2014 Season -- $25 per seat reservation question


Question regarding the 2014 season and the $25 per seat reservation offer at Capital Tickets....
Is this per game? How does this offer work?

Thanks in advance.

No, the $25 is basically a show of interest to buy season tickets. Kind of a place holder, so that when the tickets go on sale, those who paid it will get first crack at them (with the $25 being deducted from the total cost).

Thank you CRFAdmin,
Any idea what the cost of seasons tickets will be...?

Not really, though a while back (probably about two years ago now) they had a survey going around and part of it was clearly to judge reaction to price points. They were asking for opinion about seasons tickets worth $600, $700 and $800.

Now I would think that those are for the middle sections. Jeff Hunt built the 67's on the ability to draw families. Doing that by charging $70 per ticket might be a little tough, so my guess is they'll have some less expensive options, but that's probably what you're looking at between the 50 yard lines.

The Tiger Cats have just announced that Scotiabank will be renewing their sponsorship in Hamilton. They had a great deal, if you bought tickets with a Scotia debit or credit card you got half price tickets. Last year I got the $60 tickets for $30, and that was the Bronze seats which were pretty good seats. They also have things like the Tim Hortons family zone.
There will always be these special ticketing deals and hopefully Ottawa will have a similar deal.