2014 season schedule?

Just wondering if anyone here knows when the cfl plans to release the schedule for 2014? I know in past years they have released it a couple of months into the new year, but don't understand why the fact they wait for the last second to do this. When other leagues as MLB put there schedule out a few months ago,mls put there schedule for 2014 a couple months ago when the season was still going on,cis football released there schedule last week,nfl are working on there schedule and have announced some dates already,etc..

They usually do it in mid Feb. Teh reason it takes long is that they also have to combat with concerts and other things. At least that is what I assume. I think they also like to spread announcements out.

Should imagine it's pretty complicated and the teams will be arguing over the big dates like Labour Day weekend.
Who sits out the Labour Day game? will it be rotated every year? Should Hamilton get the Labour Day game every year or should the other teams in the East get a turn at it. Not as easy to make up schedule with 9 teams and with the Argos waiting for dates when the Jays aren't playing.

But wouldn't you think if you were the cfl that you would want the schedule out already. If you want to start selling early season tickets,flex packs etc.. How hard is it for the league to get this done by now almost all the teams in the cfl play in a stadium where they are basically the lone tenant to the building. I just find it amazing how these guys can mess up on the schedule as well when they put it out like last years labour day game!

Instead of asking CFL fans go ask them yourself


For starters, MLS did not release their schedule "a couple of months ago", they released it less than a month ago (Nov. 25th to be exact) and the season wasn't really still going on as there was only the championship game left to be played.

The NFL has only announced 3 games so far and they are games to be played in London. The NFL usually releases their full schedule around mid April.

If you look at the length of time between schedule release and season start dates, most pro leagues release them with around the same length of time between the two dates.

NFL usually releases their schedule mid April with a start date in early Sept. (5 month gap)
MLS usually releases end of Nov. with a start date of early March (just over 3 month gap)
MLB usually releases early Sept. with a start date of mid March (6 month gap)
CFL usually releases mid Feb. with a start date of early July (5 month gap)
NHL usually releases end of June with a start date of mid Sept. (less than 3 month gap)

So the CFL does not wait until the last second as you claim.

Now, last year was a bit of an off year for the CFL schedule release due to Hamilton having no home stadium and schedule makers having to be sure that the stadium in Winnipeg would be ready in time for the start of the season. So it was early March when they released it.

And as for your most recent comment..

I am assuming you mean how there was no Labour Day game between Hamilton and Toronto. They didn't "mess up". There was no way it could have worked. There was already a game scheduled for that day at the University of Guelph stadium, and in Toronto, the Blue Jays had a home game the day before which didn't allow enough time to change the configuration for football to be played.

You telling me that the cfl couldn't work something with the university of guelf to schedule there game on a different day or have it as a double header?

Another issue with having the LD there would have been traffic as that day there are alot of students moving and most universities are a mad house of confusion.

As a matter of fact the CFL does wait until the last minute and have the shortest lead time of all the leagues. Last year it was into March, not mid Feb, which was around 3 1/2 months prior to the season start. Mid Feb would be barely 4 1/2 months with the first game played 27 June so I'm not sure what math gave you 5 months. The CFL drags its feet which is why the idiotic scheduling they had last year with Tuesday night games and no Argos-Ti Cats Labour Day game. League fumbles this task massively.

There isn't that much arguing about Labour day.

The Battle of Alberta + Prairies are set in stone.
Battle of the GTA also seems to make a lot of sense to lock in stone now that Hammy has it's new digs, and the Jays schedule works that the LDC be played in Hammy and re-match in TO.

The complications with the CFL schedule are:
A) Toronto doesn't control their own stadium
B) TSN/TV schedule
I believe the other 8 teams all have a lot of control of their facilities(BC and the whitecaps being the only possible exception as it could be more of a 50/50 split.. although the MLS sched is already out too).

All that said, the CFL schedule is normally released in Feb, prior to FA. Last year it was delayed due to complications with Toronto and I believe the Hamilton/Guelph situation.
This year it's back to just the stinking Jays complicating things.. although the Jays schedule is out already, so it would seem easy IMO to build the Argos schedule first and then build the other 8 teams around it.

Put their pre-season game + 6-7 regular season home games on days the Jays play away on the Friday/Sat, then give them the remaining 2-3 home games over the last 3-4 weeks of the season, because we all know the Jays aren't playing into October. ESPECIALLY late October, haha.

