2014 TiCats Roster Info/Analysis/Stats & Other Trivial Stuff

As of Tuesday June 24th, 2014, there are 74 players on the Hamilton Tiger-Cats. That’s when you combine the Active & Practice Rosters, 1 & 6 Game Injured & Suspended Lists.

The average age of the players is 26.22 years old or just under 26 yrs & 3 months. The median age, who just happens to be the starting Quarterback Zach Collaros is 25.84 years or 25 years & 10 months old.

9 players are under the age of 23 … or approximately 12% of the roster
25 players are under the age of 25 … or approximately 34% of the roster
54 players are under the age of 27 … or approximately 73% of the roster
68 players are under the age of 30 … or approximately 92% of the roster
6 players are over the age of 30 … or approximately 8% of the roster

The youngest player is #2 draft pick Beau Landry at 22.77 years of age while the oldest player is Tim O’Neill at 34.71 years of age.

The team has an average of 1.66 years of playing experience in the CFL while just 0.91 years with the TiCats.

There are 23 newcomers to the CFL & 22 players have completed their rookie year. That’s almost 61% of the roster with 1 or less years of experience in the league.

Almost 30% of the team or 22 players to be exact, have between 2 & 4 years of experience in the CFL. That leaves just 9% of the team with 5 or more years of experience playing the Canadian game at a professional level.

The player with the most CFL experience is none other than Andy Fantuz with 8 years in the league.

31 players or almost 42% are new to TiCats this year while 29 players or just over 39% were new to the team last year. That makes 60 players or 81% of the team that has been acquired by Kent Austin leaving only 14 players or roughly 19% B.K.A. (Before Kent Austin)

The player with the longest tenure with the team is none other than Peter Dyakowski with 7 years under his belt as a TiCat.

Speaking of weight … the average for the roster is just an ounce over 236 pounds. The median weight is 220 pounds. Brandon Banks is again the lightest at just 153 pounds. And if you weigh Brandon twice, you’d still be 19 pounds short of matching Peter Dyakowski’s team-scale-tipping 325 pounds or 147.41 kilograms or 23.21 Stones.

The average height for the Hamilton Tiger Cats is 73.41 inches or just a shade over 6’1?. The shortest player is once again Tavoy Moore at just 5’6? while Joel Reinders is once again the tallest at 6’8?!

So … in the end … Your average TiCat player is 6’1?, 236 pounds, 26.22 years of age. He has played in the CFL for 1.66 years and has been with the Hamilton Tiger-Cats for 0.91 years.

The cumulative age of the TiCats is 1940 years or an aggregated birth year of 74 AD - The Year of the Consulship of Titus & Vespasianus!

The cumulative height of the entire team is 452 feet. If you were to stand each player on top of each other, the team would be taller than Hamilton’s tallest building; Landmark Place @ only 417 feet! If you laid the team on the ground head to toe, they’d span an entire CFL field from the back of one end-zone to the other!

The cumulative weight of the TiCats is 17,467 pounds or about the size of the largest female Killer Whale on record. Or 3 Cadillac Escalades or 10 SmartCars!!!

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I didn't know that .

[i][b]Well then ... let's have a little fun before we return to hard stats & numbers & the like ...

So! What’s in a Nickname? A Team’s Name? Their Mascot? [/b][/i]

Lions, Tigers & Bears … Oh My!

Yes, there is at least one of each when it comes to Hamilton player’s alma mater affiliations, but if you’re looking for one word to describe the teams where TiCat players earned their future professional stripes in amateur football … That word would be:


There are 8 different types of “Golden? as far as alumni football team names. Golden Bears, Golden Flashes, Golden Gaels, Golden Gophers, Golden Hawks, Golden Lions, Golden Panthers & Golden Rams! That’s not even counting the former Rouge et Or & Vert et Or players!

Of course other colours are well represented. Whether it be Blue as in Devil or Varsity, or Red as in Big or Wolf in addition to the deeper pigment of Cardinal!

Felines seem to be a popular & appropriate identifier for a lot of the players prior to their arrival in Hamilton. There’s a Tiger each from Auburn & LSU. There’s also a couple Wildcats one being from Kansas State & the other from Central Washington. Add the aforementioned Golden Lions & Panthers and you get a grand total of 6 from the Felidae Family! And of course there’s a Bearcat … whatever that happens to be … if that counts … maybe only a half!

Brands from Henry Ford are also very popular with TiCat players and the schools where they came from. The lot is full with four Mustangs & one Bronco. Wait a second, I think those names may be more of an equine reference!

There are 4 Huskies on the roster this season. Three of the CIS Saint Mary’s type in addition to one from Northern Illinois. Still not enough for a sled dog team but the core foundation is there!

There are a number of team name/mascots that come from 2 different schools.

Currently there are two Hurricanes forming in Hamilton & Miami. There’s a couple Trojans on the team one each from USC & Troy. Ruling the roost are a Gamecock each from South Carolina as well as Jacksonville State. After a year up in Guelph is surprising that we only have a couple Aggies with one from Texas A&M and the other from UC-Davis.

Now, if Kent Austin was building an Ark he’d have 2 each from the schools that produce Rebels, Sooners & Chippewas!

Ever heard the story of the three little bears? The TiCats have a Bruin in addition to the aforementioned Golden type bear as well as the genetically altered Bearcat.

Large stampeding animals are also popular with two Bulls, one Bison & a Maverick. Add to that a couple Dino’s and you would have an absolutely outstanding offensive line!

Did you know that the TiCats have X-Men? And they also have Wolverine! If that’s not enough we have a Demon Deacon and a Monster as well!

Considering the minimal gains made by the players in the recent CBA, it’s good that they have solid vocations to fall back upon. We have players with training as Axemen, Miners, Vulcans, & Cornhuskers. But perhaps next time if they want to really get their fair share they should appoint a Cavalier or Viking that currently reside on their roster!

A Knight, a Marauder & a Pirate walk into a talent agency … (We’re the Aristocrats!)

I sure hope The Clan & The Tribe & The Warriors aren’t sitting close to each other in the locker room but if so I’m sure the Mountie will be able to keep the peace!

As far as things that can fly, there’s a couple birds represented with Eagles & Seahawks as well as those pesky Hornets! (BTW … Where’s a Purple Marten when you need one? Hey That’s A Great Name! The Plattsburgh Penitentiary Purple Martens!)