2015 Camp First Cuts


International running back Terrance Cobb

International defensive back Darwin Cook

International linebacker Eltoro Freeman

National linebacker Joash Gesse

National offensive lineman Terry Hart

National kicker Denton Kolodzinski

International offensive lineman Michael Philipp

International quarterback Tino Sunseri

International wide receiver Eric Thomas

International kicker Cody Thornton

National defensive lineman Ryan Wellman


National quarterback Noah Picton


National offensive lineman Matthew Halbgewachs

National defensive lineman Matt Kozun

National wide receiver Evan Turkington

Bye-bye Tino...... called that one months ago.

No surprises here, glad Tino is gone!!

Too bad for Ryan Wellman. It speaks to the Canadian depth we have on our d-line.

I was really rooting for Tino, but clearly a good move. The game just didn't slow down for him in his time with the Riders.

The staff seemed pretty high on Evan Turkington and his potential. He did fairly well in camp. With the experience he will be interesting to watch next year.

Ryan Wellman was a bit of a surprise, but not a shock. He hadn't stood out in camp, but is a solid STer. There were simply guys who upped him at pretty National competitive spot for the Riders in camp.

Joash Gesse...think I touched on it...not sure...there was a fair amount of hype when he was signed and that he would be a good backup to Emry...I never saw it personally...he did not have a great camp....disappointed because I thought he could have been the guy...not shocked by the release though

Eltoro Freeman - he actually looked good through camp...I think he is good enough to play...Clark has been a clear standout though and Knox followed him up. Freeman did have a good preseason game though...so I thought would be around at least past the first cuts.

Darwin Cook made one really good play in the game...otherwise soso and the rider secondary is a tough one to crack now.

Terrance Cobb was there because there were banged up RBs in camp...that's it.

Tino might still get picked up by someone...with the right QB coach he might excel...who knows. he has skills...but his mind has been his own worst enemy and the staff couldn't break him out of it.

I very much doubt anyone will. There is a reason that nobody pursued him as a FA despite him having tons of playing experience for a backup despite a shortage of them being out there. As far as skills goes, the only one he has is being able to throw a long bomb.

Yeah...I highly doubt it as well...but you never know

I’m with Deanjo on this one!! :rockin:

hey now...lets cheer that he does sign on somewhere and become their starter for half a season :slight_smile:

Hey I never like to see anyone lose their jobs. As I said he is human and I'm sure he is not feeling too great at the moment.
Still as I also said the team needs to do what is best for them and honestly Tino never showed that he could adapt his play and improve.

I hope all that didn't make it do go on to get another shot and maybe this time they see where or what they need to improve at in order to have success. As for Tino though he has to really change his style of standing still and taking so long to make a decision or he will get hurt. That I never want to see happen and I think the Riders also realize this was a very good possibility of happening.

Smith as I also mentioned who hasn't been with the team nearly as long showed far better abilities to read defenses and either make a play or scramble or get rid of the ball and not take the sack. That shows potential that I just never saw with Tino.

Anyways its done and over which I won't lie I'm happy about but only because its in the best interest of the team.

Jimmy you mentioned how Smith got rid of a ball to avoid the sack, you don't see that from young QB's so that alone was impressive!!

And so now Tino is gone and Picton got sent back to school. So they have 3 bodies. If someone rolls and ankle this week in practice they gotta pick up the phone. Smooth.

why woud they "have to" pick up someone? 3 bodies as you put it should be enough especially preseason. Not sure how many teams have more then 3 qb's on a regular basis.

Not sure why you seem to want to keep him around as it was pretty obvious to even other fans Tino wasn't getting it done and showed no signs of ever bing able to do so.

It seemed like after last season he thought he was a lock and didn't do much in the off season to speed up his decision making or get out of the pocket and try scrambling. That is on him if that is the case. There wasn't anything implied as far as I know that should have indicated to him that his spot was safe and warning bells should have been going off for him when they brought in Glenn. Instead of taking it as a wake up call it seemed like I said he did nothing to help insure his spot.

Going into your 3rd year you should show at least a strong potential to be able to go in and keep the team movng but again I saw not even a glimmer of that being the case with Tino.

The riders or any team can't afford to keep guys around that either are not willing or don't have the ability to improve if improvement is needed. The decision to cut Tino was the right one for the team and now instead of wasting more time on Tino they can focus on Smith and see what he is all about. If again he does not show signs of progression as time goes by then he too will probably suffer the same fate as Tino.

I don't think that is going to be an issue though because it looked to me that he had a far better grasp on the play book and the offense then Tino so that tells me he is willing to put in the time and the extra effort in order to stick around but again time will tell with him too.

To me Smith looked by far and away the better choice for 3rd spot and to keep Tino who has been here going on his 3rd season would have been a waste of a spot better used for someone else.

Even worse is that with his passes always being behind the receivers he would get those guys hurt.

iI agree Deanjo and don't fool yourself receivers are not going to put their neck on the line game in and game out if the qb can not be accurate enough to not put them in that position time and time again.

I just don't feel anyone was confident or comfortable with Tino running the offense. When you don't have that then it pretty much is curtains for you

I agree as well. I know I and others on here have talked about that on here before…like last season. he is actually very good on the long ball when he has time…we have seen that repeatedly…but anything underneath and the it is high or behind 90% of the time. It caused an INT in the PS game and last year players got accustomed and in the habit of looking initially for the ball behind them on short stuff…even if it was on target. I like Tino’s long game a lot actually…just a shame his short game never evolved…getting rid of it faster…throwing it away…moving a little (cuz he has demonstrated he can)…if he was more decisive the targets would not outrun their patterns and he would probably be fine…but he can’t get out of his own head.

I know I had a long ramble on it after the game the other day:

I wish the guy all the luck…if he happens to land somewhere maybe he will meet up with a coach who can unlock that in him…because he is money in drills and i believe has a lot of the ability required…his time simply ran out in Sask.

Well let's put it this way, in comparison to the other backups we have had in recent history, I can think of maybe only Brown or Dinwiddie that would come close to Sunsuri in terms of mediocracy (notice that I didn't say they were worse than Sunseri, just close to the same level of it).

Another thing to keep in mind now, was that it was Cortez that a lot of people blamed for the slide last year sayin it was him holding Tino back. I hope it is now clear to those people that Cortez was trying to work with Tinos limited abilities and things probably would have looked a lot worse had he let Tino "loose". Had he given Tino a more aggressive offence it would have been a disaster and more than likely a turnover fest that would have set CC on a rampage.


I think Cortez is one of the best OCs in the league. Just not sure he fit the culture of the locker room here.