2014 season: bold statements / question marks for your team

I'll start with BC.

Bold statements:

  • Linebacking crew of Bighill, Elimimian, and Jamall Johnson
  • Backfield of Harris and Logan
  • Two newcomers at QB have looked good at camp: ex-NFLer John Beck and rookie Travis Partridge (Missouri Western). We'll see.

Question marks:

  • Lulay's health. Still only lightly tossing the football after off-season shoulder surgery to repair torn labrum. There's no way he's starting the season. Thank God we made the deal for Kevin Glenn. Can he learn the offense/receivers in time?
  • Largely unproven non-imports on the offensive line. Replacing Ben Archibald at LT with another import

Bold Statements

Ottawa will be in the Eastern final vs Montreal.

Bold Statements

Tate will make it through a whole game, YES I said whole game :lol:

He said bold statement, not crazy talk. (Montreal in the finals. Unbelievable, some people.) :lol:

Bold Statement

  • Ticats will have three of the top ten receivers in the league.
  • Gable will be in the top two in the league for total offensive yards.
  • Unlike recent years, Ticats defense will actually get at least one pick in the first five games. (Not in each game. Let's not go crazy here. Just at least one over the five games.)
  • Ticats will be top two for stopping the run AND in number of sacks.

Question Marks

  • Collaros. Is he as good as Austin thinks he is? Will he actually be able to lead this team?
  • Fullback. I couldn't believe that they left Delahunt unprotected in the expansion draft. (Redblacks got a good one there.) And then to replace him with a to-be-converted linebacker? I wonder if they ever have him go out for a pass or carry the ball. Or have they just decided to go with a five receiver set the whole year, using a FB only in special situations?

Dwight Anderson has a huge standout season.
Roughriders win yet another Grey Cup... :rockin:

Argos will average less than 20,000 a game this year....its a gimmee

Bold statement

  • Brandon Banks will have a breakout year, approaching Chris Williams type numbers.
  • Boudreaux and Laurent will hit 18+ sacks combined.
  • QB Corey Robinson to emerge as #2
  • best LB core in the Eastern Division
  • Cats will equal last season's record (10-8)
  • offensive output will reach 500+ pts. for the season.

Question marks

  • Collaros composure or lack thereof
  • OL both in terms of run stop/protection as well as crushing loss of Dyakowski
  • Medlock (little game action past two years)
  • Lamar psychologically reticent?
  • stadium readiness/completion projections

Question marks

I too am a little shocked that Austin has not made a move to get a more modern Style FB that plays more of a TE/H-back role being a little taller like Delahunt and that both block and receiver. Prime moving to FB at 6'1" How will he be used.

Other than that Hamilton is loaded everywhere in every way. Aside from a new starting QB. I am really not too sure if Collaros is that much better than the other QBs they brought back from last year.

I think the Lions are in very good shape, better than people may be expecting. rember how good they were with a healthy Lulay. Demarco was just not ready and it showed. The offense will have much more confidense with Glenn should he have to start the season. Taking no Chances in bringing in an NFL vet. Yes many former NFL QBs dont do well but there are a plenty that do. All the QBs are imports so there are a plenty of guys who have success jumping leagues.

Tim Brown. What are they going to do with RB/return specialist Tim Brown. Will they be able to keep both he and Logan again this season. If not Brown could be an answer for several teams being a 2nd RB and returner all packaged into one. Kind of flew under the Radar in BC with Harris at RB and Lulay running the show. Also has been as good as they come as a returner but has been well over shadowed when Owens had his all purpose yards record

More of a league-wide perspective, but...

Bold Statements

  • Joel Figueroa wins Most Outstanding Lineman
  • John Chiles leads the league in receiving
  • Montreal goes the rest of the year without firing anyone :wink:
  • Rennie Curran accumulates 100+ tackles, 5+ sacks, and 3+ interceptions
  • The Bombers and Eskimos each double their win total from 2013.
  • Calgary wins 14 games for the second straight year.
  • B.C. and Saskatchewan both finish below .500

Bold Statements:

-Durant will surpass career bench marks set last season, will have a TD-INT ratio of +10
-Roughriders new RB will rush for more than 800 yards and +6 TD's
-Taj Smith will lead the Riders in Receiving with another 1000 yard season.

Riders defense will rank top 3 in the league
Chick will have 7+ sacks

Not sure if this is a predictions thread where we make actual record predictions but I'll just do the Riders for now I'm thinking a 10-8 record 3rd in the West. While I hope for GC 102 I feel we will be eliminated in the West Final...

