked out Lafrance's highlights video and he seems pretty exciting. Same with Doll, looks really active and persistent and can long-snap. Pretty pleased overall.

Same here - pretty happy with the overall selections. Now time will tell :wink:

time for football, me thinks 8)

OK, We are ready to compete! Now the only thing missing is June!!! #IsitJuneYet? :smiley: :smiley:

In hindsight, it was kind of nice to see people on Twitter complain about Harty (for example) because we didn't "need" anyone at that position (or fullback, we thought). A year ago, we weren't in that position.