It's not just the CFL & Stadium availability.
It's also TSN's availability to broadcast.

The British Open between July 17th and the 20th may eliminate any 1pm weekend games from being played.
The PGA Championship between August 7–10 will probably eliminate any 1 & 4pm starts, that weekend too.

We are also waiting to see what schedule TSN picks up for soccer. Although they always have MLS on TSN2 if there is a conflict with the CFL.

There is also the issue of 2 completely new stadiums and to make sure they will be delivered on time. I wouldn't be surprised to see the schedule delayed until mid-march.

FYI - Argos will be given 11 dates for 9 regular season home games. I've already worked it out.

Essentially… yes. First off, how do you know they didn’t ask the university if they would move their game? And even if they did, why should Guelph even bother entertaining the idea when they had their schedule set long before the CFL makes their schedule. Besides, a quick look at their schedule shows that they always play on Labour day, and it looks like they alternate home and away each year, this was their year for a home Labour day game.

And a double header would have been almost impossible to pull off. The university game was a 1pm start. They couldn’t put the CFL game before that because in order to give the university players enough time to use the locker room and field for warm up, the CFL players would have had to be out of there by 11:30am. In order for that to happen, the game would have to be over by 10:30 (11 at the absolute latest). That would mean a 7:30 or 8am start. Not going to happen…. EVER.

If they were to put the CFL game after the university game, it would have needed to be a 7pm start as the CFL players generally require about 2 hours before the game to go through their walk through, warm up, and what ever other preparations they need. But a 7pm start wouldn’t work as that means fans are getting out at 10pm and most still have to make the hour or more drive depending on where they live. There was a reason that all regular season games played in Guelph started at 6pm or earlier.

Look… it was a one off year. Sometimes things don’t always work out the way you want them to. From the sounds of things, there was not much the league could do.. so they sacrificed the game for one year. Big deal. It’s not like missing that game this year was going to kill the league or sink either Hamilton or Toronto. I think a good majority of fans can understand and appreciate that this was an odd year for Hamilton with them not having a real home stadium, and don’t see the missing of the Labour day game as much of an issue.

Yes, it’s too bad it couldn’t be held. Yes it would have been nice if somehow it could have been worked out. But no, it’s not as big of an issue as you’re making it out to be.

If it’s really that big of an issue for you, take it up with the league… or better yet… direct your frustration to Bob Young and/or the city of Hamilton. If they had come to an agreement a couple of years earlier instead of arguing and throwing out threats at each other all that time, Hamilton could have still been playing at Ivor Wynne while the new stadium was being built.

Yes.. it’s 4 ½ months.. I rounded. Same with the NFL.. it’s 4 ½ months as well.

Since you’re going to nitpick over 2 weeks and throw out the “not sure what math gave you? BS over two weeks… well.. I’ll nitpick your comprehension of my post and question your math.

Yes, last year it was released early March, not mid February. If you bothered to pay attention to the words in my post, you would have noticed two things..

Note the word usually.

u•su•al•ly, adverb
customarily; at most times; in the ordinary course of events

You should have also noticed the following in my post…

As for your statement of “and have the shortest lead time of all the leagues?. I’m not sure what math gave you 4 ½ months being shorter than the 3 months for the MLS and NHL.

As for the two Tuesday night games and the no Labour day game… obviously the league wouldn’t have wanted Tuesday games and they would have wanted the Labour day game. But even if they didn’t “drag their feet? as you claim they did… there still would have been no Labour day game as both MLB and CIS had their schedules done up well before the CFL season had ended. And there is no guarantee that they could have avoided the Tuesday night games.

Making a schedule isn’t as easy as I think (based on your comment) you think it is. You can’t just say.. “here are all the games and the dates we want to have them on? and have it all work just like that. For example, as of right now, there are a maximum of 6 available weekends in Rogers Centre for the Argos to host games between June 27th and the end of September. That includes just a single weekend in the month of August. That doesn’t really leave much room to play with.

They would have to secure 5 if not all 6 of those weekends in order to avoid playing their last 5 games of the season at home. While that might be ok with the Argos to have so many home games in the last few weeks of the season, that in a way gives them an unfair advantage. It would also cut into single ticket sales for those games having 5 in a row at home.

It would be nice if the schedule makers could just snap their fingers and have a perfect schedule every year, but that is not reality. Reality is limited stadium availability, tv schedule availability, each team having their preferences for what days they would like, making sure the schedule is balanced.. and all the other little obstacles that schedule makers have to work around.

