2015 Day 5 Training Camp in Price Albert

Well it was great to have the team in our fair city, and I hope they do this again. Had approx. 200-300 turn out..
The team ran drills, no kicks no QB passes. but all in all they all looked clean so players are learning the system quickly. For me the best part was after, after 2 years got my Dressler jersey signed!! Along with some others signing my hat. Missed out on DD and Chick as there lines where long!! Was very impress with T George after a short talk classy guy as where the others... can't wait for the season to start!

Personally I wish they would come on the weekend or later in the day. Couldn't go see them because I work days and by the time I got off they were done. Very jealous of anyone who got to see them. Would love to have met Dressler for sure.

Yes I agree about the time and the advertising about them coming was really poor. I had heard mention of it in mid may and then nothing until yesterday I saw a little blurp in PA Now yesterday morning. Too late too book off work and too late to go after so I was really disappointed. Would have loved to gone and got some autographs and get a feel for the team. Really too bad it wasn’t better publicized being this was the first time the Riders have done this and to have people miss out that might have had a chance of going is a shame.

Hopefully they do it next year and better publicity in advance is taken into consideration.

Yeah, they could have done better with advertising it. Staying in Saskatoon for 2 full weeks as opposed to historical 1 week opens a lot of doors for this. Unfortunately the Green and White game is Saturday...so they wanted to be back for full practice in town before that...I think we will see more of this in the future. CC pushes fan interaction perhaps more than any HC. He knows that a kid talking to a player can make them a huge fan...and if they chat with an unknown who becomes a big time player it is something special for that kid that gets them hooked. CC just gets it...nice to see

I hope they do it again next year, and I was told about 500 attended.. sorry was some what short on that one!!

well, the word is they are leaning towards doing 2 weeks in toon again as a deal was made with the facility already. I think that so long as they feel the commute doesn't hurt in doing the day trip they will be back. I don't think it did...in all honesty...hopping on buses for a couple hours was probably a good thing as a group...see how guys interact and deal with traveling.