2015 Day 3 Training Camp

In my eyes the cuts to 65 are pretty much set...that is just my opinion on it all though.

Tennant has apparently been released....not sure why. I do wonder if this will kill the thoughts of a NI DT starter. Connop looks like he could be the real deal in there...can't wait to see him in action...but Tennat would have been the rotational front runner.

Tino looked a lot more comfortable out there today and did pretty well. The team moved the pocket a little bit which he seemed fine with and DD looked great with. The 4th string guy at this point doesn't seem like he is a threat to bump Tino, but hey...Tino better look better in year 3 right. to me the QBs didn't look to have their best day out there and I am really hoping Glenn does better...he just didn't seem there. I look forward to seeing him in action...a lot of people out of BC said his arm was done...didn't buy much into it but a game will be needed to really see.

At LB Telvon Clark seems the front runner on one of the edges. He has looked very impressive. I think Knox looks pretty solid as well...and there are likely 2 potential LB gigs open...so who knows. Both definitely the standouts to watch thus far for the role.

On the DL Hall and Chick are of course great, and George is looking like he might be even more ready than last season...which is saying a lot because he was sensational. Conop is definitely the pleasant surprise thus far...he is getting some good pushes and reading the plays VERY well for a rookie...for a player period really. It is early and not a real game...never really put much stock into a rookie getting high reps there...it might happen. Ainsworth it also looking very sharp early in camp. if you had to pick one of he or Steinhauer (who I am not sure i have even seen) at this point it is seemingly clearly Ainsworth...which is pretty significant if they want to steer towards a DT starter in 2015 or 16. Problem there is that Ainsworth looks to be a guy who could potentially start at some point on DE. Interesting situation for the coaches to plow through for sure...again...Tennant 's release is interesting for sure.

The most interesting thing of the day was seeing Demski line up at tail. Now, he played his HS ball as a RB and converted in CIS to accommodate the established RBs already there...Coombs...but it is his natural spot. Seeing he and Messam back thee with a splash of Miller was interesting. I don't think Allen or Cobb practiced...so perhaps they just put him back there to fill the role...who knows, but interesting none the less. All 3 looked really good there. Was hoping to see all back sin pads obviously.

Hinse was generally one of the weaker spots on the line. It is a new system for him and a lot of the other guys have played together...so I won't read a pile into it. The new imports on the OL continue to look really good...whomever is recruiting/scouting the OL guys down south needs to get an upping in their contract for sure. The last couple of seasons have been sensational in that regards.

For Import WRs:
Jamal is still working on getting into form...idunno...at what point do you say it is simply not fair to other players. Will they have patience with it all on cut downs? Tough to say.
Ryan Smith...honestly...I believe I mentioned before I thought he would be a long shot on a return...but he looks good day in and day out. There seems to be a plan for him with the different things being seen out of him. I am leaning towards him sticking around...which is great because I rather like him...putting him on the bubble (IMO) was not something I liked.
Roosevelt and Hardin where, i think, 2 of the more hyped up players coming into camp. Roosevelt is a keeper at this point...he is a player that you watch and think...yeah...gotta find a spot for him out there. Hardin has been less visible...to me anyways. The sleeper that seems to not get talked about is Wilson though...have not watched him a pile, but the times I have he runs great routes...has speed...seems to have good hands. I'd say Roosevelt is a leading candidate for new guys to make the roster at this point...especially at WR....Wilson is turning some heads...Hardin needs to have a good couple days.

Let's look at the WRs this way...
the givens:
Dressler, Weston
Getzlaf, Chris
Demski, Nic
Bagg, Rob

Other Nationals:
Anthony, Alex - Now a vet...personally I like Anthony and I believe they intend to increase his role this season...they will either say increase his role or release IMO...I hope they keep him. He was used a lot more in minicamps to take different looks at so I would say the staff agrees. I see him as a potential successor to Getz.
Pierzchalski, Alex - into 2nd season...big framed National...would be stunned if he was not around...keeper at this point for sure...no way around it.
Carroll, Alex - has been having a pretty solid camp actually. Wasn't expecting a lot...seems to have rather good hands and can make plays happen. Definitely a pleasant surprise. I would think he gets a PR spot and see where it goes via development.
Turkington, Evan - I think he is regional no? A non-counter?

On to Nationals:
Smith, Taj - His spot to lose. He has been a perpetual bubble player every single year in a lot of people's eyes. he knows the CFL...he knows DD. I definitely think he is on the bubble...IMO how Roosevelt plays in actual action will go a long way to determining if that is true.
Smith, Ryan - I pretty much said my piece earlier. I think he is safe
Richardson, Jamel - same as above, but I think he is a cut or "injured" by start of season or very shortly into.
Williams, Korey - Knowing the OC give both parties some level of comfort. JC's knowledge of Williams has seen him getting some action other guys are not...but they are catching up. Williams just seems night and day more comfortable with JC. He also has to compete with Demski and Miller for similar roles...Demski is obviously sticking, and I think Miller edges him out because he can be a RB and a Returner as well. Right now, he is on the "in" side of things, but can definitely be pushed....so I guess bubble. I keep going back to Geroy singing this guy praise though...always in the back of my mind.
Hardin, Greg - despite the hype and hopes, thus far has not shown enough to stand out IMO
Wilson, Devin - Right now he is on the bubble, but trending upwards IMO. He is in a position where he could be finding a spot.
Roosevelt, Naaman - Right now...100% in. barring a couple guys stepping up huge or him coming crashing to earth...he is in.
Thomas, Eric - has not really stood out to me one way or another...don't know what to say here.

So ranking is a little hard because of passport and what the coaches figure in as ratio spots and balancing all of that...none the less:
1 - I - Dressler, Weston
2 - N - Getzlaf, Chris
3 - N - Bagg, Rob
4 - N - Demski, Nic
5 - I - Roosevelt, Naaman
6 - N - Anthony, Alex
7 - N - Pierzchalski, Alex
8 - I - Smith, Taj
9 - I - Smith, Ryan
10 - I - Williams, Korey
11 - N - Carroll, Alex
12 - I - Wilson, Devin
13 - I - Hardin, Greg
14 - I - Thomas, Eric
15 - I - Richardson, Jamel
16 - N - Turkington, Evan

There would be 10 spots...7+3PR. So...while Williams and Taj are above the bubble the team could easily say...PR spot, but that is basically regressing at this point and would likely equate to a release...so yeah...love camp!

Beyond that...

  • MacDougall seemed a little more comfortable in there...good to see
  • Macho Harris seems to be in a dogfight to retain a starter role. dindt see him lining up in the secondary...more of a hybrid LB role...so will be watching to see how that develops.

Thank-you !!!! :rockin: