2015 Day 2 Training Camp

Biggest news of the day was DD taking a couple falls. He looked to be in pain on the one...seemed to raise attention. He got up and chucked some nice ones after shaking it off. No pads. His arm looks strong...he is starting to toss deep ones.

Hus did great snapping and seemed to really motor after letting the ball go. He was definitely leading the OL surge down field.

MacDougall, I think, needs to step up. I don't know....seems out of place thus far. After 2 days I think there are 2 Canadian DBs looking better than him.

The O looked a pile better...great to see. first day nerves....thinking too big...video...coaching...whatever it was, they looked a lot more comfortable and at ease out there overall.

Richardson was invisible again. JC's days with Williams seems to be paying off...he seems to get what JC was going after and executing really well. The way some of these guys looked today I would say Richardson has an uphil battle. I didn't think that Williams would be around this season, but he looked fairly good...again...might be a comfort level with JC. It seems like a pretty impressive group of receivers. I get the feeling a guy or 2 that get cut will land elsewhere.

It just seemed like it was overall a good day all around. Left impressed.

Did Tino get any time and if so did he look any better or is he a waste of time? Personally I wouldn't lose any sleep if he is not showing any progress to cut ties with him asap. Better to get someone else in and give then a shot at picking things up if Tino doesn''t have it or isn't willing to step up. His nose is probably a bit out of joint after last season thinking he had second spot locked up only to get Glenn. Too bad if that is the case because he didn't show enough last year for anyone to feel confident he can step in if Durant gets injured.

Personally I would like to see them go after a fleet footed qb that could have D line men panting like dogs chasing him down. Even with Glenn who is a very good passer and reads defenses well to be able to put in one that they could run an option style offense would help also. As I say you get the defense gasping for air using a no huddle and option style qb and then have Glenn come in and find an open receiver because of a tired db or lb could really put defenses on their heels.

Of course I want Durant to stay healthy and be able to start every game but even if he is healthy they could switch things to a different gear by having a very mobile qb come in and run a few plays.

Anyways back to the first part if like I say Tino is not picking up the new system or is hanging receivers out to dry then I think its time to cut our losses on him and send him packing before dressler or bagg or getz get slaughtered.

Thanks again dpop. Who knows maybe Durant getting knocked down will help him overcome that mental block if there is one and focus solely on learning the playbook.

He was basically saying the first contact, first fall and first real hit are milestones for sure....probably looked bad but mainly mental. I can remember myself after injuries and a good contact makes you grimace and worry and it looks bad....then you shake it off and are like...oh...that was pretty much in my head...

I din't pay a pile of attention to the QBs. I was more enjoying some of the receivers stepping up their game and actually showing up DBs a bit.....which is pretty weird for this early...usually the DBs dominate for a couple of days then the receivers start to get in a rhythm then the DBs get used to seeing some actual moves again. Some of the drills have been great as well...they are doing a great job of getting the 5 yard halo into guys heads in the drills and some of the tandem practices have been pretty intense. X was also looking a LOT better today than yesterday.

The energy was just night and day better...day 3 on is where you really start separate players. Some guys show up to camp and look great out of the gate because they are accustomed to some of the drill styles (ie Williams with JC for sure)...some have been doing more warmups with other players as opposed to on their own and are simply camp ready. by a few days in people get the cycles and rhythm...they aren't confused by what is being asked in certain drills and are simply lose. The energy level gets going. Some will look just as good...no improvement....some will start to slip....some will look a little better every day...those are the ones that make it.

For me, the thing that stood out more than anything today was the coaches! I was more than a little iffy on some of the staff moves...I felt a lot better about it today. It was VERY clear they had been laying out a solid daily plan well in advance....there are clearly core drills as the foundation because the drills are too put together and it is one to the next to the next to the next...ZERO wast of time....ZERO confusion amongst each other or understanding what's next. It was clear that players watched video last night...that improves players a lot this early in...especially on O......it mainly helps QBs see...OLmen see the tendencies that are burning them...receivers to run better routes....However, seeing this much progress over night by an O it is clear that the coaches did an awesome job reviewing this with them and that their video team was fast about putting packages together for individuals....THAT screams efficiency by the staff...earmarking things all day to include in the individual homework and saying the right things to get players out of their own heads! As I mentioned early...drills were great. The first group drills were rerunning yesterday stuff where there were errors in play or technique....you want to make a coach happy...this is where you show you picked up the classroom review and actually did your homework...want to piss him off...do the same as yesterday! They pounded the halo into groups and clearly wrote stuff down when a player backpedaled to to get there and when a player slowed up for maintaining forward momentum. The DBs had drills on getting off players after 5 yards right out of the gate. The big reason...IMO...that the receivers are beating DBs this early on is pretty important...you hear a lot of critiquing on the D players eyes...clear they are focusing on man coverage...often early in camps guys push back and do more of a tight zone...not this squad...in your face coverage eyes on the belt buckle....take your eyes off and you just got burned style practice...I love it. focus on the coverage...half these guys won't be around anyways...why focus on zone which is something you build as a unit not an individual...waste of time long run. CC also wands a defender that is going to play tight and not give the space underneath as in a zone and then focus on a bull rush DL...something he and Hall were always at odds on. It can cost you the big play, but it also gets the other team's qb hit a lot and to throw up more ducks...if he can get 4 seconds you are in trouble...but with this DL that won't happen a lot....if it does you change it up for a play or 2 and play off...keep him guessing........really like where it is heading.

Sometimes staff sets expectations...you don't meet it and you are bubbling yourself...NOT this staff...very very clear they are focusing mainly on issues and concerns and seeing who adapts and who rides the wave. They are all good athletes...the are separating the guys who do and do not adapt fast. ALL players are being pushed to elevate...not simply be assessed like many camps focus on...and when you improve the core EVERYONE gets better ...weakest link and all. it was glaringly obvious...I totally understand that if someone has not been in those situations they are not really going to see that...but it was there and I loved it. CC is still a young coach...it is clear he is still growing a lot and finding his way. New guys and vets alike...they are all looking 'in place' ... a few notes aside...impressive camp only 2 days in.

pads tomorrow...we get to see what RBs stick out and which of the the 2 new OT look best...because they are both looking like they could push start. Personally I think both stick...one on the PR. more flexibility to rest guys. Talking with some people I think ridernation might be stunned ans see a National DT starter !

Est-ce que Richardson est sur le terrain?

He is coming off a big injury and doesn't seem there mentally...physically who knows...not there mentally for sure. That could change fast after the green and white game on the weekend or a preseason game...who knows