Question marks lie on if Durant can truly shoulder this team for 18 games without key pieces (dressler, Simon, Sheets)
Secondary without Butler raises huge concerns for me.
Runningback obviously will be up for grabs.

Bold Statement:

Riders might finish 2nd, probably 3rd, but will win all playoff games.

Question marks:

?? Defensive tackle.
?? Receiver depth.

Take it to the bank:

Drew Tate will miss at least 6 games to injury but the Stamps will not stop winning and will still finish first.


Bold Statements:
Darvin Adams leads the team in receiving TD's.

Kyle Moore leads the team in sacks

Ricky Ray has a td/int ratio of 5:1 (35-7) while playing all 18 games.

Chad Owens and Andre Durie combine for over 5000 All-purpose yards.

Question Marks:

Ray's health/Back-up QB. - This is the best line we've had since his arrival but can he survive all 18 games? Can Harris lead the team when called upon?

RB position: Who replaces Kackert as a blocker more so then a runner? Can Coombs start from day 1?

Tim Burke's defence: Thought he has had great success as a DC before, how will this personnel handle his philosophies? How long will it take them to gel?

Milanovich, Barker, Ray: How much longer will this trio be at the helm in Toronto? Ray could be one big injury away from retiring. Barker's getting old and has in contract expire at the same time as Ray. Milanovich with another successful season could hear the NFL or NCAA calling his name. His contract also expires after the 2015 season. What's the contingency plan here if the Argos lose all 3 in one year?

Synopsis: The Argos are a veteran team now in the 3rd year under Milanovich. Their offence should be top 3 (so long as Ray stays healthy) Their defence has some big question marks but with leaders like Emery, Black and Laing they should be OK. I predict they finish 11-7 and 2nd place in the East.

The Ti-Cats will finish 1rst in the East for the first time since 1998,make a 2nd consecutive Cup appearance and finally win it all for the first time since 1999
The Alouettes will miss the playoffs for the 1rst time since 1986 as injuries and inconsistent play finally do them in.
The REDBLACKS will have a successful expansion season making the playoffs squeaking into 3rd ahead of the Als by defeating them in the last game between the two teams on the season in week 18 to give them the season series.
The Argos will continue to be successful and competitive,but no one in Toronto will care as avg attendance dips around the 17-18 thousand range for the season.The Argos finish up in 2nd in the east,and are tooth and nail to get by the REDBLACKS in the East semi-final

The Stampeders will once again be 1rst in the West,but not with Tate but with Mitchell leading the way at QB
The Riders struggle this year,hampered by key defections and injuries,have a Grey Cup hangover type of year and finish below .500 at 8-10,but still manage to squeak into the play-offs in the last week of the season,but lose in the Semis to the Lions
The Lions led by Glenn finish up in 2nd place in the West after he replaces the injured Lulay down the stretch.Lions go to Grey Cup as Glenn get's his revenge on the Stamps in the West Final but break string of home team Cup victories when they lose to the Cats.
The Bombers under O'Shea show signs of life and play entertaining and enthusiastic ball unlike last year and double their win total of last season to a respectable bounce back season of 6-12 and are in the playoff hunt,just missing out late in the season.
The Eskimos also bounce back from last season finishing up at 7-11,just missing a crossover playoff spot and also 3rd in the west when they lose the final game of the season against the Riders,giving Saskatchewan the final playoff spot in the division.

Over-all prediction:2014 will be one of the most evenly matched competitively played seasons that the league has seen in years with no "free space" Bingo Card teams like in seasons past where it seemed there was always one or two teams doomed to a season total of 3 or 4 wins tops or less than that.

Might as well finish this up with a follow up post....throwing caution to the wind,with all I said on my previous post,here is my fearless forecast on what I THINK :roll: the final standings will look like at the end of this 2014 season.(Subject to change) :lol:





162 total games played.......81 wins.......81 loses. Let the great debate begin :slight_smile: right? wrong? close?not close?out to lunch? :lol:
Let's hear what everybody else thinks(I'm sure that there might just be one or two differences in opinions on this subject) :wink:

Bobo my friend, I made some adjustments above in the standings - Grey Cup in Vancouver: Argos vs Riders

I don’t know number to games won, but standings I predict as this



The magic number FYB is 81 for won/lost overall totals this season. :slight_smile:

I think the Als are going to surprise a lot of people on here.