Defends the lazy and slow schedulers at the CFL all you want, bottom line, their main issue is with the Argos/Skydome/Jays issues and they make no effort to work with the Jays/Skydome to make it work. Last year their complacency not only cost them any shot they had at a Labour Day game in Toronto it also cost them their traditional rematch at Skydome the following weekend.

CFL schedulers are equally as inept as the leagues video review officials. Much like the kid who finally does that big school project on the night before it's due, it does get done, but clearly shows the complete lack of effort put into it.

Ding ding ding, we have our winner.

I wonder if the Argos will get more then 10 dates to choose from in 2014.

It's amazing to sit back and listen to all the people who like to defend the cfl lazy and unprofessional work they do. Sure the cfl has made some great strides within the last few years but they have to do better on the schedule part. Working with a university that avgs 400 fans a game should not be hard to negotiate with. As well as the skydome the place remains empty on nights the jays are not playing should not be hard to work out a schedule that works well for both of them.

Don,t forget teams are still signing free agents and may lose players to the draft and NFL . I'm thinking the marketing department would like to know if any new impact players are on the way so they gear their season ticket campaign towards certain players.

Just another poor excuse to why they can't release a schedule on time!

Although I would like to see the season schedule out earlier as well it is just not going to happen with the stadium situations.
I do however feel they should be setting up the pre season schedule now.
They know that Ottawa, Hamilton, and Toronto will not be able to host a home pre season game. This is the time to get that sorted out and make arrngements and release dates of alternative sites.

For example getting a date and ceromony in place for Hamilton to play at Guelph and present them with an Eastern Championsip Banner for their cooperation.

2nd it would be easy for Toronto just to play thier home pre season game at Varsity giving season ticket holders the choice of going to the pre season game or comping tickets for a regular season game.
Why not get organized and bring a game vs Hamilton to London. Have the CFL promote the game like they do with the Game at Moncton.
With both Argos and Hamilton season ticket holders not all being able to be accommodated for the smaller pre season venues organize early to have a season opening rematch of the eastern final at Rogers Centre on a saturday afternoon with both season ticket holders who have comped tickets organized to attend that game. Also make availble Tickets to Hamilton season ticket Holders who do go to guelf able to buy a ticket to the game at the RC rematch as part of their season ticket package.
You organize that now and you will get 40K plus at Rogers Centre for that game.

3rd the CFL and the Riders begin negotiations to invite and pay for the cost to invite Ottawa to a pre season game in Saskatoon to go along with their regular pre season at Mosaic.
This will serve two purposes. One it give the Riders a chance to also presnt a Grey Cup Banner to Saksatoon and bring a game to the people who support the riders to the North. The Riders having Training camp in Saskatoon again as well ending with a pre season game will be very very popular and a great business chance. second it will be Ottawa’s official intro to the CFL to the west.

Finally for gosh sakes have every pre season game have a broadcast crew from TSN/RDS at every game. Even if they cnnot not show all of the games live on TSN/RDS it gives each team a chance to get the game on a local or regional network. Hamilton did this on their own last season producing their own home game and showing it on a local Hamilton Network.
Also all of the games can be rebraodcast on tape delay and be available on VOD. Many fans, likw myself, love to see the potential rookies play as well as potencial new import stars to the CFL.

They do not need to have an opening game on a Thursday Night like the NFL. Iwould rather see a Friday Night football doubleheader. Maybe ine in Montreal and one in Vancouver.
Saturdays games rematch of the east and West Finals double header. Hamilton and Toronto late afternoon start giving everyone from Toronto and Hamilton a good chance to get to the game.
The Riders at Calgary second half of the double header. The Rider fans will be breaking at the seems to get to the season opener in Calgary and Calgary fans can show their anger by buying up all the tickets they can and beat the defending Grey Cup Champs.

Also get the date now for the TD Atlantic game. The Argos should begin a 2 or three year series at Koncton where the CFL takes care of all costs and the Argos can lose one of those tueday night games that hardley anyone goes to. I know this leaves the Argos with only 8 home games but no one goes to the pre season game anyway and the tueday night game is poorly attended. Also gives them 8 games to see the Argos live. A slightly better supply and demand for a ticket to see the Argos.

So now it's not just Rudge that's lazy, but the league itself....................... wow............ just............... wow......

It never ends.