2015 Day 4 Training Camp

I've mentioned before that I think MacDougall has struggled a bit. I have also mentioned he is doing better each day. I said I thought there were NIs potentially ahead of him...one of those is Webster. Webster continues to look good consistently. Now...MacDougall may show more in an actual game...one of his big strengths is laying out some hits...we shall see. The thing is this...numbers come into play and MacDougall is slated to make I think 120...guessing Webster is at 70...Something to really watch. in PS1

Both Pierzchalski and Alex Anthony continue to look good....I said it last season...I said it in the off season...I said it after Minis....I think they intend to dramatically increase Anthony's role, and I am a fan of what I have seen in limited action. meanwhile Pierzchalski's big frame and pretty solid hands...can't deny that opens a lot of options as well. Could we see the Canadian Air Force version 2? I think at times we will. Bagg/Pierzchalski/Allen/Getz/Demski...I like it. I think all of these guys can do meaningful reps...which is huge if someone goes down. I know piles of people have said they have had concerns over the team's depth at NI WR over the past 12 months...I have always been on the other side of that and felt the club was in good shape...like I have said...they dealt a promising player in Bastien because they know they had the depth.

Still nothing, i don't think, from Steinhauer...but it is pretty clear that the club wants at minimum heavy NI rotation on the DL. They seem to be in mountains better shape there than I was hoping.

I think Williams is starting to lose more stock and that Miller is moving ahead of him on the charts.

There is just plain good competition everywhere. Usually you see 2 or 3 spots that are truly up for a fight...not this year.
2 on the OL...both of the Imports are seriously putting pressure to be kept...and there were already 2 solid guy sthere, so that is saying a lot
2 LB spots, maybe 1 DB
a minimum of 1 at WR/SB...I would say 2
RB is no lock and the import guys...Allen and Cobb...still are not going...Messam is looking pretty impressive...might be a shocker there...now true backup hurts the odds of that though.
QB...no lock on the backup spot...#2 is still a fight.
Safety...IMO anyways...is not a lock
NI on the DL for high rotation spots or more!
Looks like a new kicker on the roster...shocked if he isn't

so yeah...a solid 8-10 high rotations out there...it is has been a great camp to watch and it is only going to get better.

As do I, didn't even see Taj today. Was he injured, MIA or arrested?

There is just plain good competition everywhere. Usually you see 2 or 3 spots that are truly up for a fight...not this year.

RB is no lock and the import guys...Allen and Cobb...still are not going...Messam is looking pretty impressive...might be a shocker there...now true backup hurts the odds of that though.

From what I have seen from the last four days I would say that Messam, barring injury, will probably end up being our feature back.
QB...no lock on the backup spot...#2 is still a fight.
Completely disagree there. KG has that one locked up. The battle is for third string and Tino is still making the same stupid mistakes, day in and day out and still twisting his receivers every which way but loose and still taking 3-4 seconds to make a decision. I'd say the end, the decision is going to be if the Riders feel they can develop Tino any more or if he has reached the plateau of his playing capability. I wouldn't waste any more time on him personally.
Looks like a new kicker on the roster...shocked if he isn't
The question is, will we have a NI for all kicking duties... it certainly looks like we could go that route.

Duck Dynasty is a Disaster. You often see him and Milo huddling up together ignoring the other kickers. Think they know they are in tough.

I saw Taj...he was on the sideline. So was tbrack, Allen, cobb, Steinhauer (i think).

Yeah...Messam has been pretty damned impressive. Definitely a ratio buster at times I am sure...feature back...not so sure. I think he could be but there is no real NI depth behind him with Neal retired...unless of course one of the rookies shows promise. That said...perhaps they do go with Messam and rotate Miller in as the change-up...and of course Demski's natural position is actually at tail...there are options...one of the things I really look forward to watching in PS play for sure!

With Glenn I am not sold that he is the lock at number 2. I have always felt he is there to step in if DD goes down and the player under development just doesn't cut it. Tino has looked a lot better the past couple of days and looks way better than 2014 camp. If that is not the case then yes...let Tino go and look to develop another guy who would start at #3. If he is not worth being #2 now there is ZERO point having him there.

for the kicker...yeah...that's what I was getting at. I think they would cut Milo to use that money to keep this guy around. I think they would then keep another guy on the PR. Now the question will be is if there is a contingency punter on the game day roster should this guy go down? I don't recall who they were last year but know they are gone...Swain was one of them I believe.

Getzlaf continues to drop passes. I wouldnt be that heart broken if they made a trade.

Yeah...I agree. With Getz I don't think he is putting everything into it...he knows he does not have to at this point because he is not going to get cut. Real action will tell his story. I know I said last season I would have traded him midppoint...especially when they were struggling...why not. Then again I also said moving Bagg was an option. Getz is the hometown hero....I get it, but what would Wally do? The problem was they should have sat someone...ANYONE last season and got Anthony and/or Pierzchalski exposure. Hell...I said that the should have done that at the start of 2013 with Anthony when Geroy was not dressing out of the gate. How do you get rid of your only National SB at this point with nothing proven as a replacement? HUGE rolling of the dice. That is why I thought Bagg should have been moved. I like Bagg...a lot...but he plays a role that they could have tested out some Nationals and at the time still had McHenry who could have taken more reps if required. Personally I would have loved to see the big frame of Pierzchalski in that spot, and Anthony getting Swain's reps last season. Getz is 32 years old and getting 225k this season...last season he was I think 175 or 190...225 is hard to move, though I am thinking the Bombers would bite. I would love to see both Bagg and Getz retire in green...but GMs get paid to sometimes make the unpopular decision....that is the really crap part of the job.

I love Getzie and Bagg but if someone younger and cheaper are at the same level of play then I think for the good of the team you have to look at letting one and perhaps both go. Getz can be a big game player but he is also known to drop some pretty good passes. That one last year in BC right after the half and Tino had to go in and he actually through a perfect strike catching Getz on they fly and he drops it is one example. Maybe he was as shocked as the lions that Tino actually was close to him with the ball but man you have to haul those in. I know there are others he has caught that he probably shouldn't but you need a guy that is consistent. With his salary hit as I say if someone is close to his ability and a ton of cash less then it would be wise to move him.

That would free up money if Heenan or Jones or another big name doesn't make it down south. Still early I know but if there is questions about Getz before the end of June I think you have to shop him.

That was a rare drop from Bagg.

Thanks for doing these reports btw, depop. I look forward to them every day. :thup:

Yeah, I believe that was Bagg as well...not Getz (though he may have done that as well lol...I know he has had a few like that)...if it is the one I am thinking of it was down the left sideline with nobody remotely close and I think Bagg was more shocked at the drop than anyone. One of those things that gets A LOT of good players....being too open can mess with your head more than a dogfight.

My pleasure. Nice to see Deanjo and other who are attending some put in their feedback as well. I have been a part of or been at a pile of camps, and this has been one of my favs thus far. I despise camps that have players in full pads non stop from day one...what does that tell you...who can avoid heat stroke the most? BC has lost a few players already because of their 1972 approach to camp. Also...I will be involved with both pre-season games...same as previous years...so will try to do an intermission and post recap for the untelevised one as in previous years.