2014 Season At THF Will Be A Sellout

Regardless of what happens at the Grey Cup on Sunday, this year has been a tremendous success for the Ti-Cats organization, the fans and the city of Hamilton. It's clear that bringing in Kent Austin was an excellent move and that he will instill a winning culture back into Ti-cats football. The momentum of the winning season, amazing playoff games and Grey Cup appearance will spill over into massive ticket sales for the 2014 season at Tim Horton's Field. Couple that with THF being a brand spanking new stadium and I expect tickets to be scarce and a hot commodity. The future looks fantastic for the Cats and the CFL. :smiley:

Average attendant was greater than 22,500 in the old IWS, wasn't it?

IIRC, every single home game had a crowd greater than 22,500.

That vibe yesterday, in Toronto was amazing, and couldn't help wonder what size crowd Hamilton could expect given an eastern Final in a new stadium. Would the team put up temporary stands?

How difficult and routine would it be, and at what cost? Do you need Grey Cup prices to justify that cost? I wonder, because it would be cool to see THF expanded routinely for Labour Day and playoff games, and not just every 8th year when Hamilton hosts a grey Cup in late November.

I just hope the stadium will be ready and I have my doubts hence I gave up my priority for first choice of seasons ticket locations.

I wonder if I'll regret this? :?

At any rate, if and when the Argos get a new stadium, Hamilton and THF will be THE location for the best experience in S Ontario for Canadian Football League football. Ottawa may be able to match this as well but Toronto will be way down the totem pole for experience and who knows what will happen with the Toronto franchise if they can't secure a new building.

Of course we can always take Argo fans and convert them to TiCat fans, if they want. :wink:

What is the maximum the stadium could be expanded to for a Grey Cup game? They probably wouldn't need as much seating for LD and playoff games. Maybe the extra seating is stackable so they can only setup how much they need.

As Kent Austin said, totally excited to play the Grey Cup in a football town. Hamilton is no where near what Regina/Saskatchewan is in terms of being a football town so a 35,000 seater here would suffice I would think if the CFL ok’s this with the price point for tickets.

Earl,Earl,Earl :oops:

You have the most confusing posts ever. Why are you even talking 35,000 seats? The stadium is going to host a Very Cup. The current stated capacity is 24,500 and for a couple of years will likely sell out. They have already planned for larger events in thge stadium design.

How could you possibly have known a year ago that THF would not be completed on time?

Give me a break. You didn't renew becasuse it was Guelph or for other personal reasons. Not because you know the future.

I renewed in Guelph. I don't have enough confidence yet the stadium will be done on time for next season and while Guelph was great, it was a drive and I won't do it again. And I'm entitled to that viewpoint thank you very much. And what happens if THF has major setbacks? It could happen. Why on earth would I renew now, and my seasons were very low end ones so it's not like renewing right away will get me a much better seat with my price point.

Who is confused? I know we will be hosting the Grey Cup, did I suggest otherwise?

This is where Bob Young and the Cats and the city better make sure that stadium is done for the 2014 season and I don't see it personally. I hope I'm wrong.

I'll be there in 2014 with my new season seats. I do not anticipate being there in the years following. I understand that the club and city made a decision to go with a smaller venue. I also understand that a team needs to bring in income.

Wiser financial minds than mine have done a cost benefit analysis of business models. More seats (higher initial cost & more maintenance & possible lower seat prices due to higher supply BUT more people to sell food & gear to) vs. fewer seats (and the opposite of the above). The smaller venue model was chosen.

The bottom line is that new subscribers today are paying 60% more than I have for seats in my zone. Bump my costs for 2015 by 60% (plus any inflation between now and then) and my personal cost benefit analysis will probably mean that two other fans get to occupy what formerly were my seats.

C'est la vie.

The Ticats said they are limiting the season ticket sales to 16,000 seats. That means 7,500 seats per game will be up for grabs for the casual fan.

I also have a feeling that the stadium won't be finished on time, however, there's no reason that they can't have the seats and turf in by spring, it'll just be lacking polish. The team perhaps will have to leave their offices where they are, maybe the luxury boxes aren't available, whatever. When it comes down to it though, it'll end up being more cost effective to put the porta-potties in THF than it will be to put the temp stands back up in Guelph.

We can only hope, I know there is still a lot of bad blood from the stadium debate, but I like to think a lot of fans will be back and just didn’t want to go to Guelph and didn’t like the tier thing. Still, people love a winner and I think the Ti-Cats have proven they are just that.

Sadly, that's not the first time I've heard such a story. Even within my group most are prepared to let their seats go, expecting a substantial price hike in 2015.

It'll be interesting to see the 2015 pricing. Hopefully the new TV contract will alleviate any revenue pressures on the ticket prices.

I'm buoyed by the fact that it's being reported that the Tiger-Cats will be profitable next year, and that's at 2012 ST prices, and that the new stadium will add Hamilton to the very profitable Grey Cup rotation.

maybe i'm misunderstanding what you're saying. in my section (silver), the new subscriber 2014 price is only an increase of less than 16% compared to my 2012 price.

2014 pricing for new season ticket holders is up and it's not that substantial an increase. Perhaps a much larger increase comes in 2015 for everyone, but I don't see it being so large as to make tickets unaffordable. Also, the option of changing where you sit is always there. I'm not in the habit of telling people what to do with their money, but I don't see tickets going up so much that people will be forced to give up their tickets.

I tend to agree with you especially because of the new revenue from the TV contract and new stadium, but listening to some those that are prepared to give up tickets because of a price increases, has little to do with being "forced" and more to do with the recent damage done to the brand.

Time heals all wounds.

Don't forget it can only be a sellout if they sell all the 34 "private suites" and the Club Seats too. :thup:

Captainkirk wrote: more to do with the recent damage done to the brand
Interesting concept that keeps coming up by some. I have yet to fully understand the tangibles with this "damage to the brand" and what exactly it means in those peoples minds who subscribe to this notion. Interesting but if someone can explain it to me and how this works in the minds of those that to subscribe to this notion, I'm all ears. :?

Well, Scott Mitchell was on Bob Mc Cowans show last night (if someone can provide a link to that part of the show that would be great --I have no idea how to ) and if damage has been done to the "Brand" then I guess sales being at a "fever pitch" right now as Scott indicated, is curing what damage was done.............As for you Earl , I am not sure why you bought tickets to Guelph if you were not going to renew at THF......I kinda thought that was what the process was about ........if THF is not ready as you say you are worried about ...they will refund your money, I suspect.

[url=http://pmd.fan590.com/podcasts/pts/pt_20131118_175914--Prime-Time-Sports---November-18---5pm.mp3]http://pmd.fan590.com/podcasts/pts/pt_2 ... ---5pm.mp3[/url]
Mr. Pike wrote: As for you Earl , I am not sure why you bought tickets to Guelph if you were not going to renew at THF......I kinda thought that was what the process was about ........if THF is not ready as you say you are worried about ...they will refund your money, I suspect.
Well, life changes from moment to moment and can change as we can. I bought Guelph with the intention of being first in the line for seasons but as time goes on, I'm not convinced the stadium will be done and I'm not sure what might happen, where the team will play if THF isn't done. Also, my wife makes up a lot of excuses not to go with the weather and with Guelph it was the distance combined with possible bad weather (or just too hot :roll: ) that had her saying let's not go. So I'm not ready to do another year in Guelph as much as I enjoyed it and would have gone more often.

I really did want to support the team during this year in Guelph, a tough year from a business point of view for the team and I have no regrets. A great intimate experience in Alumni Stadium in a nice city and nice drive to Guelph I found. We’ll see how things evolve.