2015 CFL draft class, an early look

From Drew Edwards

The CFL top prospects (and an early look at what the Ticats might do)
On Wednesday, the CFL scouting bureau published the latest edition of the top-20 prospects eligible for the 2015 CFL Draft. Here's the list...

1 (1) Brett Boyko OL UNLV

2 (6) Alex Matea OL UCONN

3 (5) Daryl Waud DL Western

4 (2) Tyler Varga RB Yale

5 (3) Nic Demski REC Manitoba

6 (14)Sean McEwen OL Calgary

7 (8) Sukh Chungh OL Calgary

8 (4) Danny Groulx OL Laval

9 (11) Addison Richards REC Regina

10 (7) Jacob Ruby OL Richmond

11 (15) Nick Shortill LB McMaster

12 (12) Chris Ackie DB Laurier

13 (10) Dillon Guy OL Buffalo

14 (16) Karl Lavoie OL Laval

15 (13) Brendon Tennant DL Laval

16 ( - ) Adam Konar LB Calgary

17 ( - ) Byron Archambault LB Montreal

18 (17) Ese Mrabure-Ajufo DL Laurier

19 (19) Jake Harty REC Calgary

20 ( - ) Ettore Lattanzio DL Ottawa

[b]The Ticats will draft eighth overall and have an extra third round pick, sixth round pick and potentially three extra conditional picks from previous trades.

It's a little early to be speculating on what the Ticats will do in the draft – I'd like to see what happens in free agency first – but there are some good offensive lineman in this class, which is generally considered to be a very good one. A receiver might make sense too depending on what happens with pending free agent Sam Giguere. [/b]

If Tyler Varga is there at 8, I hope the Ti-Cats take him. He was great at Western and is doing great at Yale also.

The Cats are in need of a FB. Moving a LB who hash’s played on Offense through 4 years of D1 College football and one season at the CFL pro level.
Varga could be a ball carrying power back to go with a scat back TB. A very skilled FB could also become a receiving
Not sure how his blocking skills are but he is still very young a I would imagine he has had some blocking protection scenes for Yales passing attack.

Of that list so far 4 will be playing in post season All Star games in front of plenty of scouts from pro football organization.
Varga is heading to the SR Bowl.
CIS reps in east west shrine are rec richards regina and lineman waud from western.
Top Prospect OL Boyko will also be part of the east west shrine from the NCAA UNLV

Good to see so many CIS players in the top prospects. 15/20 = 75%, more proof if needed that CIS ball is improving.
Saw Richards (Regina) twice on TV this fall and was impressed with him; good Canadian receivers are always in demand.

We really need to draft some Offensive Linemen.
There are 6 in the top 10

Wasn’t it only 5 years ago that we had 10-11 O-linemen drafted and either ready to come or playing out eligibility?

The reality is a couple of those will be getting an opportunity at the NFL. So there really is 3 or 4 of these guys that will be real possibilities for the nine teams. That’s why there is almost always a run on them.

#45 Mehdi Abdesmad Boston College DL 6'7" 297 Montreal PQ seems to have fallen off the list. He sounds like another Tillman draft pick - Israel Idonije Manitoba DL 6'7" 290 :smiley:

Pat Lynch(the old guy)

It is a great draft, 3 to 4 solid rounds.

GernB wrote: Good to see so many CIS players in the top prospects. 15/20 = 75%, more proof if needed that CIS ball is improving.
Well said Gern. :thup:

Varga though has becoming an orthopedic surgeon in his sights so not sure how that might affect him playing pro ball. Averaged about 144 yds a game though.

[url=http://sportzedge.com/2014/10/05/yales-tyler-vargas-leading-elis-with-special-season/]http://sportzedge.com/2014/10/05/yales- ... al-season/[/url] [url=http://yaledailynews.com/blog/2014/11/20/football-tight-ends-healthy-ready-for-harvard/]http://yaledailynews.com/blog/2014/11/2 ... r-harvard/[/url]

Austin coached against Varga in the Ivy league while at Cornell