2015 CFL Free Agents Signing NFL

CFL NFL Status

Shawn Lemon DE - Steelers I
Brett Jones OL - Giants N

Matt O'Donnell OL - Bengals N


Delvin Breaux DB - Saints I

Duron Carter WR - Colts I

Ben Heenan OL - Colts N
Brian Peters ST - Vikings I

Jalil Carter DB - Vikings I
John Chiles WR - Bears I

Ian Wild ST - Steelers I

Only 10 players.. 2/3 will be back. The CFL is not a feeder league.

I won't disagree with that. Since the NFL teams have really been actively going after players who separated themselves with their play. most are coming back some that very same year. Others like Chick get 3 years or so before returning and everything in-between. Its an upgrade in salary even for a minimum salary for a roster spot. PR spot in NFL still is about 100K with a shot at anytime during there stay on a PR for a call up.
What I find interesting and a bit different approach is that two of the top National OL did not get that raw project type inters test coming out of CIS. Instead proved to be top OLineman at CFL pro level. Last season it was the great defensive and special teams athlete Muamba

So here’s one for ya: Who on that list do you think will stick?

More on ex-CFLers in the NFL

[url=http://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2015/02/10/cfl-teams-struggling-to-secure-border-from-nfl-scouts/]http://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/20 ... fl-scouts/[/url]

Also this is a good read. Players who have left the NFL to play Rugby or Rugby or Aussie Rules players that went to football.
The list Josh Bartel 2012 - going from Aussie Rules to American football

[url=http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_players_who_have_converted_from_one_football_code_to_another]http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_pl ... to_another[/url]

Good read on CFLers in NFL. It is just the way it has developed over the years that any football player Canadian or American, from CFL, CIS, or NCAA if they get a shot they will take it in the NFL. The money and short careers of football players makes it logical. We are seeing Canadian players from both NCAA and CIS ranks going to NFL first as well as Canadian and American players starting in CFL then going to NFL, that after there time is up in most most cases they are returning back to the CFL.
What is overlooked is the mass amount of younger NFL experienced players who are coming to the CFL after their usefulness to NFL teams is done at the age of 25.
Talking of Rico Murray's and Eric Norwoods. players who from rookie season through three years were consistant on NFL roster and/or Practice rosters. Brandon Banks another. Impact starters from the start and all star calibre by year two. Just a few off the top of my head that play in Hamilton.
These are going to be the CFL mainstays there NFL time has come and gone and they have found stardome and fun in football in the CFL.
There are a plenty of these US players now that are much more familiar with the CFL either by contacts they have with other players or coaches or now the easily accessible of every CFL game through mainstream ESPN.
More import players are a bit more careful now. Making sure they are not just TC fillers but actually have a chance. You dont have to be gone that long but if they go and then try to come back older and/or injured ie Kory Sheets, stevie bags etc. there is fierce competition for those international spots from not NCAA rookies but NFL expereinced players.
Broudeux never went, Simoni Lawrence saw what was happening and got back before TC. Hall had enough after a year on an NFL PR.
Rod Williams and Damaso Munoz high tailed it back almost within a week or two after being strung out till final cuts.

I am curious to see how it does play out with the three National Olineman.
Both Heenan and Jones, Particualrly with their abilities as a RT and C, will get top CFL Oline wage. Both could be looking at highest among lineman in the CFL.
Should they fall in between would they take a PR spot if it is pretty good knowledge that they would be on the roster sometime this season. Would their NFL team pay them more then the minimum PR salary which could be the equivalent to what their top CFL offer would be.
Very likely that they may both make the roster but to start right away could be a challenge. Heenan will likely be an OG in the NFL. Jones having center ability may just have to adjust to the different defenses as a center to make calls and could also very well play OG right away.
O'Donnell really is interesting. returned mid way to CFL after a season in NFL and got beat up a bit. Came out in '14 and was the Esks top lineman. Last season he really was not a starter at all times. If O'Donnell does return post NFL could really be even better just from the extended practice and competition refine some skills of a OT and could be a grab for anyone to have him able to play at very least RT

Carter won't be back and would accept a PR spot if he still needs time.
Breuax seems most likely to stay. Having what looked to be a career ending injury has worked back to his all american top form.

Wilde and Peters real shot as teams specialists.

Receiver and DB Chiles and Carter really not sure what to think

IMO Brett Jones, Duron Carter...but you never know. If a guy comes in even comparable and they have backup that doesn't have a fixed cap hit it can change pretty fast. All of these guys are good enough to stick to a PR spot, especially with the PR eligibility rules now...it is nothing to bring a new face in for a year or 2 on it.

Carter for sure has the goods. Problem is that College Football is the only development place. traditional college is not for everyone. leaving him not playing or practicing with anyone. Montreal did a great job with him when his age and body got big enough for pro football.
TC and half a year on the PR is like a whole season of College football. gave him time to get up to pro speed and Playbook. Then sprung him the second half of the season.

Getting off topic a bit but have to blame the NFL for that. A kid out of HS is not physically big enough to play pro. So for top guys who are only playing College Football as development for pro's they have no choices. They are loaded. Buck up and create a development league for players at that 3-4 year age range it takes to be pro football safe eligible, even if no one watches and they lose money.
A CJFL only much better funded and backed by a zillion dollar corporation the NFL is.