2015 Canadian QBs (New Year New Thread)

Since it is a new season, I thought a new Canadian QB thread was in order.
There are some new and different developments.
There have at least one very credible CFL coach and former QB there are some who can be developed now.
At least one with an agent actively contacting teams and his client that is taking a different approach.
They will be two eligible QBs at E -Camp
One who who has a team holding his rights keeping him on their suspended list.

Information is sometimes hard to come by. I thought that a positive post where info of actual knowledge and not specualtion can be shared.

we know all of the negatives and reasons why not.

So lets begin the process of real situations and reason why it can.

Cayman Shutter
I thought about starting a thread just about him but its a bit too soon.

We know he grew up in the states. Could not crack a starting lineup at the NCAA D1 level

He still had a year of NCAA eligibility left ( someone correct me if I am wrong about that) So he could have transfered down a division in the NCAA. Could have been at the FCS 1AA or DII as many do. Picking a school where he would start.

Instead he went to E-Camp which means he would not be eligible at NCAA school.
He did graduate that same year.

So he did transfer to a lower division in the CIS to a school where he would start Regina Rams.

Different approach in that he and his agent are in California. His agent is contacting teams actively.

He is attending US tryout camps. that teams are having in California
1st camp was BC Lions
2nd and recently Toronto

He will also be holding a pro day at U of Hawaii.

Here is a real news article with some more details. Making this a real source

[url=http://www.leaderpost.com/sports/Shutter+strutting+stuff+teams/10885775/story.html]http://www.leaderpost.com/sports/Shutte ... story.html[/url]

Anyone else have any real updates or other news please feel free to add

Montreal had invited a group of QBs and coaches for brief stay at their TC.

This year The Anthony Calivillo QB Academy in Quebec. Backed by the team and run by the man himself.
The Article and video of his interview about his positive thoughts and endorsing and backing what he wants to see be done.

Tidbit in his interview he talks about the two QBs that were at Camp with him and would have liked to have seen them stick around as QBs during a season.

Does nayone have any further news on this topic? Or any new on if Montreal will be looking to invite a Canadian QB to the real Training Camp?

2015 CFL Combine

Qb Andrew Buckley Calgary Dino's
Qb Jordan Yantz VI Raiders and Manitoba Bison. Also has spent TC with the BC Lions while playing for VI Raiders.

After the Combine is when we will begin to here some real legit news

Kyle Quinlan

Seems like yesterdays old new.
Anyone have any news from a Montreal team official as to why they still have him on the suspended list?

Anyone have any real news on Quinlan himself

Have I missed anyone or anything in recent news?

Always being the positive person I am... I can honestly say that the only chance of there ever being a Canadian QB would be for a publicity stunt... Palmer might have been able to save the Renegades from folding... It will take something like that for it to happen... Most likely will be Montreal will bring in a Tabranacker if their attendance keeps falling... Me thinkscit would have to get down to around 12-13k for that to happen... With only one Canadian coach and only two Canadian GMs, this will continue to be an American football league played in a foreign country with foreign rules... Sadly, it is still more Canadian than the other sports we have.... At least (other than 95) we have a Canadian represented city winning our national trophy

Thanks Bungle, I haven't had a good belly laugh in a while!

Suspended list = Als still own his CFL rights?

It is sad to say, but a Canadian QB in the CFL is like a Bulgarian goaltender in the NHL.

Nod gonna hoppen.

Canadians are going to be used at certain positions only inc special teams.

With the ratio, CFL teams are not going to use a Canadian at QB.

That is unless the CFL ever makes QB Canadians exempt from the ratio.

However, nod gonna hoppen.

Brad Sinoppoli, was a fine QB , and even Nik Lewis advised him to be a WR because of this.

It most certainly can happen if the CFL BoG/Rules Committee make it happen.
..and hiring a greater number of influential Canadian CIS/semi-pro coaches and football ops personnel wouldn't hurt either.

One exempt designated spot on the roster is all it takes to give a Canadian pivot the opportunity to develop.

What it will take is for a Canadian to WIN the job. It will happen some day.

If your pivot is Canadian, then you are allowed two more imports, may be the way to go... But what if your qb gets hurt?....

pretty difficult to win the job without a fair opportunity to compete or be added to the roster when NCAA prospects get first dibs.

we're far away from seeing a Canadian QB make a worthy attempt at becoming a Starter in the CFL.

because they’re better?

many are, but don't forget the vast majority of NCAA QB's (99.99%) are abject failures when given the opportunity up here while the vast majority of CIS QB's are rarely even drafted (at position) regardless of on field success, accolades and experience with the Canadian game.

and yet every single position is represented time and again, round after round, in each years CFL draft.....except QB.

quite the coincidence don't you think?

I think sinopoli could have become at least a decent backup. Like to see him given a decent chance at it, if he wants.

here's Argos GM Jim Barker's take on this subject;
(a Q&A from his Reddit account)

[b]SEMAJ22: [i]Hey Jim, Thanks for doing this! I've got 3 questions for you: 1: What's your take on the Canadian QB question?[/i]

Hopefully 1 day Canadian QB's will have the same advantage other Canadians have in regards to the ratio. The development of QB's across the country has improved immensely in the last 5 years. As a matter of fact, if Canadian QB's counted towards the ratio Danny Brannagan might still be here.[/b]

[url=http://www.reddit.com/r/IAmA/comments/2zhk9v/im_jim_barker_general_manager_of_the_toronto/]http://www.reddit.com/r/IAmA/comments/2 ... e_toronto/[/url]

And you expect CIS QBs to have a better success rate. The reality is that there are more NCAA quarterbacks to choose from, they have played a lot more football than most CIS quarterbacks (year round for many), they have had a lot more individual coaching and played against higher quality opposition overall.

They face the challenge of adapting to the Canadian game but it is easier to teach them a new game than to make them more talented.

If a Canadian QB was better than an American QB he would be on the roster. There may no ratio advantage but neither is there a disadvantage; QBs are free of nationality for roster purposes. teams pick the QBs they think are the best "for the now". There may be Canadian QBs with the skills necessary to play but they are significantly behind in their overall development.

The CFL needs to add a developmental roster spot for Canadian QBs to spend two years at full salary in a developmental role. Allow moves back and forth onto the game roster in the second year as long as they only play QB/kick/hold (i.e., no funny business to carry an extra receiver, special teams player, etc.).