2014 Tiger Cats Helmet Logo

To Embrace the saying " Its The New Black" for the 2014 Season my Idea is an all Black Leaping Tiger On Black Helmet

would look real cool at certain angles im sure :slight_smile:

Wow, that would be pretty lame. Black on black is really silly, especially for sports. The whole point of having logos (and numbers) on helmets and/or jerseys is for identification, so that people can easily see the logo (and know who's playing). Except for close-ups, it would just look like a plain black helmet on TV (and let's hope they don't do what BC did and use black numbers with a yellow outline on the home jerseys).
If teams want to release "cool" looking themed jerseys aimed at the youth market, then go ahead and offer them for sale in the team stores. There is no rule that anything you sell in a jersey style shirt has to be worn on the field by the team. On field uniforms should have easily visible logos and numbers. Sell as many "cool" alternate jersey designs in the store (black on black, camo, pink, whatever), just keep them off the field.

This whole idea of black uniforms (unless it's already a team colour) is ridiculous. Calgary, Montreal's 3rd, Sask's former 3rd , BC's whatever the hell it is etc etc ad nauseam. Retro unis are fine but otherwise pick a set of colours and logo and stick with them.

Excuse me? An all black tiger? It's the Tiger-Cats, not the Panther-Cats. Tigers have stripes. Discernable stripes. Yellow (or gold, if you prefer) stripes.

We finally got the stripes back on the jersey. Don't take the tiger off the helmet, except maybe if they replace it with "TC" or the players' numbers for the occasional "Retro night".

(Or were you going for sarcasm?)



Don't mess with the logo

and please don't release a black numbers on black jersey.

The new matted looks in college and the NFL look amazing.
We should be the first to jump on it.

BC's black on black uni's were a hit....they sold out within hours and had to take back orders....
Maybe hard to see the numbers, but a merchandising and marketing hit..

I hope they add the stripes on the helmets from 1989 - a yellow stripe with a white stripe on each side.

You know it's not the mid-90's anymore, right? Black is lame. If anything, the Tiger-Cats should consider bringing back the yellow helmet

Ok where to Start

StampsRock Helmet Logo nothing else no numbers just 1 season of the Helmet logo

Gern_B , Black is one of our colours

The rest of you guys saying Yellow GRRRRRRR we are not the Steelers we are the Ticats and its GOLD!!!!!! not yellow :cowboy:
and those Gold Helmets would make us look like we stuck in the 70,s changing Helmets to black was best move we ever done on the helmets

any true longtime fans would recall the battle we had with the NFL with the "Real Men Wear Black" saying, the cats coined that long befor the raiders were even a team

Older-style helmets with new jerseys.




I only suggested the "TC" or numbers on the helmets as an option for a "Retro Night" game, but it would have to be on the gold helmets, not on the black ones like they did a few years back. But I'd prefer the old logo on the gold helmets for those games. We wore that for a lot longer.

For regular games, I'd say the black helmet with the logo (and I'll tolerate the new logo, I guess) - and at least a gold stripe. Bring back the stripe.

I like the yellow helmets!

Eastend, maybe I worded it wrong. I'm talking about teams like Calgary, Sask and Montreal who historically haven't worn black taking it up. My only complaint about Hamilton (and BC) was that black-on-black would be kind of ridiculous, besides being very hard to make out.

If they ever do a Hamilton Tigers retro jersey, I would like to see the plain H logo here on a black helmet

[url=http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/c/c9/The_Tigers_of_Hamilton_football_team.jpg]http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/c ... l_team.jpg[/url] [url=http://cfl.uploads.mrx.ca/league/images/en/general/2012/09/crop_18942572901.jpg]http://cfl.uploads.mrx.ca/league/images ... 572901.jpg[/url]

To go with these uniforms, with plain white numbers (that the Wildcats first used) not those white boxes Pittburgh's retros have.

[url=http://cfl.uploads.mrx.ca/league/images/en/general/2012/09/crop_18942471110.jpg]http://cfl.uploads.mrx.ca/league/images ... 471110.jpg[/url] http://www.htcaa.ca/grfx/ticatJerseys.jpg (far left one)

That or a 50s retro at some point, it's a rare decent looking yellow uniform.

Not good. The black helmets look fierce. We have the best logo and uniforms in the league...don't mess with it!
Black on black is ridiculous.

I think Hamilton has the best logo, nickname, colours and, currently, the best jerseys. They're a big improvement from one used a couple of years ago. One of those "less is more" situations. It's perfect really, no need to change it any time soon. Love the stripes.
One thing I might like to see is a modern re-do of the jersey from the 1980's which I'm pretty sure I read somewhere was chosen as the number 1 CFL jersey of all time.
I might be alone in this, I don't know, but I really love the current away jersey. In fact I'm currently getting a Hamilton native friend of mine to send me a jersey and I'm considering getting the away kit.
I think the black on black might work for a once off or for merchandise but they are after all the boys in Black and Gold. :wink: