2014 TiCats "Haunt" Team/Roster

Whenever a player is released or traded by the TiCats, inevitably someone will most likely say; "They'll come back to haunt us!"

So with that in mind, I decided to put together a roster of Ex-TiCats for the 2014 season. To qualify, the player has to have dressed/played as a TiCat in a regular season game in the past. They also have to be on a CFL roster as of today March 13th, 2014. (Those two rules exclude certain players in particular. For example ... Martel Mallet is on a roster but never played a regular season game as a TiCat. Arland Bruce played many regular season games for Hamilton, but currently is not on a roster.)

So without further adieu ... Here is my 2014 Ex-TiCats Team! (NI = Non Import / IMP = Import)

42 Man - Active Game-Day Roster (S = Starter / B = Backup)

1 OL - Pascal Baillargeon - NI - S
2 P - Josh Bartel - NI - S
3 WR - Matt Carter - NI - S
4 SB - Chris Getzlaf - NI - S
5 OL - Marwan Hage - NI - S
6 K - Justin Palardy - NI - S
7 OL - Brian Ramsey - NI - S
8 DL - Jermaine Reid - NI - S
9 OL - Simeon Rottier - NI - S
10 LS - Kevin Scott - NI - S
11 OL - Wayne Smith - NI - S
12 SB - Dave Stala - NI - S
13 FB - Darryl Stephenson - NI - S
14 DB - Dwight Anderson - IMP - S
15 DL - Demonte Bolden - IMP - S
16 QB - Henry Burris - IMP - S
17 DB - Ricardo Colclough - IMP - S
18 LB - Kyries Hebert - IMP - S
19 LB - Jamal Johnson - IMP - S
20 WR - Aaron Kelly - IMP - S
21 SB - Marquay McDaniel - IMP - S
22 DL - Jermaine McElveen - IMP - S
23 DL - Greg Peach - IMP - S
24 DB - Carlos Thomas - IMP - S
25 DB - Chris Thompson - IMP - S
26 DB - Geoff Tisdale - IMP - S
27 RB - Chevon Walker - IMP - S
28 LB - Rey Williams - IMP - S
29 WR - Chris Bauman - NI - B
30 LB - Yannick Carter - NI - B
31 DB - Michael Carter - NI - B
32 FB - John Delahunt - NI - B
33 LB - Jonathan Hood - NI - B
34 WR - Liam Mahoney - NI - B
35 DL - Eddie Steele - NI - B
36 QB - Brian Brohm - IMP - B
37 LB - Brandon Denson - IMP - B
38 QB - Kevin Glenn - IMP - B
39 DB - Ryan Lacey - IMP - B
40 DB - Bo Smith - IMP - B
41 DB - Woodny Turenne - IMP - B
42 DB - Marcell Young - IMP - B

4 Man Active Game-Day Reserve (4MR)

43 DB - Matt Bucknor - NI - 4MR
44 WR - Simon Charbonneau-Campeau - NI - 4MR
45 LB - Nathan Kanya - NI - 4MR
46 LB - Shomari Williams - NI - 4MR

Practice Roster (PR)

47 WR - Jordan Brescacin - NI - PR
48 LB - Philippe Dubuisson-Lebon - NI - PR
49 DB - Ryan Hinds - NI - PR
50 LS - Kyle Jones - NI - PR
51 SB - Rory Kohlert - NI - PR
52 WR - Simon Le Marquand - NI - PR
53 LS - Jordan Matechuk - NI - PR
54 DB - Chris Rwambukamba - NI - PR

The Game-Day Depth Chart would look as follows;

DE = Greg Peach
DT = Jermaine Reid - Eddie Steele
DT = Demonte Bolden
DE = Jermaine McElveen

LB = Kyries Hebert - Jonathan Hood - Yannick - Carter
LB = Rey Williams - Brandon Denson
LB = Jamal Johnson - Shomari Williams (R) - Nathan Kanya (R)

CB = Ricardo Colclough - Bo Smith
DB = Chris Thompson - Ryan Lacey - Matt Bucknor (R)
S = Carlos Thomas - Woodny Turenne
DB = Geoff Tisdale - Marcell Young
CB = Dwight Anderson - Michael Carter

QB = Henry Burris - Kevin Glenn - Brian Brohm
RB = Chevon Walker
FB = Darryl Stephenson - John Delahunt

LT = Wayne Smith
LG = Brian Ramsey
C = Marwan Hage
RG = Simeon Rottier
RT = Pascal Baillargeon

WR = Matt Carter - Simon Charbonneau-Campeau (R)
SB = Chris Getzlaf - Chris Bauman
SB = Marquay McDaniel - Liam Mahoney
SB = Dave Stala
WR = Aaron Kelly

LS = Kevin Scott
K = Justin Palardy
P = Josh Bartel

Last minute change … I’m starting Kevin Glenn over Henry Burris … Just 'cause I can! And to piss Henry off!

LOL!!!! Nice team,you have there,Fender.I did a similiar thread to this last season,my X-Cat squad,if I can find it,I'll repost and we can compare teams,one year later,it'll be interesting to see what team looks better on paper. :cowboy: :slight_smile:

Found it!!!! Here it is my 2013 Ex-Ti-Cat team :lol: The big difference with my team is that I included x-Cats that are in the NFL.....(McIntrye,Hickman,Thigpen,Medlock)as well as players that were as of the post currently on CFL squads...so without further adieu....let's compare teams....Who would win a game between the 2013 Ex-Cats and the 2014 Ti-Cat Haunt Squad :cowboy:



Just to clarify: these are only the guys that will haunt us, right?
The list of guys who will bite us in the @ss is, I hope, much shorter.

The 2014 TiCats "Haunt" Team announces the following transactions:

Released ... Chris Bauman - NI - WR
Released ... Darryl Stephenson - NI - FB
Retired ... Marwan Hage - NI - C

Acquired ... Cody Husband - NI - OL (Placed on Active roster - Starter)
Acquired ... Louie Richardson - NI - LB (Placed on Active Roster)

A big thanks to fenderguy for maintaining this list.

One piece of info that would be really great to have for each of the roster team's members is the associated "haunt" ranking ie a ranking attesting to the degree of "haunting" said player has inflicted on the TiCats......a meaty task for a motivated individual who has a lot of time on their hands.

Like Fenderguy and BoBo

How about a list of the ex-other teams current Ticat players that will "haunt" their old teams? Shouldn't it work both ways?

LOL!!!! Looking at Fender's team.....delete DB-Bo Smith-released/delete LB-Rey Williams-retired/delete-WR-Liam Mahoney-released.....Acquired Brandon Isaac-LB(Placed on Active roster-starter)

Someone posted that someone should grade this "Haunt" team,naturally Fender and myself were mentioned as candidates for the job :wink: So here goes,in all honesty this team doesn't look like it could do much haunting IMO,In fact I don't think it could do much winning as well.I would give this team maybe at best a 6-12 regular season record.I graded the team by position
and looking at the lineup,outside of a few players,it's obvious why the majority of this team are X's and no longer Cats,so without further adieu here are the grades by position for team "Haunt" :lol:

QB.....grade "C" Burris and Glenn on the same team???? :roll: two words sum this up: RED and BLACK :wink:
RB.....grade "C" Walker with no back-up? Twice had the starters role here and twice failed to keep it IMO a good relieve pitcher,not proven as an everyday starter
REC...grade "C" McDaniel and Getzlaf and maybe Kelly,but not much else here,no depth and Stala's career winding down
FB.....grade "C" Delahunt can't do it by himself,perhaps the "Haunts" can sign up Deidrick :roll:
OL.....grade "F' Two words can sum up this bunch.....Brutal and OUCH !!!!
K/LS...grade"B" They maybe a "B".....but Medlock is an A+ :smiley:
D.L....grade "D" Bolden and McElveen and not much else here to scare anybody
L.B....grade "B" Probably the strongest unit on the team,starters being Isaac and Hebert outside and J.J in the middle
D.B....grade"D" I wouldn't have any of these guys on my team,Thompson is the best of a bad bunch and his best days are behind him.Six of these guys were part of possibly the worst secondary in team history in 2012 :thdn:
So in closing,I'd have to say that team "Haunt" to me isn't a very scary team at all and on paper a very mediocre team at best. :cowboy:

Throw Dee Webb in there now and that’s a solid looking team on paper.

Thanks bobo - that someone was me.

What I meant was some ranking or indication as to how much harm each of these players have inflicted directly on the TiCats in games played since being traded/released by the Cats. The only players that I can think of that have caused any kind of damage when playing the Cats are players like Getzlaf, Chris Thompson, Dwight Anderson (?) and Marquay McDaniel (?).

I still can't believe we let Quinton Porter get away. Obviously we weren't using him correctly. Just look at how he's set the league on fire since leaving the Cats. :roll:

Throw Dee Webb in there and that secondary still looks like Crap!!!! Webb was the last man standing from that wretched backfield from that 2012 season.Like I said before that group of DB's was possibly one of the worst if not the worst that this team has ever had in Ti-Cat history IMO none of them would make the team now and none of them are missed and none of them are even close to having the ability of even saying "Boo" let alone "Haunting" us. :stuck_out_tongue: :thdn:

As Associate General Manager of the 2014 Hamilton HauntCats (Along with Bobo of course), we wanted to build a team around our strongest assets & what we feel will be the most important aspect of our team's inaugural season ...

... Long-snapper & Punter!

With that in mind ... we are pleased to announce that our team captains will be Kevin Scott & Josh Bartel. We are also pleased to announce that we have signed both Kyle & Josh to new contract extensions. 10 years. Guaranteed. $450K per season.

"We firmly believe these moves solidify the core of our franchise for years to come & reinforces our commitment to punting & competing with the elite franchises in the league one point at a time"; said Associate GM Bobo.

The Hamilton "HauntCats" announce along with the signing of db-Dee Webb the signings of WR-Dobson Collins,DB-Will Heyward and are in negiotations currently with WR-Jay Diston and DB-Arthor Hobbs.The team has also signed Quinton Porter as their new Q.B. coach and Arland Bruce as Receivers coach as well as Bo Smith as the new DB coach and Markeith Knowlton as LB coach.Head coach Georgie Cortez when asked about these new signings was quoted as saying "Gosh Dar'net" I'm so happy that I almost got my sharpie stuck up in my nose!!!! In other news the team announced that Denny Creehan will be head waterboy and towel fetcher this season.Creehan when asked about his new position said I realize that being head waterboy is a very complex and complicated position,but I hope I can handle it :cowboy:Finally the team announced that the new mascot for this season will be called CASPER "the friendly ghost" replacing the old mascot known as T.C. :lol:

The HauntCats announce the release of lb/db-Ricardo Colclough.He is now officially on team "JAUNT" short for
J ustAnotherUNemployed ex T i-Cat. :lol: :cowboy: :slight_smile:

Players released by the 2014 TiCats "Haunt" Team Roster ...

LB - Brandon Denson (Released by Ottawa)
WR - Jordan Brescacin (Released by Winnipeg)
DB - Will Heyward (Released by Ottawa)

Recent transactions by the 2014 TiCats "Haunt" Team Roster ...

DEL - DB - Demetrice Webb (Released by Calgary)

TRF - DB - Carlos Thomas has been placed on the 6 game IR

TRF - DB - Ryan Hinds has been transferred from the Practice Roster to the Active Roster

Feel bad for Dee Webb, I know it's a business, but he seems like a good guy to have on a team, despite some penalties he would take.

Hopefully he can catch on elsewhere.